Presidential Bloopers: 10 Craziest P-Noy Moments

We list the presidency’s not-so-heavy bloopers.


This year marks President Benigno Simeon "Noynoy" Aquino’s third anniversary as the country’s head honcho. He’ll deliver yet another State of the Nation Address (SONA) today, July 22, to get us clued in on what’s happening to the Philippines. On that note, we decided to list some of the craziest moments that have happened since he’s been in office. For this list, we focused on the petty bloopers that grabbed the headlines. (We’re leaving the heavy stuff to the hardcore news sites.)


For the record, we’ve shown P-Noy a lot of love in the past with articles like "Profiling President Noynoy Aquino: 10 Things That Make Him Who He Is" and "P-Noy’s Love Life: 10 Women Who Caught His Eye." So, we know he’ll be a good sport about this list. All in a day’s work, right, Mr. President?



"Estudyante Blues" Moments. In June 2010, at a street party held at the Quezon City Memoral Circle right after his inauguration, P-Noy was cajoled into singing Frank Sinatra’s "Watch What Happens" and, most notably, Freddie Aguilar’s whiny anthem. Though it may be argued that P-Noy was just being a good sport, perhaps it would have been better if he left the singing to singers. He didn’t need to play it cute.



The Smoking Situation. Despite the Department of Health’s intense anti-smoking campaign, P-Noy has not given up his vice and most likely never will. At one point, it was reported that he smokes two packs a day. The guy is entitled to his guilty pleasure but let’s not forget that he’s not just any guy. Shouldn’t he set a good example and give up his beloved nicotine sticks? Then again, when U.S. President Barack Obama called him up to congratulate him in 2010, P-Noy reportedly attempted to inject some humor into their conversation by referring to their smoking habits. Obama had informed him, "Well, I quit that already. I quit. It’s your sole problem but I’m ready to offer advice." That wasn’t enough to convince P-Noy to quit. As such, in 2012, during his speech at World Vision’s 55th anniversary celebration, he kept coughing. The press took note of it. We’re sure only one thing crossed people’s minds: "Itigil na kasi ’yang yosi." Even if his coughing was caused by something else, people understandably blamed it on his smoking.




Porsche Problems. Perhaps as a gift to himself for getting through the first few months in office, P-Noy, using his own money, bought a thirdhand 2007 white Porsche for ₱4.5 million in January 2011. To emphasize that P-Noy wasn’t being frivolous, Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Edwin Lacierda revealed that P-Noy "had to sell his blue BMW" to raise the funds for the Porsche purchase. Unfortunately, the explanation failed to amuse the public. There were some people who said P-Noy’s purchase was quite ironic since government offices were told to "practice austerity." They didn’t care if P-Noy used his own money, they thought what he did was such an affront to Filipinos who can’t even afford to pay jeepney fare. (Or something to that effect.) By July 2011, P-Noy sold the controversial Porsche, saying that he couldn’t drive it anyway because it was a "security risk."



The Videogame Rumors. In 2011, P-Noy was besieged with allegations that he was so hooked on videogames that he neglected some of his presidential duties. He was constantly asked about videogames in many of his interviews. In an interview with GMA News anchor Arnold Clavio, he declared, "I never played PSP." The indignity of it must have incensed him.



The "Empty Desk" Photo. In July 2011, a photograph showing P-Noy in what appeared to be his Malacañang Palace office was circulated online. Journalist Raissa Robles wrote about it in her blog and revealed that she spoke with Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office Undersecretary Manuel Quezon III, who confirmed the photo’s authenticity. While netizens immediately pounced on P-Noy for having a "clean desk" that portrayed him as "lazy," P-Noy’s people pretty much told the public not to judge a man by what wasn’t on his desk.


His Love Life Upheavals. Since he became president, P-Noy has also been linked to stylist Liz Uy, Bunny Calica, Barbie Palagos, Len Lopez, journalist Trish Roque, Iza Calzado, Bais City Mayor Karen Villanueva (when she was still in office), Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra (due only to his sister Kris’ pronouncements), Grace Lee, and Bianca Manalo. Let’s face it, he’s over 50 years old and it looks like he won’t get married anytime soon. It’s irritating how he uses quips about finding The One as icebreakers during his speeches. There’s a thin line between cute and barf-inducing. Let’s just say we need a lot of mops and buckets.



The Birth of "Noynoying." In an October 7, 2011 post, the author of the blog, Juan Republic, wrote: "I came across a screen (capture) of a Facebook conversation [that] supposedly (came) from [the] Overheard at UP Facebook page. According to the page, ’Noynoying’ is defined as a term for ’that idle moment na walang ginagawa pero dapat ay mayroon na (when you’re not doing anything although you’re supposed to be doing something already).’" As proof of his source, the Juan Republic author posted a link to a page showing the screen capture of the Overheard at UP Facebook page conversation. Noynoying also became a form of protest. Presidential Spokesperson Atty. Edwin Lacierda dismissed the phenomenon as  "propaganda (that) will not sell to the public." Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma said it was "degrading." Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile has told P-Noy to just "laugh off" the "Noynoying" craze. This wasn’t easy to do, as the word still has its own Wikipedia page. At one point, it even had its own website and Facebook page, both of which have since shut down.




The Anniversary Rants. On July 27, 2012, ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol celebrated its 25th year by holding the show’s silver anniversary party at Manila Hotel. P-Noy was the guest of honor. However, the speech he delivered didn’t quite fit the occasion. Instead of reciting pleasantries, he proceeded to enumerate the instances where he felt "the media" unwittingly injected "negativity" into positive news about the current administration’s efforts. At one point, Aquino quipped, "Nagkasundo-sundo na tayong tugunan ang isang problema, mayroon pang naghahanap ng angal (We agreed to find a solution to one problem, but one person just wants to look for something to whine about)." Though Aquino didn’t name the news anchor he was referring to, an report identified former vice president and TV Patrol host Noli de Castro as the news anchor being referred to in Aquino’s speech. P-Noy has since made a habit of ranting at anniversary gatherings. His latest tirade was at the National Irrigation Authority’s 50th anniversary gathering.



The Pamela Anderson Deadma. The former Baywatch bombshell, who’s an animal rights activist, suggested that she and P-Noy meet up for a date to discuss the plight of Mali, the elephant at Manila Zoo. Her shoutout did not elicit a personal statement from P-Noy. Hmmm... Maybe he was too starstruck.



Bad TIME-ing. In April this year, P-Noy was one of the movers-and-shakers cited in TIME magazine’s "The 100 Most Influential People in the World" issue. However, the Philippine Daily Inquirer inadvertently published a "fake" version of the said magazine’s cover featuring P-Noy. The "fake cover" appeared on the front page of the Inquirer’s April 20 issue with this caption: "PRESIDENT AQUINO on TIME magazine cover: ’I’m just the face of the whole country.’" That same day, Inquirer editor-in-chief Letty Jimenez Magsanoc issued a statement saying, "We stand corrected. It was an honest mistake." It turned out that the P-Noy TIME cover image that the Inquirer used was an Internet meme. P-Noy has been featured on TIME’s cover before (the April 26, 2010 issue) and he looked pretty good there, so it’s strange how anyone would think that a photo of him looking not-so-presidential (plus, check out the other over-the-top titles on the meme) would be a legitimate cover.


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