10 #Aesthetic Tabletop Lamps to Brighten Up Your Space

Put these on your desk, side table, or nightstand!

aesthetic lamps
PHOTO BY Lumina, Serendipity ILLUSTRATION War Espejo

(SPOT.ph) Aside from making sure every nook and cranny is tidy and dust-free, choosing the right decor and appliances for your home can also be an endless task. As the months and years go by, you may find yourself either replacing old items that no longer serve you or buying new ones that you think would elevate the aesthetic or functionality of your humble abode. If you’re currently searching for a new lamp (did we read your mind right there?), then keep reading. Below, we list 10 chic tabletop lamps you can shop now to brighten up the dark corners of your room or to provide more light to your home office.

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Add light to your space with these 10 aesthetic lamps:

Small Delilah Table Lamp (P9,500) from West Elm

aesthetic lamps

This delicately designed lamp from West Elm exudes a soft, feminine vibe thanks to its curved body and pleated shade. If you’re a purist when it comes to interiors, you’ll love the all-white version of the lamp, but we can’t take our eyes off this blush pink model. It’ll go perfectly with other dainty decor pieces as well as a variety of textures from light wood to metallic gold detailing.

See a list of Welm Elm stores and retailers.

Moon Lamp (starts at P539) from Serendipity

aesthetic lamps
PHOTO BY Serendipity / Shopee
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In case your bedside window doesn’t quite give you a good view of the night sky, you can still enjoy the moon light with this cool lamp from Serendipity. The soft glow from the spherical light will make you feel as relaxed as an evening spent under the stars.

Available online.

Tokabo Table Lamp (P850) from Home MNL

aesthetic lamps

Online store Home MNL is where you can shop IKEA finds like this adorable Tokabo table lamp. The mushroom-shaped light source resembles the silhouette of a regular lamp shade minus the bulk and frills. The matte, all-white design provides a soft glow that won’t sting your eyes late at night.

Available online.

Cartoon Cat Desk Lamp (P548) from HOL Lights

aesthetic lamps

This adorable LED lamp from HOL Lights has a kitty for a base and it’s perfect for your kawaii desk or nightstand layout. It’s rechargeable, which means you can use it without having to clutter your table with unnecessary wires. Plus, it’s available in four pretty pastel shades including pink, green, blue, and white. The depth of the shade and swinging design make it perfect for putting focus on your workspace, but the black color will keep it from being too bright if you prefer to use it on a coffee table or nightstand.


Available online.

Aspen Table Lamp (price available upon request) from Lumina Concepts Lighting

aesthetic lamps

This chic lamp from Lumina Concepts Lighting reminds us of brightly lit lamp posts along a buzzing street at night. The industrial-style design doesn't have a shade and puts the glimmering round bulb at center stage. Combine that with the metallic pole and marble stand and you get a sleek, modern fixture that’s eye-catching without being bulky or too loud. You can get it in gold and rose gold!

Available online and at Lumina’s showroom at 165 Granada Street, Barangay Valencia, Quezon City.

Mi LED Desk Lamp 2 (P1,890) from Xiaomi

aesthetic lamps

This desk lamp from Xiaomi may look fuss-free, but the slim device packs a technological punch. It has light sources on both the back of the slim frame and on the other side at the topmost region, so you can ensure you’ve got the right amount of light coming from all sides. The neck can be bent 180 degrees, so you can easily choose where to point the upper light source, whether you want to focus it onto your work desk or keep it from hitting your eyes.

See a list of Mi stores.

Isla Lamp (P990) from Sunday Home

aesthetic lamps
PHOTO BY Instagram/sundayhome_mnl

Channel your inner Princess Ariel with this pretty little tabletop lamp from Sunday Home, which resembles a large clam with the spherical light inside standing in for the pearl. It functions as both a light source and a decor piece, so it’ll help you spruce up your space without having to clutter your desk with one too many objects.


Available online.

Spannland LED Work Lamp (P1,195) from Furniture Source

aesthetic lamps
PHOTO BY Furniture Source Philippines

IKEA is known for their form-meets-function home items and this Spannland lamp, available at Furniture Source Philippines, is a perfect example. Aside from being a bright LED light for your work space, it also doubles as a handy holder for pens. Perfect for minimalists!

Available online and at 2/F Santolan Town Plaza, San Juan City.

Cygnus Brass Modern Table Lamp (P6,995) from Home Cartel

aesthetic lamps
PHOTO BY Home Cartel

Metallic fixtures can do a lot to make a space look more luxurious and this shiny brass lamp from Home Cartel is both light source and accent piece thanks to the eye-catching gold material. Use it to add texture and shine to an otherwise plain table. You can put it on your desk, coffee table, or nightstand—the pointed design lets you focus the light on any object or corner.

Available online.

Swing Table Lamp (P6,000) from Décor Manila

aesthetic lamps
PHOTO BY Décor Manila

This modern-industrial lamp from Décor Manila combines a mix of otherwise neutral designs—a matte black shade, a glossy gold pole, and a marbled gray stand—to create a piece that is unique and yet still fit for many interior styles. It'll make your desk or side table so IG-worthy!

See a list of Décor Manila stores.

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