Unlocking Your iPhone When You're Wearing a Face Mask Will Soon Be Easier

Know the struggle?

(SPOT.ph) iPhone users know the struggle: You're out doing errands and you get a text message or maybe you want to check the grocery list on your phone—and since it is now required to wear a face mask when you're outside, your phone's Face ID fails to recognize you whenever you have to unlock it, so you'll either have to remove your face mask (please don't) or wait for a few annoying seconds before your phone shows you your passcode screen...repeat process until you get frustrated, the rest of your day is ruined.

Well, Apple just rolled out a beta version of iOS 13.5 wherein it's much easier to unlock your phone while wearing a face mask without compromising security. With the new update, all you have to do is swipe from the bottom of your phone's sceen to pull up the manual passcode option so you can unlock your phone without having to remove your mask (which puts you at risk of infection) to activate Face ID. This update will be a sigh of relief for those with iPhone models that no longer have the home button. It can actually save you 10 to 15 seconds of exasperation trying to unlock your phone once—and if you have to do it multiple times a day, that's actually lot of time saved!


Check it out:

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The beta version of iOS 13.5 is currently available to those subscribed to Apple's Beta Software Program. It will be rolled out to the public once they're done with the beta testing.

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