10 Books You Need to Check Out at the Manila International Book Fair 2019

Add these must-reads from local publishers to your list!

(SPOT.ph) The long wait is over as the 40th edition of Manila International Book Fair is upon us. Whether you missed Big Bad Wolf or you just can’t get enough fresh reads to add to your shelf, trooping to Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) is a must for bookworms. Any seasoned hoarder knows that it takes careful planning to be able to make the most of the five-day affair. While it’s fun to go through shelves upon shelves of books, having a list can help you zero in on the titles you can’t miss. To help you out, we’ve come up with 10 latest releases from local publishers that deserve a spot on your book-shopping list. When you go booth hopping, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for these tomes!

Here are 10 new books you need to buy at MIBF 2019:

Sa Timog ng Alameda by Lola Larra (P700)


Sa Timog ng Alameda combines masterful storytelling and captivating graphics to tell a gripping account of students occupying a school in protest. While such topics are often presented in thick volumes, it’s refreshing to see how it can be told through a graphic novel. Read through Nicolas’s diary entries detailing long meetings, the unfolding changes, and get a peek into the start of the Chilean student protests.

Published by Anino Comics, an imprint of Adarna House Inc.

Is This All There Is? Why Purpose Is a Journey and Not a Destination by Nelson T. Dy (P295)

In today’s age of social media, it’s difficult not to compare what we have with that of our peers. Do you often find yourself questioning your journey and wondering when you’ll figure everything out? Nelson T. Dy shares a few nuggets of wisdom in his book that will make you realize that sometimes, it’s best to enjoy the journey and take things in stride.

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Published by Anvil Publishing.

Salamangka by Ian Sta. Maria (P495)

Growing up, we’ve all heard different versions of Philippine folklore and fairy tales. While some can give you nightmares, you can’t deny the fact that our mythological stories has unforgettable characters and creatures. In Salamangka, Ian Sta. Maria presents a new take on these well-loved stories and legends, hoping that it will spark our imagination and inspire us to know more about own myths.

Published by Summit Books.

Broken Islands by Criselda Yabes (P495)


Written by award-winning novelist Criselda Yabes, Broken Islands tells the story of Luna and Alba, two different women whose lives are intertwined in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. Said to offer a dark yet subtle take on our broken islands, it’s a novel that tackles class, gender hierarchy, and inequality. Yabes’s other novel, Below the Crying Mountain, will release a new edition to be published by Penguin Random House Southeast Asia.

Published by Ateneo de Manila University Press.

Ilang Sandali…Makalipas Ang Huling Araw ng Mundo by Reagan Romero Maiquez (P300)

A collection of poems by Reagan Romero Maiquez, Ilang Sandali…Makalipas Ang Huling Araw ng Mundo talks about keeping the faith in the midst of life’s challenges, staying hopeful, and finding a reason to wake up every day even if there are days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed. Beyond offering words of encouragement, the collection also sheds light on why you should keep on fighting even if the world wants you to do otherwise.


Published by University of the Philippines Press.

A Pig Was Once Killed in Our Garage by Martin Villanueva (P395)

A debut essay collection by Palanca award-winning writer Martin Villanueva, A Pig Was Once Killed in Our Garage is an intellectual and thought-provoking collection that highlights the events, actions, and possibilities that shape the self. In his review of the book, author Daryll Delgado praises Villanueva’s “masterful control and his confident use of the creative non-fiction genre.”

Published by Ateneo de Manila University Press.

Si Janus Silang at ang Hiwagang May Dalawang Mukha by Edgar Calabia Samar (P349)


Award-winning poet and novelist Edgar Calabia Samar takes us on another adventure with Janus and his friends in the fourth installment of the Janus Silang series. From answering questions left in the previous book to searching for his friends, the fourth book is poised to be another wild ride for our hero!

Published by Adarna House.

Tiempo Muerto by Caroline Hau (P445)

What does it mean to be Filipino? In her first novel, Caroline Hau introduces us to Racel, an overseas Filipino worker and Lia, an heiress. With a fictional island and haunted house as backdrops, Hau presents relevant issues that tackle class, gender, and the everyday challenges that Filipinos encounter. In an e-mail exchange with SPOT.ph, Hau shared that stories from Martial Law inspired her to create the book.

Published by Ateneo de Manila University Press.

Mga Tala ng Isang Super Fan by Vladimeir B. Gonzales (P250)


As a fan, how far are you willing to go? Die-hard fans of comics, movies, and anime, to name a few will find Gonzales’s poems relatable. Funny yet eye-opening, it encapsulates the experiences of a fan and how some of the things we love have inspired our thinking and imagination.

Published by University of the Philippines Press.

Stories of a Bitter Country by Ninotchka Rosca (P495)

The synopsis on the back cover says it best—the stories in this book “are not for the fainthearted.” The characters may seem ordinary, but their stories reflect corruption, tragedy, and grief that grip our country. While it’s easy to focus on the bad, these tales also prove that underneath the problems, we can still find love and hope.

Published by Anvil Publishing.

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