10 #Aesthetic Stand Mixers for the Kitchen of Your Dreams

Aside from the famous KitchenAid mixer.

aesthetic stand mixers

(SPOT.ph) In an era when people model their dream homes after Pinterest boards and celebrity house tours, anything can be #aesthetic. We know the word itself has lost all meaning, but a decade ago, no one would have ever referred to electric fans, coffee makers, and sound systems with that adjective, and now, you can find pretty much anything—from household appliances to cleaning tools—that fits its description. Plus, if you’re currently putting together your first condo or settling down in a new house, admit that you’re secretly setting up a space that’s not only liveable, but would look totally IG-worthy. Hey, no judgement—in fact, we’re here to support your efforts.

While you slowly stock up on everything you need to live comfortably in your own place, you may at some point realize you need a stand mixer. Whether you’re a dedicated home baker, a small business owner, or just a casual hobbyist looking to learn a new skill, we bet you’ve added one to your cart at least once. Here’s your sign to finally hit the checkout button. Below, we list 10 great stand mixers you can shop right now. They offer a wide range of handy features that will make your constant kitchen experiments much easier. And yes, they’re all hella #aesthetic.


These are the best-looking stand mixers you can shop right now:

KitchenAid 5QT Artisan Stand Mixer (P32,685)

KitchenAid stand mixer
PHOTO BY KitchenAid

The world-famous KitchenAid is the Birkin bag of household appliances—which is to say, it’s timeless, stylish, and oh-so coveted. With its classic mid-century design that’s available in a variety of colors, the mixer makes any kitchen countertop look instantly more elegant, even professional. And yes, it’s as powerful as it is pretty—the device is known for its unique planetary motion where its beater and its accompanying attachments work by spinning in opposite directions. The simultaneous but reversed spinning motions result in a faster, more efficient, and more effective mixing process.

Available on Lazada and at Rustan's.

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Smeg Stand Mixer (starts at P31,995)

smeg stand mixer
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Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg has long been known for their distinctive vintage aesthetic, which brings to mind those quirky '50s-era advertisements—think the first episode of WandaVision. The brand’s got ultra-stylish toasters, kettles, refrigerators, blenders, and yup, mixers, too! Their popular stand mixer sports a sleek build characterized by its curved lines—if you’re a Pinterest regular, you’ve no doubt seen glossy images of the device sitting in some of the most gorgeous kitchens you’ve ever seen. You can get it in a variety of chic shades including white, red, pink, blue, green, and more.

Available online.

Sonifer Stand MIxer (P9,398)

sonifer stand mixer
PHOTO BY Sonifer

If you’re looking for a mixer in a cute color that won’t break the bank, check out this device from Sonifer. It’s less than P10,000 and you can get it in pink, blue, red, or black. With a five-liter capacity stainless-steel bowl, three beater attachments (a hook, a whisk, and a paddle), and six speed settings, the appliance will have you whipping up the most impressive pastries and desserts in no time!


Available on Shopee and Lazada.

Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer (P34,000)

Cuisinart stand mixer
PHOTO BY Cuisinart

Though available in a whimsical periwinkle shade, this Cuisinart mixer has a futuristic look to it, unlike some brands’ more retro-inspired approach to design. And the look doesn’t lie either—the stand mixer provides state-of-the-art features like a powerful 500-watt motor, 12-speed settings for maximum mixing precision, a tilt-back head, and a variety of handy beater attachments. You can also get it in a sleek silver and a punchy red, depending on your home’s color scheme.

Available on Lazada and at Rustan’s.

Bear Digital Stand Mixer (P4,995)

Bear stand mixer

While most stand mixers can be quite bulky and eat up a lot of countertop space, this model from Bear sports a more compact build, owing largely to its versatile design. You can use the device the way you would any regular stand mixer (i.e. just turn it on and watch it go) or detach the topmost component and use it like a hand mixer. That way, you can choose which type of device would best suit the pastry or bread you’re currently whipping up.

Available on Shop SM.

Breville the Bakery Boss Mixer (P35,000)

Breville stand mixer
PHOTO BY Breville

If you’d rather avoid colorful appliances—whether to keep your electronics uniform or to maintain your kitchen’s minimalist look—check out this stand mixer from Breville. Decked out in a glossy silver finish and paired with a transparent glass bowl, the device is perfect for those no-frills, immaculately monochrome countertops. To match its impressive look, the device has some cool features including powerful beaters that promise to cut mixing time by up to 60%, a nifty LCD display, and 12-speed settings that automatically adjust depending on how heavy your dough or batter is.


Available at AbensonAnsons, and on Shop SM,

Household 1984 6-Speed Stand Mixer (P7,666)

pink stand mixer
PHOTO BY Household 1984

This hella-sleek stand mixer from Household 1984 is available in black, pink, and red, but its immaculate white model has to be our fave. The minimalist appliance is made even more chic with silver accents and clean lines all around. The six-speed mixer has a five-liter capacity and comes with attachments for beating, kneading, whipping, and more. Best part? It’s less than P8,000!

Available on Shopee.

Kyowa Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum Stand Mixer (P13,500)

stand mixer

Something about sleek black appliances like this Kyowa stand mixer just scream luxury—think jet-black cars or all-black outfits. Though not the most affordable on the market, this mixer offers some pretty heavy-duty features for something in its price range. At just P13,500, it’s got a 6.5-liter capacity, planetary mixing motions, 700 watts of motor power, and a hinged tilt-head design. If you’re looking for solid specs below the 15 grand mark, you can’t go wrong with this pick.

Available on Lazada.

Panasonic MK-GB3 Mixer (P3,295)

stand mixer
PHOTO BY Panasonic

If you’re going for an all-white, meticulously minimalist kitchen, this Panasonic stand mixer would be a decent addition to your space if you’re on a budget. It can be used as both a stand mixer and hand mixer with egg beater and dough hook attachments, five speed settings, a three-liter capacity bowl, and a turntable underneath.


Available at Abenson.

Imarflex Electric Stand Mixer (P9,000)

imarflex stand mixer
PHOTO BY Imarflex

With 12 speed settings built in, this Imarflex mixer lets you whip up everything from light desserts to entire loaves of bread—and it doesn’t look bad doing it either. The device’s white-and-silver color scheme as well as its transparent mixing bowl would fit right into pretty much any kitchen’s interior style.

Available on Lazada.

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