WWIII? How About Tala Instead, Says Twitter's Charot Queen

Ethel Booba on the impending apocalypse and the Philippines' latest dance craze.

(SPOT.ph) Somewhere in the depths of hell, the devil is freaking out because some Pinoy has managed to start a dance craze—it's a reach, we know, but also, raise your hand if this sounds like a probable "me" thing. To further illustrate our point, check out Twitter Queen Ethel Booba's latest viral statement.


In case you somehow haven't noticed, #TalaChallenge has been trending on pretty much all social-media platforms for the past couple of months. A "Grand Tala Day" was even declared by the noontime ABS-CBN show, ASAP, on January 5, led by her royal highness, Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo. We can't deny the 2016 bop has aged extremely well, and yes, the viral videos of dance covers floating around are insanely good—good enough to distract from the world falling apart around us, apparently. 

Now, if you've somehow managed to filter your feed to show you only premium "Tala" content (leave us a tip in the comments if you know how, please) then we'll do our best to run you through all the things Booba could possibly be alluding to: Iranian top general, Qassim Soleimani, was assasinated by U.S. military forces via a drone strike on January 3, further escalating tensions between the two countries, with Iran launching a missile strike on an American military base in Iraq on January 8, the same day a Boeing aircraft crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran, killing all 176 people on board the commercial flight—the official cause for the crash is still unknown, as of writing—followed by a magnitude 4.5 earthquake shaking up Iran barely 30 miles from a nuclear power plant, all of which some people think might signal the potential beginnings of another World War, and a nuclear one at that. Oh, and wildfires in Australia have killed off around half a billion animals, as well as caused the deaths of several firefighters.

watch now

Quick, check out this video of a guy dancing to "Tala" during the 30th Southeast Asian Games before you start hyperventilating! After all, we can't possibly list down all the things currently wrong with the world, physically and mentally speaking. And it seems that's something Pinoys everywhere are aware of. Check out just a couple of the funniest, most (bitter) laughter-inducing replies to Booba's tweet:


We're all just Dingdong Done.


Time to "Tala" our worries away.

Can't hear you over all these great dance covers!



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