What to Do After an Earthquake

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(SPOT.ph) Located within the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is prone to experiencing earthquakes of different magnitudes. According to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 hit Central Luzon on April 22, with its epicenter in Zambales. You probably already have your survival kit ready, but there are things you also need to keep in mind after an earthquake to ensure your safety. 

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Here's a basic list of what to do after an earthquake:

Expect aftershocks

Aftershocks are often smaller than the first mainshock (largest shock), but that doesn't mean they're less dangerous. If you evacuated to a safer spot during the earthquake, stay put in case of aftershocks. Keep in mind that they are known to occur up to 10 days after a large quake.

Be wary of falling objects

When the quaking stops, check for debris or objects that might have fallen loose. Also be careful of falling objects when opening cabinet doors or cupboards.

Check for injuries

Once things have calmed down, check for obvious injuries and administer first aid if capable. Do not attempt to move a heavily injured person unless they are in danger of further injuries. Seek medical help when needed.

Check for hazards

Damaged wiring can cause fires, so shut down main power sources. If power goes out, avoid using candles or other fire-based sources for lightcheck for possible gas leaks first. In case of leaks, open all windows and doors; leave immediately; and report to authorities.

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Stay out of damaged structures

Damaged structures might collapse, so stay out and away from them to avoid injuries. Cracked roadways should also be avoided.

Follow the emergency plan provided in your location

Your workplace, school, or building is likely to have an emergency plan. Stick to it and follow the person in charge.

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