10 Shops to Check Out for Scented Candles in Cebu

Get cozy and set the mood right.

scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Elemento, Courtesy of Marfil ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) As the rains start pouring in, we slowly cycle back to the cooler, wet months. Scented candles were all the rage last Christmas, but now is a good time to revisit and take stock of the local makers who have entered and enriched the scene since then. Set the mood with these 10 Cebuano-made scented candles.

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Looking for shops in Cebu that sell great scented candles? Check this list out:


scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Luscent

Luscent is perfect for those who are sensitive to harsh ingredients. With majority of its chandler-owners in the medical field, they make sure that all their candles are safe to inhale—from the coconut-soy wax blend they use to the cotton wicks and the phthalate-, carcinogen-, reproductive toxin-free fragrance oils, the latter of which have to be imported from the U.S. so as to meet strict chemical safety guidelines. “Formaldehyde, petroleum distillates, limonene, alcohol, and esters are all commonly found in most candles—but they can cause health problems ranging from headaches, dizziness and allergy symptoms to asthma attacks, respiratory tract infections, and even cancer,” shared Aislinn Cuizon, chandler and co-owner. 

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Along with her co-owners, Micaela Dela Pena and Gerard Ayaay, they identify Beach Garden as a personal favorite. It’s “floral but toned down by sea salt and wood,” while those who start out intimidated by Mango Colada end up loving it. New Sheets is more straightforward and faithful to its name. All candles are priced at P475.

Luscent is at Guadalupe, Cebu City. For more information, message them on Instagram

Iluminada Cebu

scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Iluminada Cebu

For a brand that only started in late 2020, Iluminada’s reach is quite impressive—largely due to the popularity of their Friends collection. Named after characters on the show, the candles’ scents take inspiration from Rachel (Pear and Freesia), Chandler (Sea Salt and Sage), Monica (Fresh, Clean Linen), and the rest of the gang. You can collect all six of them for P470 each.

Joan Christine Illustrisimo, owner and chandler of Iluminada, also just launched seven new scents to her Serenity Collection this month. Among them, she recommends Obsessive Caffeine Disorder with notes of coffee, chocolate, and peppermint; and An Illicit Affair—inspired by Taylor Swift's album Folklorewhich has notes of fig, pine, and sweet orange. Both soy candles are P520 each.

Iluminada is at Guadalupe, Cebu City. Order online through Shopee  or their website. For more information, contact them through Facebook and Instagram


scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Elemento

If you’re looking for a niche-scent soy candle, check out the candles by Elemento. Its alchemy-meets-apothecary label makes it look extra-premium without riffing on already-existing luxury brands. Plus, if you’re looking for a Cebuano scented candlemaker who’s been around longer than the others, Bryan S. is your guy. He founded Portal Candles Co. before transforming it into Elemento post-pandemic.

To dip your toes into the world of unconventional scents, he recommends starting with #50 Grove (P620/155 grams) or #51 Mythos (P620/Personal, P950/Lounge). The former is inspired by the forest with notes of pine needles, eucalyptus, and oakmoss, while the latter, by the fig tree—from the earth to the trunk to the leaves and the fruits. 

Elemento is at Consolacion City, Cebu. Order online through their website.  For more information, contact them on Facebook  or Instagram

Candlederia by Aiyanna

If unabashedly girly Pepto-Bismol pink is your vibe, then Candlederia is sure to fit your aesthetic. In fact, the founder—and one-woman team—Aiyanna Go launched her brand to fill this gap in the Philippine market. 


Their bestseller, the vanilla-scented Birthday Treat (starts at P400) comes in your choice of a pink jar or a clear jar with a ton of multicolor candy sprinkles. It’s followed by the coffee-scented Breakfast at Tiffany’s, which, channeling the elegance of Audrey Hepburn in a black Givenchy column dress, is decidedly more visually subtle. The third scent, dubbed Banana Milk, will launch on June 23.

Candlederia by Aiyanna is at Banilad, Cebu City. Order online through Shopee or Instagram. 

Marfil PH

scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Marfil PH

What’s unique about Marfil is that most soy candle purchases come with a complimentary crystal bracelet that’s specially chosen for you. Using Reiki, they identify, cleanse, and program the crystals that’s best suited to your growth. As a brand and as people, they’re very much about connecting with your higher self and also carry other products to support this journey. 


Founder Mariana Chiongbian’s personal favorite Calma candle is Earthen, which she describes as “nostalgic, a running-in-the-mountains type of scent,” while co-founder Bea Cimafranca picks Peaceful Slumber, which she describes as “calming and perfect for me time.” Both candles come in two sizes: 120 grams (P285) and 250 grams (P799). The 250-gram candles come in very ornate candy jars with pointy glass lids.

