Seasoned Hikers Share Tips on Climbing the Country's Tallest...Footbridge

Photos of their hike circulated online today, April 1st.

( Hiking isn't the easiest activity in the world—it can be intimidating for people who would rather stream shows at home in their free time, maybe. There are many hiking spots near the Metro, but for a beginner-friendly hike, why not start with the one that's smack-dab in the heart of EDSA? A short distance past the GMA-Kamuning Station is a tall footbridge that's gotten plenty of attention for its, er, extraordinary height. Of course, it's not an actual hiking spot, but one would almost think otherwise after seeing the viral "hiking" photos and videos posted by seasoned hiker Albert Labrador on his Facebook page.

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Climbing Mt. Kamuning (a.k.a. Kamuning Footbridge)

The view from the summit shows a river of lights. Albert Labrador / Facebook

Carrying large backpacks and decked out in hiking gear, Labrador and his companion Mario Gregorio Aglipay climbed up "Mt. Kamuning" and reached the "summit" in time for sunrise today, April 1.

"The most challenging part of the climb was defeating the urge to retreat into the nearby 7/11 and just call the whole damned thing off," says Labrador in correspondence with

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For people who are brave enough to follow in their footsteps, he advises, "Despite the altitude, supplemental oxygen is unnecessary. Bring a gas mask instead. If you suffer from vertigo or dizziness, do not be caught on top when the train passes beneath."

Jokes aside, Labrador shares they decided to "hike" the footbridge today for a laugh. "The world takes itself far too seriously and sometimes, comedy is a good cure for what ails the soul. There [are only a few] things that are funny anymore, so we may as well laugh at even ourselves."


Despite the questionable design of the footbridge, Labrador acknowledges that he personally knows some people who find it useful. "Like many things, Mt. Kamuning can probably be called a compromise," he says.

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