Ready Your Wallets: PlayStation 5 Prices Have Been Announced

Happy holidays to you, too.

( Things are looking bright, at least for gamers (and we could imagine the light shining in your inaanak's eyesif you're that kind of ninong or ninang) as Sony finally revealed the prices and release dates for their latest gaming console, the PlayStation 5, in a streamed showcase uploaded on September 17.

The U.S., Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea will be among the first few countries to get the gaming console on November 12, while it launches to the rest of the world on November 19 (except for China, which will be announced at a later date). According to PlayStation's Twitter account, there will be pre-orders starting tomorrow at select retailers. There is no word yet on whether this also applies locally.

There will be two PlayStation versions out in the wild: The PS5 with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive (U.S . $499.99, roughly P24,200) and the Digital Edition (U.S. $399.99, roughly P19,365), which, as the name goes, will not have the disc drive. Both will have a AMD Zen 2 CPU and AMD’s RDNA 2-based GPU, 16GB of RAM, and an 825GB SSD. 


The console accessories will also launch in November. This includes the standalone DualSense Wireless Controller (U.S. $69.99, roughly P3,388), PULSE 3D wireless headset (U.S. $99.99, roughly P4,840), a 1080p HD Camera with dual lenses (U.S. $59.99, roughly P2,900), Media Remote (U.S. $29.99, roughly P1,450), and the DualSense Charging Station for charging two DualSense Wireless Controllers (U.S. $29.99, roughly P1,450).

While there will be plenty of games coming to the PS5, there will also be a PlayStation Plus Collection for the PS5, a selection of PlayStation 4 games that will be available for download when the newest console launches. This collection will include gams like The Last of Us: Remastered, Uncharted 4, God of War, Bloodborne, and more. Both editions are backwards compatible.

Watch the full showcase here:

For more information, check out the Sony PlayStation website.

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