One RFID, Two Accounts: Here's Where Easytrip Users Can Register for Autosweep

You can choose to retain only one RFID sticker on your car moving forward.

How to Replace Easytrip RFID
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( It’s been two years since the government introduced the cashless payment option on tollways through Autosweep and Easytrip, but frustrations remain as motorists switch back and forth between the two systems. Well, a small step towards integration has finally happened.

The Toll Regulatory Board pushed through with its promise that Easytrip owners will be able to pass by Autosweep-only tollways with no fuss. This is made possible through the linking of the Easytrip RFID sticker to the Autosweep account.

That said, if you already have an Easytrip RFID, make sure you have the latest version of the sticker (neology brand) for it to work on the Autosweep system. As the Toll Regulatory Board announced on January 19, you can have yours enrolled or checked at the designated registrations sites below:

  • SLEX
  • STAR
  • C5 Office
  • Petron Commerce
  • Petron Dasmarinas
  • Petron La Vista
  • Shell Magallanes
  • Calamba CSC
  • SLEX Greenfields
  • Southwoods NB
  • Sta Rosa NB
  • Petron KM 44 NB
  • Petron San Pedro
  • Mamplasan SB Exit
  • Star Toll Lipa CSC
  • Petron Lipa
  • Petron Malvar
  • RFID Tplex Office
  • Petron Pura SB
  • Petron Pura NB

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Introducing “One RFID, Two Accounts”

The clamor for the interoperability of RFIDs has been loud and clear for as long as the two systems have been in operation. With this new development, you can choose to have only one RFID sticker on your car—but the burden of keeping track of both Easytrip and Autosweep accounts remains. 

Motorists who choose to keep both RFID stickers don’t have to worry about double payment upon passing the toll gate, since the cashless systems will only charge your account where applicable.

To be specific, charges from passages at NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, and CALAX will be deducted from the Easytrip account, while charges from passages at SLEX, SMMSS 1&2, MMSS3, NAIAX, MCX, SLEX, STAR Tollway, and TPLEX will be deducted from the Autosweep account.

The other way around, i.e. using the Autosweep RFID for the Easytrip system, also works and has been the case since 2019.

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“It is always the customer’s decision what RFID sticker to retain,” the Department of Transportation said in reply to comments on their Facebook announcement of the places to register. “However, you will still maintain two separate accounts, one for Autosweep and the other for Easytrip.”

It's also worth mentioning that you will still need to have your Autosweep card on hand in cases of technical difficulties at the toll booth (which, as you should know by now, happens more often than any tollway user would like).

Can motorists expect more from the system?

Having different tollway operators make it nearly impossible to consolidate the hardware and software used between the two RFID systems. There’s still hope in the future of one tag, however.

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) confirmed in the comments section too that the plan for “One RFID Sticker, One Account” is in the works. How soon this will come to fruition is still unknown.


“Phase III of the Interoperability Project is in discussions by the tollway concessionaire and operators together with DOTr, TRB, and Land Transportation Office,” the DoTr said.

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