10 Shops to Check Out for Multi-Wick Scented Candles

These candles will make your space smell like heaven!

Multi-Wick Scented Candles

(SPOT.ph) Because you clicked on this article, it looks like your candle phase isn't going anywhere any time soon. Don't worry, we'll walk you through your candle journey every step of the way! Now that you know where you can buy #aesthetic scented candles online, you're probably looking to add more variety to your collection—here's something you might want to consider: multiple-wick candles! Candles with more than a single wick give you a faster, cleaner burn and strengthens your candle's scent throw—which means you get more out of your favorite candles! If you're not sure where you can score some, we did the searching for you.

Check out these scented candles with multiple wicks and where you can buy them:

The Souq Wooden Wick Scented Organic Candles (P990) from Yoke Candle Co

The Souq Wooden Wick Scented Organic Candles from Yoke Candle Co
PHOTO BY Yoke Candle Co

Yoke Candle Co has #aesthetic scented candles that make use of double wooden wicks which offer a stronger scent throw compared to regular cotton wicks. This hand-poured candle will bathe your room in rejuvinating scents of oud, mandarin, and cedar. Plus, the wicks make a subtle crackling sound that'll help you relax and unwind!

Available online.

Ash 28oz Magnum (P5,250) from Boy Smells

Ash 28oz Magnum from Boy Smells
PHOTO BY Boy Smells
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Looking for the perfect smoky scent? Boy Smells' Ash candle is right up your alley. This three-wick candle will wrap you in scents of firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo, and hay—we know that's a pretty interesting slew of fragrances for a scented candle, but hey, don't knock it till you try it!

Available online.

Sundown Sessions Double-Wick Candles (P260/each) from Halina

Sundown Sessions Double-Wick Candles from Halina

These hand-poured candles from Halina come in scents inspired by the Golden Hour. Each 100-gram tin can features double-wicks that let you get a clean, even burn every time. They're topped with dried blooms that add a special touch to each scent.

Available online.

Unscented Wax Pillar Candles - Ivory 6" x 6" (P1,350) from Pottery Barn

Unscented Wax Pillar Candles from Pottery Barn
PHOTO BY Rustan's

This huge three-wick candle from Pottery Barn instantly gives the room a warm and cozy vibe, perfect if you needed something to make your space a bit more homey. The candle was designed to tunnel so that it glows from within! Pretty neat, right? It's a crowd favorite, and it's easy to see why: It's simple, straightforward, and gets the job done.

Available online.

Large Candle in Concrete (P2,800) from Saan Saan

Large Candle in Concrete from Saan Saan
PHOTO BY Saan Saan

In case you didn't know, Saan Saan now has large candles that come in concrete vessels, giving your space an #aesthetic rustic vibe. Each candle features two wicks, giving it a stronger scent throw and a cleaner burn. These 400ml hand-poured candles has a burn time of about 110 hours. Take your pick from Saan Saan's best-selling scents and they'll make the candle for you! The candles in concrete vessels are available for pre-order.

Available online.

Soy Candle in Stoneware Vessel (P400) from Muni Candles

Soy Candle in Stoneware Vessel from Muni Candles
PHOTO BY Muni Candles

Got a knack for stoneware and candles? We found something you wouldn't be able to resist: Muni Candles' hand-poured soy candles in various stoneware pieces. Talk about bang for your buck. This three-wick candle will bathe your room in a lush floral scent thanks to a blend of gardenia, rose, and mandarin orange fragrance oils.

Available online.

English Pear and Freesia (P385/120 grams) from Zen Candles

English Pear and Freesia from Zen Candles
PHOTO BY Zen Candles

Zen Candles' take on Jo Malone's well-loved English Pear and Freesia is a blend of fresh, fruity, and musky thanks to its top notes of pear and mid notes of freesia and patchouli. Each hand-poured scented candle comes in a tin can that's perfect for refreshing small spaces like bathrooms or even your home office.

Available online.

Baies / Berries candle (P9,750) from Diptyque

Baies / Berries candle from Diptyque
PHOTO BY Rustan's

Perfect for sleek spaces, this three-wick scented candle from Diptyque is encased in an all-black handmade porcelain vessel—the candle itself is black, too! Light it up and get a whiff of fresh bouquets and sweet blackcurrant leaves.

Available online.

Wood Wick Candle (P660) from Olk Candle

Wood Wick Candle from Olk Candle
PHOTO BY Olk Candle

These IG-worthy candles from Olk Candle come in a variety of scents and colors that can change the vibe of any room. They're hand-poured into 250ml tin cans and topped with dried blooms that make them look almost too pretty to light up! The double wooden wicks they use make relaxing crackling sounds as it burns, mimicking the sound of a fireplace. Perfect for a chill night in.

Available online.

Scented Soy Candles (P450 to P470) from Bahay Ni Maria

Scented Soy Candles from Bahay Ni Maria
PHOTO BY Instagram/Bahay ni Maria

Give your home a cozy feel in a snap when you light up one of these scented candles from Bahay Ni Maria. They come in #aesthetic glass jars with golden lids for a chic look! Each candle features two wicks which help with the scent throw while providing a clean burn. They come in a variety of scents for every mood, too.

Available online.

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