10 Online Bookstores to Follow for Scoring Hard-to-Find Books

Find your next fave read at these shops!

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY artbooks.ph

(SPOT.ph) It’s safe to assume that you have hoarded more books than usual over the past year. With online bookstores making it easier to shop for a new read or scroll through a bunch of pre-loved titles, towering book piles have become a thing. If you’re the type who loves looking forward to fresh book drops or one who gets a thrill out of stumbling upon a valuable tome, there are shops that offer a curated list of titles—whether you’re into architecture, poems, or Japanese literature. 

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Find the rare titles you've been looking for at these online bookstores Philippines:

Estante Bookstore

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Instagram/estante

A gem of a bookstore that offers mostly hardbound titles, Estante Bookstore is heaven for architecture and design enthusiasts. Here, you’ll score books featuring Yayoi Kusama, Verner Panton, and Herman Miller. Those who are into architecture will find themselves commenting "Mine" or pre-ordering copies of books on homes, cities, and famous architects, too.

Follow Estante Bookstore on Instagram.

Bookmark Inc.

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Shopee/Bookmark inc.
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Let’s be honest, with the free time we have, we might as well brush up on our Philippine history knowledge. Bookmark Inc. is a treasure trove of books by Filipino authors and interesting titles like Bone Tumors in Filipinos and The History of the Burgis. Thinking of traveling around the country when the pandemic is over? There’s a field guide on whales and dolphins in the Philippines, plus cookbooks that will inspire you to go on a culinary adventure.

Follow Bookmark Inc. on Shopee.



online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Instagram/bookshelf1010

Those who collect Filipiniana books will want to hit the notification button for Bookshelf1010 for brand-new and pre-loved copies. The store offers books that cover a wide variety of topics—from medicinal plants and Philippine architecture, to historical accounts and Philippine political cartoons. The shop posts books for sale regularly so keep your eyes peeled for titles you can order.

Follow Bookshelf1010 on Instagram.

Book Hooker PH

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Instagram/Bookhooker

What goes well with books? A hot cup of coffee, of course! Book Hooker PH will hook you up with a complete package thanks to curated gift sets. For its opening salvo, the shop offers a Blind Hooking with a Book Kit which includes a Mystery Book, a Fresh Drip Coffee, and two English Breakfast teas. The Mystery Book differs per box—from historical and domestic fiction, to romance and thrillers.

Follow Book Hooker PH on Instagram.

Uncommon Books

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Instagram/uncommonbooks

An independent bookshop, Uncommon Books has curated titles on design, art, tech, and progress studies. Here you will find books on psychology, Japanese design, painting the Marvel way, and a book featuring the work of Wes Anderson. Books are for pre-order, with the shop owner sending details via direct message.

Follow Uncommon Books on Instagram.

The Libro Hunter

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Instagram/the libro hunter

Ready for a “mine” war? The Libro Hunter has scheduled uploads featuring hardbound and paperback titles, some of which are pre-loved. Each book upload includes all the details you need to know—price, book condition, and if it’s a special editionso all you have to do is comment “mine,” “next,” or “save” to make it yours. Aside from fiction, the store also sells essay collections and biographies.          

Follow The Libro Hunter on Instagram.


online bookstores philippines

Just because you can’t drop by Pioneer Studios doesn’t mean you can’t get your dose of books focusing on Philippine art and culture. Artbooks.ph updates its Instagram account with the latest batch of titles you can acquire, which you can then add to your cart when you log on to their website. Some titles have limited copies such as Synergy: Alfonso Ossorio & Jackson Pollock 1950-1951, but they restock quickly so you just have to tap on the notification bell and get first dibs on the latest releases.


Follow Artbooks.ph on Instagram or shop on their website.

Omniana Books & Artwork

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Instagram/Omniana

The store’s bio says it all—Omniana sells books featuring pretty covers and editions. Aside from posting books that are hard to come by in physical stores, the shop also has artwork from local artists up for sale. What better way to complement the lovely covers on its feed, right? Some of the store’s bestsellers include Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library and The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa. You can shop the titles on Instagram or by visiting their website.

Follow Omniana Books & Artwork on Instagram.

Barthes & Novels

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY Instagram/Barthesandnovels

A curated independent bookstore, Barthes & Novels (get it?) follows the format of most IG shops by dropping books in bulk—with reserving made on a first-to-comment basis. What’s good about Barthes & Novels is it has several copies of one book available so you don’t have to get stressed about typing "mine" or "next" in a flash. Some of the recent uploads include Breasts and Eggs by Mieko Kawakami, Sweet Bean Paste by Durian Sukegawa, and Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi. While these books are available in local bookstores, you can count on Barthes & Novels for titles that sell out fast.

Follow Barthes & Novels on Instagram.

Tsundoku Books

online bookstores philippines
PHOTO BY instagram/tsundokubooks

If you’re on the hunt for new and pre-loved books to add to your shelf, Tsundoku Books can be your go-to. As the name suggests, you’ll find plenty of titles to hoard that will go straight to your TBR pile. You’ll spot novels by Asian authors, classics, and works by Haruki Murakami, Carlos Ruiz Zafón, and Margaret Atwood, to name a few. No worries if the books on the feed are marked sold—just look up #tsundokubooksavail for reads that are still up for grabs.


Follow Tsundoku Books on Instagram.

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