10 Hugot Lines for Your Commuting Feels


(SPOT.ph) We'll just say it outright: commuting is hard, especially when you're dependent on public transportation. It takes skill, endurance, and a truckload of patience. You never know what to expect and sometimes you just can't help but feel sentimental when you're already deliriously tired. Here are 10 hugot lines for the tired commuter in you:




Kung ayaw na sa'yo, wag mo na ipagsisiksikan ang sarili mo. Masasaktan ka lang.

It's rush hour and there's a long line for the MRT. A train comes and people start pushing, trying to fit into the already full train. You yourself manage to squeeze yourself in, but just barely. They start closing the doors and to your horror, they won't shut. People start scoffing and staring at you knowingly. Oo na, bababa na. 



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Ang hirap nga naman kung sa simula pa lang binigay mo na lahat pero hindi ka niya masusuklian.

Rough translation for: "Barya lang po sa umaga."



Kung hindi siya para sa'yo, iiwan at iiwan ka niya talaga.

Nothing sucks more than trying to hail a cab when it's raining. One cab stops in front of you and the driver asks, "Saan punta mo?" You tell him where you're headed but to your surprise, he speeds off. Ouch, manong.





Para kang "skip train"...paasa.

It's been 15 minutes since a train last came and your feet are starting to hurt. The lines have stretched up the stairs, but still, no train in sight. Suddenly, the guard whistles and the sound of an arriving train. Your eyes widen as you see that the train is empty, and it's slowing down! But it whizzes by, leaving you deflated. Ang sakit.



Ang jeep umaalis kapag puno na, siya pa kaya?

No jeepneys are passing and the people are piling up. Suddenly, light comes from the end of the road and you all wait in anticipation. Everyone starts running and by the time you're able to squeeze past all of them, the jeep has already left.





Hanggang dito na lang ba talaga tayo?

We're pretty sure that at one point in your commuter life, you've stood beside someone really good-looking...and nice-smelling! So you keep your cool and try to sneak looks at him...but he gets off at the next stop. Sigh.



Sana habang tumatagal, pamahal ka rin nang pamahal sa 'kin.

Ever been stuck in EDSA traffic while in an Uber during surge pricing? Yeah, we feel you.





Naghintay ako nang matagal para sa'yo. Paaasahin mo lang din pala ako.

Grab and Uber users will understand the struggle of booking a ride when no vehicles are nearby. So when the app notifies you that they found you a driver, you finally feel at ease knowing you'll be home soon. But wait, what's that? The driver canceled your ride? *Cries*



Pati ba naman ito, hindi nag-work out?

There are those moments when it's not jampacked in the LRT, and you feel like it's going to be a good day...only to have the LRT suddenly break down and stop. Sometimes, it's just not meant to be.





Buti pa sa tricycle, special ako. Sa'yo kaya?

Points for tricycle drivers who stick to one!


GIFs from Giphy and Rebloggy.



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