10 Online Stores to Hit Up for Period-Proof Undies and Reusable Pads

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period panties

(SPOT.ph) Zero-waste alternatives to single-use sanitary napkins and tampons have been available on the local market for years now, the most accessible form being menstrual cups—you can even buy them at pharmacies like Mercury Drug. ICYDK, a menstrual cup is a funnel-shaped device made of silicone or rubber that can be inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual fluid and tons of people swear by them. However, they do present some challenges to users, especially during those first few uses. In the Philippines, sanitary pads are the most commonly used. They’re made to adhere to one’s underwear so they require minimal effort to put on or replace and there’s little to no clean up afterwards. Due to the fact that most of us are used to these no-fuss, no-insert products, it can be tricky and even nerve-wracking to make the switch to cups that require a whole different process. If you’ve been meaning to make the switch to more eco-friendly feminine hygiene products and find that menstrual cups just aren’t for you, then you may want to consider period-proof undies and reusable sanitary pads instead.


Though each worn in different ways, these two types of menstrual products utilize more or less the same technology: They’re built with layers of absorbent fabric to collect menstrual fluid and even discharge. Once you’re done using them, they can be wrung, washed, and used again, which prevents the waste that comes from single-use sanitary napkins and tampons. Below, we list some local stores and online shops where you can buy period-proof undies and reusable sanitary pads.

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These are the stores to hit up if you're looking for period panties and reusable sanitary pads:


period panties

Price range: P990 per piece

In late September, Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo launched their first-ever line of period-proof underwear, or the AIRism Absorbent Sanitary Shorts, as they're formally known. They’re predominantly made with Uniqlo's famous AIRism fabric, which is known for being a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s smooth to the touch and gentle on the skin. In the crotch area, the undies are built with three layers of fabric that's quick-drying, odor-controlling, and ultra-absorbent. More specifically, each panty can hold up to 30 to 40 ml of liquid. We gave the pair a full-day trial run and we can totally vouch for their effectiveness.

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Available online and at Uniqlo stores nationwide.


reusable pads

Price range: P100 to P245 per piece

Slo, a local shop centered around sustainable living, has a variety of reusable sanitary pads, depending on the size you may need. They’re got seven- and eight-inch cotton pantyliners, 10-inch reusable pads for those medium-flow days, and 12.5-inch pads for overnight wear or just really heavy days. Each size is available in a wide range of cute prints and colors.

Available online and at Slo’s store in Bean & Yolk Café, Westgate Hub, Alabang, Muntinlupa City.


period panties
PHOTO BY Barebone

Price range: P1,060 for two pieces

Barebone is all about non-traditional undergarments—they offer nipple pasties, boob tape, shapewear, and yup, period undies, too! Their seamless and absorbent panties are constructed with four layers of leak-protection. Note that these undies are intended to be used with pads or tampons, but they can also be worn solo for light-flow days. Each pair is made with 95% cotton and can absorb the equivalent of up to two tampons.

Available online.

The Good Trade

reusable pads
PHOTO BY The Good Trade

Price range: P160 to P230 per piece

Zero-waste shop The Good Trade offers reusable pads in two sizes: eight inches and 12.5 inches. You can stock up on a variety depending on your flow throughout the week. Each pad, made from cotton and waterproof fabric, promises comfy wear and leak-prevention. Plus, they each last up to three to four years, so you can totally get your money’s worth—and lessen your waste production—as long as you make the most of them.


Available online.

Lotus Activewear

period panties
PHOTO BY Lotus Activewear

Price range: P395 per piece, P1,050 for a set of three

Just because your panties are absorbent, doesn’t mean they need to be thick and heavy—Lotus Activewear’s Regular Flow Period undies are proof. The lightweight fabric, mid-rise cut, and seamless design makes these look totally untraceable under clothing. They’re built with four layers that work together to keep your crotch area dry, control odor, prevent leaks and stains, and absorb two to four tampons’ worth of liquid.

Available online.


reusable pads

Price range: P120 to P200 per piece

Simula has got everything you need to start your eco-friendly menstrual care habits. They have reusable sanitary liners, pads, and overnight pads in a range of fun patterns and shades. They also offer cute pouches for storing your reusable pads—to prevent them from coming into contact with moisture or bacteria in your bag—as well as zero-waste feminine soap, menstrual cups, and sterilizing cups.

Available online and at Simula’s store in 69 Saudi Arabia Street, Better Living Subdivision, Barangay Don Bosco, Parañaque City.


period panties

Price range: P350 per piece, P975 for three pieces

Mirko’s line of period-proof undies are stain-proof and leak-proof thanks to the built-in layers of fabric that can absorb eight to 10 ml of liquid—great for preventing any accidents when worn with a pad, but you can also opt to wear the piece on its own for lighter days. The sleek bikini cut and lightweight fabric would look great under a variety of bottoms, so you can feel dry and secure without having to limit your style choices. Mirko even has bundle sets with menstrual cups in case you want to try a variety of reusable menstrual products or use different kinds on different days in your cycle.


Available on Shopee.

Aunt Flo

reusable pads

Price range: P150 per piece, P950 for a set of two day pads, one night pad, and two liners 

Though best known for their line of menstrual cups, Aunt Flo also has washable sanitary pads made from cotton quilt that’s safe for sensitive and rash-prone skin. You can choose from three sizes: a 19-centimeter liner with two layers of fabric, a 22-centimeter day pad, and a 29-centimeter night pad. The latter two sizes are each constructed with six layers of leak-preventing cloth.

Available online.

HER Period Co.

period panties

Price range: P965 to P1,258 per piece

HER Period Co. has period-proof panties in a variety of styles including mid-waist, high-waist, hipster, and more. They’re made with four layers of fabric to absorb liquid, wick away moisture, and prevent leaks—all without feeling heavy or bulky down there.

Available online.

The Naturale Market

reusable pads
PHOTO BY Naturale Market

Price range: P175 per piece, P550 for a set of three pieces with a pouch

The Naturale Market is a one-stop shop for all things eco-friendly including pantry essentials, snacks, beauty products, clothing, pet products, and more. Their selection of self-care finds includes the Ecowings Reusable Menstrual Pads. You can get a set of three for just P550, so you can get started on your more sustainable hygiene habits right away.

Available online.

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