The 10 People You See on Your Facebook Feed

Scrolling through your feed? You may have seen at least one of these people.


( Much like real life, Facebook is chockful of colorful yet recognizable characters. You know exactly who they are, and they've been blowing up your feed since the day you accepted that friend request. Like them, hate them, or you actually see a bit of yourself in them, here are the 10 people you will likely see on your Facebook feed.



The Oversharer

Let's just say you know this person on a very, very personal level and you didn't even want to. You know their #OOTD for the day, what they had for breakfast, the latest conversation they had, the errands they just ran, their bathroom schedule, maybe even the personal ins and outs of their relationship—all before noon. This person uses Facebook the way someone would typically use Twitter...with a very detailed play-by-play.


The Human Newsfeed

Whether you're already subscribed to news outlets or not, this person is pretty much your second source of news. You're updated on important current events and the latest showbiz chika, thanks to this person. It's not that they're annoying. They're actually really, really helpful sometimes—kind of like a bridge to information. A leveled-up version of this is the person who loves to add long-winded and very strong opinions on everything they post. They will also likely leave long comments on your posts, too. Whether you want them to or not.




The #Blessed

When we say #Blessed, we mean it. Maybe they have the perfect job or the perfect significant other. Maybe they've been bitten by the travel bug and can afford to jet off to pretty much everywhere (look at all those places you can only stare at longingly for now). Sometimes, you can't help but feel a twinge of envy but that's okay. You're doing just fine.


The Health Buff

Gym selfies? Check. A photo of them in a complicated yoga pose set against a picturesque backdrop? Double check. #FitnessGoals photos of their idols? Triple check. You almost feel bad about all the pizza and donuts you just ate when you see photos of their healthy meals. Then again, they're awesome for times when you need motivation and boy, do you need those sometimes. How's that fitness resolution going so far?


The One in a Relationship

This can go a couple of ways. There are those who share one Facebook account with their names combined in some strange portmanteau. There are also those who have separate accounts, but they may as well share one (how many times have you seen their wall posts, selfies, and relationship milestones today?). Then there are ones who are actually in a relationship, but you hardly see evidence of it. You know they exist with the occasional post and photo, but that's really all you know about them.





The Selfie-Taker

Confidence is a good thing, and we've all posted selfies of ourselves at one point. This person, however, takes it to another level. How many times can you see a person smile and pose for the camera at one time? A lot, apparently. Another permutation of this is the one who posts all their selfies (different angles, different facial expressions) in one super-convenient collage.


The Relatives

It's the tita who tends to stalk your Facebook page and tells your mom all about what you share. Maybe it's the lola who likes to leave thoughtful but slightly embarrassing comments on your posts. It could even be your cool cousin who lives abroad but you've still stayed in touch. Or worse...the parent who likes to post unflattering throwback photos of you.


The New Parent

You aren't exactly sure who the Facebook page belongs to now: the new parent or the new baby. You know everything about their new little one, from their first steps to even that awkward potty training post. Don't get us wrong, though. We're happy for you.




The Promoter

Did you hear about that new bar opening? The club with the Friday night promo with free-flowing drinks and the hottest DJs? Of course you did, because this person takes his job very seriously. Don't forget to call him for reservations. Alternatively, this person might also tag you in posts selling the most random items, from clothes to phone cases.


The Gullible One

Yes, you know that person. That guy who always, always, without fail, falls for hoaxes. Do they realize they're sharing a post from an obscure, untrustworthy website? Probably not. Basically, this is the poor soul you'll likely see on April Fool's Day.



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