Kuya Kim Couldn't Keep It Together While Reporting and It's All Because of "Tinapay"

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(SPOT.ph) Kim Atienza, better known as Kuya Kim, has always been the image of cool, calm, and collected on TV Patrol—until yesterday, August 5. The weather anchor finally broke and it was in the best possible way. While doing his usual "Weather-Weather Lang" and "Kaunting Kaalaman" segments, Kuya Kim could not contain his laughter. Best part is that we viewers had no idea what could make Kuya Kim lose it like that, which somehow made it even funnier. 


He was absolutely struggling to keep it together halfway through reporting the weather, and it only got funnier as he then tried to share some knowledge on boxing in the Olympics. Kudos to the sign language translator for being able to keep up! We would have lost it too for sure.

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Twitter was immediately full of people asking him to share what was going on. One Twitter user was even able to get a clip from TV Patrol of Kuya Kim's hilarious struggle! The short video has racked up more than a half-million views as of writing—and we're sure Kuya Kim's contagious laughter is the reason. 

Thankfully, Kuya Kim is active on Twitter and had a ready reply to all the questions. He tweeted a link to a YouTube video explaining what went down and as it turns out, it was all because of "Tinapay."

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Kuya Kim Atienza Got Dared to Say "Tinapay" Live On Air by Gretchen Fullido

The video showed Gretchen Fullido, the Star Patrol anchor, explaining that she had dared Kuya Kim to slide in the word "tinapay" during his report that night. A dare which, she explained, was technically his idea! "Hindi kita dinare, dinare mo 'yong sarili mo! Sabi niya 'Dare mo ako, dare mo ako,' 'de dinare ko," she shared while laughing in the clips also uploaded to her IG. 


Kuya Kim could also be heard yelling "Sisiw!" at the challenge while they were prepping to go live on air. He even proudly said that he could do it without breaking. "At hindi masisira ang essence ng balita," he declared before the news report started. 

And Kuya Kim being Kuya Kim, he did manage to say tinapay as part of advice after the weather report. "Sa mga lalabas para magbakuna, magbaon po tayo ng payong at magdala po ng pagkain gaya po ng tinapay para hindi po tayo magutom habang naghihintay." Smoothly done. Almost. It was after he gave that advice that the laughing fit began!


The vlog was aptly titled on YouTube "Laughter is the best medicine. Kaso ayaw tumigil." Kuya Kim has also been replying on Twitter to folks saying thanks for the surprise laugh-trip. Petition to have him say something even crazier next time! In case you need a laugh too, you can check out the video below:

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