Marfil PH is at Banilad, Cebu City. Shop online through their sales portal. For more information, visit their website

The Moonshine Apothecary

scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of The Moonshine Apothecary

In the dead of night, Trexie Gwen Panuncio created The Moonshine Apothecary. Their brand story is very much tied to the moon—from the magic Panuncio references to the emotions that their scents are supposed to inspire. Each candle from its Orb of Night collection bears the face of the sun inching closer, as if to kiss the moon. A candle from this collection costs P380. All candles are made to order.


Their bestsellers are Moonbeam, Serene Oasis, and Midnight Reverie. According to Panuncio, Moonbeam is “a sweet take on lavender with herbal notes and undertones of tea”, while Serene Oasis has notes of sandalwood, mint, musk, and oud—a resinous wood that’s popular in the Middle East and South Asia. The candle dubbed Midnight Reverie is a bit unusual as it's envisioned as an empty Hogwarts corridor, nearing a library of leather-bound tomes. Ithas notes of vanilla and citrus zest and patchouli. 

The Moonshine Apothecary is at Biasong, Talisay City, Cebu. Order online through their sales portal or Shopee. For more information, visit their Instagram page

Wooden Wick Cebu

scented candles
PHOTO BY Julie Ann Relos of Wooden Wick Cebu

Perfect for gift-giving, all Wooden Wick soy candles (starts at P250) come in a black box, accompanied by black-and-gold calligraphy name and note cards—and the namesake wooden wick, of course, which gently crackles when lit. A purchase of a scented candle in an amber jar (P357/100 grams, P700/250 grams) includes all that plus a complimentary custom label. The scents are inspired by combinations such as Peony + Blush Suede, Wood Sage + Sea Salt, Warm Vanilla, Lime Basil + Mandarin, and Nectarine Blossom + Honey.


The Lustrous Collection (P899/200 grams, P999/300 grams), launching on June 23, features shimmery candle wax in iridescent jars and a wooden wick. Think your fave holo highlighter but in scented candle form: Altair (Peony + Sage), Antares (Pear + Vanilla), Betelgeuse (Tropical Cherimoya + Lime Basil), and Sirius (Oud + Bergamot).

Wooden Wick Cebu is at Banilad, Mandaue City. Order online through ShopeeInstagram, or Facebook. You can also check out their soon-to-launch website.


scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Aurelia

Created in memoriam of matriarch Aurelia Gabutan, Aurelia is a collection of sundries that “remind us of her and tell her story to others,” shared the founder, Valentin Gabutan. That said, this brand isn’t limited to candles, but carries tote bags, enamel mugs, and drip coffee as well.

When it comes to candles, scent pairings can often feel like a gimmick designed to trick you into spending more, but this is one brand where lighting two candles—Peppermint and Lavender (P249 each)—simultaneously actually yields a better, more comforting experience. They also have Vanilla, Sweet Berries, and Eucalyptus for P349 each.


Aurelia is at Guadalupe, Cebu City. Order online through their website

Blesscent by Blessy

scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Blesscent by Blessy

A business administration undergrad, owner Blessy Grace Paglinawan wanted to put what she learned into practice while doing something she was genuinely passionate about. “[I learned the product] must be something that will improve people's lives, and I believe there are people out there who are struggling the same way I am—and scents are my way to make us feel better,” she shared.

This candle brand, which only launched this June—has adorably rustic candles with straightforward scents—Cappuccino, Vanilla Cream, and Mint Lavender. Each candle comes in a small glass jar with a gold lid and costs only P185. 

Blesscent by Blessy is at Singson, Guadalupe, Cebu City. Order online through their Instagram, Facebook, or through their website.

Krafted Kollection

scented candles
PHOTO Courtesy of Krafted Kollection

If you’re looking for something customized, then get in touch with Krafted Kollection. They’re open to using your vessel of choice—hello, upcycling!—or even creating a custom-blend fragrance for you. If they don’t have the fragrance on hand, they might even be open to searching for it, given they’re provided a lead time of at least five working days.

From their regular collection, the owner Katrina Leaño recommends Vanilla Cake, Fly Away (bug-repelling citronella, eucalyptus, and peppermint), and Warm Cotton. But always watch for new scents as they’re always introducing limited-edition candles into the mix. Candles come in tin cans (P75/30 grams, P100/50 grams), clear glass jars (P200/120 grams, P290/200 grams), frosted glass jars (P330/200 grams, P440/320 grams), and free-standing cloud like spheres that form a Rubik's cube (P200) and owls (P75). There are even options for gift packaging and wholesale pricing for bulk orders—perfect for giveaways.

Krafted Kollection is at Opra, Capitol Site, Cebu City. It’s stocked at Eurohub Sportsbar & Restaurant, which is at Piazza Elesia, Governor M. Cuenco Avenue, Talamban, Cebu City. Order online through Shopee or their Instagram page.  

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