10 #Aesthetic Electric Fans to Shop Now

Let's just say they'll blow you away.

aesthetic electric fans
PHOTO BY 3d, Dyson, Lazada/Asahi

(SPOT.ph) In 2020, many of us have developed a greater appreciation for keeping the house tidy and easy on the eyes. We’ve made efforts to de-clutter, rearrange our furniture, and even update our home appliances (who would have known we would be shopping for things like air fryers and ovens?). Aside from the convenience of shopping for these home finds online, it’s great to come across items that are not only functional, but would suit your interiors well—it doesn’t hurt that they look good on your IG feed, too. If you’re looking to jump on that #aesthetic interior bandwagon, get started with these 10 stylish electric fans that will look right at home.

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On the lookout for aesthetic electric fans for your room or work desk? We’ve got you covered:

XF 6081 Retro Wooden Stand Fan (P4,550) from Asahi

Asahi fan
PHOTO BY Lazada/Asahi

With its minimalist and vintage design, this Asahi model has elevated the humble electric fan from proverbial eye sore to must-have accessory. It’s not high-maintenance either. While the blades look wooden, they’re actually made of plastic, making it just as easy to clean as your regular model.

Available online.

Foldable and Extendable Fan RDF-200 (P1,099.75) from Omni

Omni fan
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Good design is about bringing together form and function and Omni’s flexible model fulfills both needs. Its all-white finish gives off a clean and modern vibe while its adjustable construction—it can be folded to sit as a desk fan or extended up to 100cm high as a stand fan—is a sought-after feature, especially if you have limited space or constantly need to move your electric fan from room to room.

Available on Shop SM, Ace Hardware's website, Lazada, and at Ace Hardware stores nationwide.


Rechargeable Fan With Night Light 7” FEL-654 (P999.75) from FIREFLY

Rechargeable Fan With Night Light 7” FEL-654 (P999.75) from FIREFLY
PHOTO BY Shopee/The SM Store Official Shop

Power outages have never looked better. FIREFLY’s all-white rechargeable desk fan won’t just keep you cool when the whole neighborhood loses electricity, but also provide ample light when you decide to go rummaging through the kitchen in the dark.

Available on Ace Hardware's website, Lazada, and Shopee.

Portable Electric Fan FRF600 (P999) from Fukuda

Portable Electric Fan FRF600 (P999) from Fukuda
PHOTO BY Lazada/Fukuda

If all you need is a small desk fan for personal use, Fukuda’s model, which comes in light blue and navy blue, might be right up your alley. It won’t take up too much space on your table and is easily rechargeable with a USB cable—perfect for your work-from-home setup.

Available on Lazada

Low Noise USB Desk Fan (P1,450) from MUJI

Low Noise USB Desk Fan (P1,450) from MUJI

If the whirring of a desk fan is a constant source of irritation for you, MUJI has a model that might improve your mood. This fan plugs into any USB port and is designed with double reversed blades and swinging function, which greatly minimize its noise output. At its strongest setting, the fan emits sound at only 30 decibels. Plus, it comes in cute shades of blue, pink, and off-white.

See a list of MUJI branches.

F0-LSD10(W)PH Stand Fan with Remote (P4,995) from Toshiba

F0-LSD10(W)PH Stand Fan with Remote (P4,998) from Toshiba
PHOTO BY Toshiba

Those who live in all-white spaces will find Toshiba’s remote-controlled fan to be a shoo-in. It doesn’t just have an elegant design with clean lines that allow it to blend seamlessly with your interiors; it also runs on a DC motor, so you consume less power. It comes with four wind modes—the normal setting’s speed can go as high as 26, while silent mode lets you use the fan without noise to disturb your sweet slumber.

Available on Lazada and Shopee.

TF10GX Galaxy Tower Fan Redwood (P1,855) from 3D

TF10GX Galaxy Tower Fan Redwood (P1,855) from 3D

Not every fan on our list is meant to blend in. Some, like the tower fan from 3D, are designed to draw the eye. With a vibrant red finish, this particular model adds warmth, playfulness, and personality to even the barest of rooms. Have young kids around? It even has child-proof safety grills to help keep them from sticking their fingers through it.


Available on Ansons' website.

15740 Power Stand Fan 16" (P2,999) from Air Monster

15740 Power Stand Fan 16
PHOTO BY Shopee/AirMonsterPH

With a name like Air Monster, there’s no question that this fan means business. Designed with superior and advanced blades to facilitate maximum air movement, this particular model promises instant relief on days when temperatures run just a bit too high. What’s even cooler is that it also has multiple height settings that allow you to transform it into a stand fan or a desk fan.

 Available on Lazada and Shopee.

OSCR37PH Oscillating Tower Circulator (P6,880) from Vornado

OSCR37PH Oscillating Tower Circulator (P6,880) from Vornado
PHOTO BY Vornado

Vornado’s tower circulator has a sleek black finish that makes it a great alternative to most of the light-colored models in stores. Standing at 93cm, it has the ability to swing back and forth, ensuring that air flows generously all throughout the room. It also has four different speeds, ranging from 800rpm to 1180rpm.

Available on Abenson's website.

Pure Cool Me Purifying Fan (P23,500) from Dyson

Pure Cool Me Purifying Fan (P23,500) from Dyson
PHOTO BY True Value

This Dyson fan is, by far, the most expensive on the list, but for good reason. Apart from looking more like a futuristic lamp straight out of a sci-fi flick, it’s equipped with an LED screen that shows you airflow speed, modes, and filter life as well as built-in notifications that remind you to replace your filter. This smart appliance also has a timer that you can set from 30 minutes to eight hours, so you can manage your personal comfort as well as your energy consumption more effectively.


Available on True Value; see a list of Dyson retailers and direct stores.

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