Spot Approved: Here's Why I'm In a Long-Term Relationship With the Trendy Doughnut Macaroon Bag

That bestseller tag isn't just hype, folks.

Why Doughnut's Macaroon is poised to be your next all-time favorite bag.
PHOTO BY Louise Lizan ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( We all have that “one” bag that works like our very own Anakin Skywalker—a.k.a. the “Chosen One”—for every single time we go out and have to carry too many things, which is always. This bag never collects dust in the closet or storage because it’s out with you wherever you go. Think of it as your consistent travel buddy through thick or thin, or literally, rain or shine. So those who've found "The One" and aren't about that polyamorous life, you can move on—but if you haven't quite found it yet, we're here to direct your attention to what might just be what you're looking for. 

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For this writer right here (and probably for many, many others), "The One" is this medium-sized, all-black Macaroon backpack from the Hong Kong-based bag brand Doughnut. Yep, that one. The “everywhere I go, I see his face” Spiderman meme but instead of Robert Downey Jr., it’s replaced with one of the brand's best-sellers. And yes, this is one of those rare occasions when we can go out there and say the hype is justified. 


I got it around three years ago—and it’s an understatement to say that it has become my (and my sister’s, aunt’s, and everyone and their mothers’ who had borrowed it for their trips in the past) all-time favorite. And in the future, it could be yours, too.

Here’s why having Doughnut macaroon bags in your closet is a must:

Whether you saw them in the store windows or online, the Macaroon’s wide array of colors, dual-color, and other combinations—from candy and pastel hues to timeless and classic dark colors— in all kinds of sizes will catch your eyes first, lure and enchant you like sailors to a siren as they do in mythologies. Next thing you know you’re clicking "add to cart" on their site or walking into their stores.

The price depends on their variation, of course, but the range is between P1,500 to P4,600. In my case, the all-black Macaroon backpack is priced at P3,895 which was, from my perspective, a little bit out of budget back then—but with the three-year mileage I've got on it, the price is a worthy investment.

Case in point: I have not gotten another bag since this one nor have I felt the need to replace it, even after all these years. I've used it for almost all my trips, some reaching week-long duration; it's lived out most of its life as my work bag, too. Talk about being practical. And through all that, the bag has never shown any signs of wear, tear, or damage in general, really. It proves especially useful during this time of the year thanks to its water-repellent fabric, meaning I don’t have to worry too much about my things getting wet.

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All the Features (and Pockets!)

Other than the very sizable front pocket, the bag has multiple compartments, pockets, and a roomy interior; not to mention a dedicated space for your laptops, iPads, and tumblers—perfect for someone who brings all that and much more cords and wires than one actually needs. Not an attack, because that's this writer included. Do you know how sometimes you wish your clothes had more pockets? Well, this backpack has all that and more. 

Doughnut's All-Black Macaroon Bag
PHOTO BY Louise Lizan
Doughnut's All-Black Macaroon Bag
PHOTO BY Louise Lizan
Doughnut's All-Black Macaroon Bag
PHOTO BY Louise Lizan

The best part is even if you stuff the bag to the maximum, the backpack itself is ultra-light so there's never any excess baggage. Yup, no need to carry any extra weight. It can also be carried as a handbag or a backpack, whichever you'd be more comfortable with. Plus, the bag's straps can easily be adjusted, too.

While my choosing the all-black option may have something to do with it, I don’t really worry about getting it stained or dirtied (apart from that one incident involving mustard and a clumsy me). The bag's exterior is made from a durable fabric that makes it easy to wipe most things off with wet tissue (just use your common sense when handling bright condiments such as mustard).

Bottomline: For someone who doesn’t need too many bags in her life, this all-black Macaroon bag will be more than enough to get me (or you) by on more future trips, in all kinds of travels to come.


Browse through Doughnut’s best-sellers on their website. For more information, visit Doughnut’s Facebook page.

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