10 Secret Things We Do in Fitting Rooms

Taking selfies is just the tip of the iceberg.


(SPOT.ph) You might not realize it, but fitting rooms are kind of like your best friend. They know your flaws and you can be completely yourself in them. No one knows what goes on behind those closed doors. Only you. And the room. You're probably not the only one doing these things, so there's nothing to feel guilty about. If you don't do anything but try on clothes, know that other things are happening in the fitting rooms next to you. Here are 10 secret things we do in fitting rooms:



Take selfies

It's probably the lighting, but whatever it is, fitting rooms make you look prettier and you're going to take advantage of that by taking 928,429 selfies. Sometimes, the ones you take are even profile picture-worthy! But of course, you stand there for another 10 minutes editing your photo on VSCO so it'll be ready for uploading when peak hour comes (read: 8:30 p.m.). Watch it rain likes.




Fix makeup

The privacy of a fitting room is perfect for touching up your lipstick and defining your brows even more. Heck, sometimes you even come out with a full face of makeup! We get it, though. You want to see the many looks you can pull off with that dress you're trying on.



Pop pimples

Fitting rooms either flatter your appearance or put the spotlight on all your skin's impurities...there is no in between! When you do end up in one where all your blackheads and zits are so...in your face (literally), as much as you know that you shouldn't pop them or even touch them, you do anyway. It's actually quite therapeutic! But you probably should stop doing this...before all the pus squirts on the mirror. Ew.



Send photos to friends

Sometimes you find yourself in a state of confusion in the dressing room. You're beginning to doubt yourself because why does everything look so good on you?!! Times like these, you run to your besties for help. You take mirror photos of yourself in the dresses, put them in a collage, and send to your group chat. If two out of three vote for the one on the left, then that's what you're getting. But you know you'll end up buying the other dress when you come back.



Make faces

You count how many layers of chin you have, you try to touch the tip of your nose with your tongue, you practice your seductive look by means of kagat labi, et cetera. At this point, you're just hoping that there's no hidden camera anywhere (that's illegal!) because you might just be the next pabebe girl.






Admit it. You've done this before. But it's not your fault people are talking so loudly! Some people can have entire conversations in the middle of trying on clothes. Now you know that Gina just came back from her two-week Eurotrip and her friends are annoyed by her fake British accent. You also know that one of the girls in the dressing room grew two sizes smaller after she started boxing and gave up soda. You're slightly motivated to live healthy now!




Check for bacne

Dressing room mirrors are magical, especially those that have mirrors on all sides. You get to see how your body looks like from all angles and...wait, is that a pimple on your back?! Better take care of that issue stat if you want to rock that open back dress you're trying on!




Play on your phone

Trying on clothes is a fun way to kill time. But what happens when you've tried all of the pieces? Or when you get too tired from all the changing? Or when you suddenly remember you have to feed your virtual pet or else it might die? You take a breather by just sitting for a few minutes...and maybe catching up on online chores while you're at it.




So you've decided you're going to start paying in cash from now on (it's a good way to save money, people!), so you walk into a store and start picking the clothes you want to try on. You enter the dressing room to try them and then you spend the next 10 minutes on your calculator app trying to see if you can afford to buy all 12 pieces. If you haven't done this at least once in your life, then we're guessing you're #blessed.



Stare at yourself in your underwear

Not because you're vain or anything. You're simply self-evaluating. You try to see if your collar bone is still visible, you jiggle your arms to see if you're growing wings when you flap them, you make your belly talk, et cetera. Like we said, the dressing room is like your best friend...you know it won't judge you for being the odd ball that you are.




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