This Weighted Blanket Will Change the Way You Sleep Forever

PHOTO BY blanket hugs

( These days, it can be hard to catch some quality Zs with everything going on in the world. Sure, you've been staying indoors more especially if you've been working from home, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're less stressed than you were when you had to physically by in the office—in fact, virtual meetings are proven to be more exhausting than face-to-face meetings. Getting quality sleep will help put you in a better mood, so we listed things that will help you sleep better. But if you need just one thing to improve your sleep quality, you might want to try investing in a weighted blanket

PHOTO BY blanket hugs

This weighted blanket from Blanket Hugs is hypoallergenic and comes with a cooling bamboo-cotton duvet cover which helps you stay comfortable all night long. Weighted blankets are literally blankets that are heavier than your usual duvets and they're popular for easing insomnia, relieving anxiety and stress, and improving sleep quality. The weighted blanket offers deep touch pressure stimulation for your body—kind of like a light and relaxing massage that lasts all night long. If you're a big cuddler, you'll love how weighted blankets almost feel like actual hugs!

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The Blanket Hug is available in four sizes: Adult (P5,999/15 pounds), King/Queen (P12,999/30 pounds), Kids (P4,499/7 pounds), and Full (P9,499/20 pounds). The weighted blankets are available in three colors: Cloud White, Lazy Grey, and Slumber Beige. Fun fact: You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so might as well invest in it, right?


Blanket Hugs also has Weighted Eye Masks (P1,200) which distributes one pound of pressure to key points on the face, helping you relax your face muscles and doze off faster. 

To shop, just log on to Blanket Hugs' website, add to cart, and proceed to check out. Take note, though, that the Blanket Hug is on a pre-order basis and earliest delivery will be early September.

For more information, log on to Blanket Hugs' Instagram page.

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