The 10 Best Webcams You Can Buy Right Now

Level up your video calls and online meetings!

PHOTO BY AVermedia, A4Tech, Genius ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

( Let’s be real: Your hours-long video call or laugh-out-loud e-numan could never replace the warmth or intimacy of a real, face-to-face interaction. Unfortunately, with COVID-19 cases in the Philippines still rising, the virtual hangouts will have to do for now. We suggest making the most of the situation by leveling up the quality of your video calls—which you can do by investing in the right gadgets. To help you out, we round up some webcams you can shop online. Sure, they won’t make up for the lack of actual companions by your side, but they’ll make your videos much clearer and sharper, so at least your friends won’t have to be talking to pixels all night. Plus, a good webcam is a handy device to keep in your professional toolkit as it can improve important meetings, help show objects or instructions more clearly through video, or hey, maybe you could even start your own live-streaming channel on YouTube. Trust us, it’s a purchase you won’t regret.


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Level up your video calls with these handy webcams:

C615 Fold-and-Go HD Webcam (P3,350) from Logitech

PHOTO BY Logitech

Keep your video calls looking sharp and profesh with this compact webcam from Logitech. The clip-on mounting design is built to fit on any laptop or PC monitor. Just plug it in through a USB port and you get widescreen video footage at 1080p quality. Its autofocus feature keeps your videos looking crisp even if you move around. Plus, it has a built-in noise-reducing microphone to make your video calls even more high-def.

Available online.

PK-910H 1080p Full HD Webcam (P995) from A4Tech

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We know the cylindrical design of this A4Tech device makes it look a bit like a hidden security camera, but trust us, it’s a webcam. It can shoot 1080p-quality videos and promises great performance even in low light. The swiveling design will help you capture the perfect video call angle every time. Best part? It’s less than P1,000!

Available online.

Widecam F100 (P2,600) from Genius


This cool webcam from Genius has a wide-angle lens that can capture up to 120 degrees, so you won’t have to squeeze every member of your household into a tight camera shot the next time you come together for a big video call. It has 360-degree rotation as well as a 1.5-meter USB cable, making it ideal for moving around or capturing your space on video in case you’ve ever wanted to give your friends a room tour over Zoom.


Available online.

HD Camera (P3,299) from HUE

PHOTO BY Abenson

If you prefer a standing webcam that you can leave stationed on your desk, check out this device from HUE. It can also be removed from its base and plugged directly into a USB port in case you want to travel with it. This is the webcam to get if you have plenty of video presentations—thanks to its flexible body, you can change the angle to show documents, written drafts, or activities that require both hands. It can even be used to magnify very small items like circuit boards or small drawings in case you need to emphasize miniscule details at your next big pitch meeting.

Available online.

C260 USB Webcam (P1,350) from Rapoo


We love the sleek black exterior of this Rapoo webcam, which can be clipped onto your monitor and plugged via a USB port. It can shoot 1080p-quality videos and is built with an omni-drectional microphone (meaning it can capture sounds from all angles), a wide-angle lens, and a flexible rotating body.

Available online.

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Optus High Definition Webcam (P1,990) from Ekotek

PHOTO BY Abenson

If you’re not quite tech-savvy enough to be fiddling with camera and video-call settings, you’ll be happy to know that this Ekotek webcam has automatic low-light and white balance correction, so your videos will look crisp with no fuss. It’s also got a built-in microphone, which means less setup for you and more time for online game night with your buddies!

Available online.

SriHome SH004 Full HD Webcam (P1,699) from Sricam


This Sricam webcam ticks off all the necessary boxes for seamless video calling including 1080p definition, a built-in microphone, a 90-degree wide angle lens, and a 360-degree rotating mechanism. It’s great not just for casual video calls, but also for live streaming, gaming, and group video conferences.

Available online.

1080P Webcam (P984) from Bavin


Get sharp, high definition videos for less than P1,000 with this Bavin webcam! You can adjust the camera’s lens from 60 degrees to 120 degrees depending on how many people or things you need to fit into the frame. It also has fixed focus settings as well as automatic white balance and exposure control so it’ll work for a variety of lighting setups—yup, even your dimly lit bedroom.

Available online.

PW313 Live Streamer Webcam (P3,800) from AVermedia

PHOTO BY AVermedia

This nifty webcam from AVermedia is particularly great for podcasting or live streaming with your fellow household members thanks to the two built-in microphones—note the perforated caps on either side that will pick up sounds from both directions. It can record 1080p videos and comes with a handy lens cover that you can slide over the camera when you’re not using it—not today, digital spies! (Kidding!)

Available online.

Full HD 1080p Webcam (P690) from SUPREMO

PHOTO BY Supremo

For a super affordable option that has 1080p definition and a built-in mic, check out this webcam from SUPREMO, which you can get for just P690. It has auto-adjusting saturation, contrast, white balance, and exposure for clear, high-quality videos every time.

Available online.

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