Macoy Dubs' Hilarious Videos Are All of Us During Online Meetings

"Can you guys see it na? Hindi pa din?"

PHOTO Screenshot from Macoy Averilla's Twitter video ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( By now, most employees working from home have discovered its perks and downsides. Some no longer have to endure commuting and the heavy traffic in the Metro, but others have had to find a way to make work work. Not everyone has a dedicated home office, away from possible distractions and isolated enough so background noise couldn’t be heard. Add to that Zoom fatigue, bad Internet connection, and the difficulty of setting boundaries for work and play and—wait, can we just mute this adulting thing for a bit?

Perhaps you need to take a break and check out these videos: Macoy Averilla’s series of funny videos posted on his TikTok and Twitter accounts, which pokes fun at the usual things work-from-home people say during video-conference calls. And this time around, he’s not saying, “Ganda ka?” (Yup, he's the same guy behind the Mean Girls dubbed videos.)


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Averilla starts off this hilarious video with an attendance check, but at 9:05 a.m. some people are still missing in action, to which he snarkily asks, “E sino ba may sabing nine o’clock tayo mag-meeting lahat?” He then proceeds to “sharing” his screen but seems like his teammates aren’t seeing or even hearing anything. He takes a jab at the Internet connection and gets impatient towards the end, inviting everyone to just end the call. Of course, we all know that won’t work in real life. 

And if you’re running out of ways to, well, make your voice heard as the meeting ends (we are rooting for you to contribute to the discussion, but in any case), take your cue from Averilla’s various ways to say “thank you” and “goodbye.” 


Now, if you'll excuse us, we're off to our 7 p.m. meeting. Thanks everyone, buh-bye! Thank you!

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