People Are Trying Their Best to Unsee That Former Presidential Spokesperson's First TikTok

Is this really the world we live in now?

( Amid all the crap currently going on in the Philippines and beyond, a completely unwarranted TikTok video popped up on everyone's feeds yesterday, March 4. A known political figure—former presidential spokesperson, appointed  presidential adviser on human rights, lawyer to the family members left behind by the Ampatuan massacre, among many roles—apparently decided that the next step to take in life was to join the TikTok craze. We'll spare you the original post; either you've seen it and would rather forget it, or you haven't, in which case you really don't need to. 

We're not sure what his point was—but what is sure is that people did not react well to his "first til tok video," according to the human rights lawyer's own caption. The content itself isn't so horrifying, it's that the fact that it even happened at all that had people's brains glitching. Is this how today's world really works? We don't know—but hey, at least the reacts were funny. 

For everybody's sake.

Escapism at its worst.

Yeah, no thanks.


Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We couldn't have said it any better ourselves.

Do we even want to know.

And yet here we are.

The only appropriate response.


What happened, Harry Roque?

Main image from Albert Acain - Presidential Communications Operations Office

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