Start the Year With a Shopping Spree: 10 Fresh Finds to Add to Cart This January

These may even help you accomplish your New Year's resolutions!

january shopping list

( Happy 2022, Spotters! The first few days of a new year can feel overwhelming—the holiday rush hasn't quite subsided and now you're burdened with the pressure to stick to those pesky resolutions and focus on your life goals. While we're all for chasing after achievement and building better habits, we'd suggest taking a breather before you fully do so. And what better way to unwind at the start of the year than by going on a little shopping spree? Hey, you've spent all December purchasing gifts for other people, why not focus on yourself for the New Year? Luckily, we're back with our first monthly shopping list of the year and we've listed 10 fun finds you can add to cart this January. May these purchases be just the first few of the many good things coming your way this 2022. Claim it!


Add these 10 cool shopping finds to your cart this January:

Instax Mini Evo (P11,499) from Fujifilm

instax mini evo

With now almost two years having passed since Metro Manila went into lockdown in March 2020, you're probably crossing your fingers that 2022 will be filled with more happy memories than the last few years did. We're right there with you and we'd argue that this year will likely be filled with more exciting milestones and memorable moments to capture and look back on. You can memorialize those moments and turn them into cute keepsakes with Instax's new Mini Evo hybrid camera.  Like many models in the Instax lineup, this camera lets you take quick snapshots and instantly print them out. However, it's got some cool features to level up the process. For one, the camera has a screen built into it, which gives you much more control when snapping cute pics. You can frame your photos properly through the viewfinder, pick which photos to print, and even choose from various filters and lens effects.

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Available on Lazada at authorized Fujifilm Instax retailers nationwide.

Classic Bleach Dye Clogs in Candy Pink (P3,495) from Crocs

crocs store trinoma
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Crocs Philippines

Yes, Crocs clogs are cool now, so it's okay to admit you've always wanted a pair of your own. If this is the year that you’ll finally buy them, may we suggest the adorable Bleach Dye Clogs in this whimsical pink colorway? You can customize the pair with the shoe brand’s wide range of Jibbitz charms—you may even want to drop by their new Concept Store at Trinoma Mall to stock up on all their cutest designs!


Available online.

Scribble Kit (P2,095) from The Everyday

The Everyday scribble kit
PHOTO BY The Everyday

If you grew up in the late '80s, '90s, or early 2000s, we bet you had one of those huge art kits. You know the one: an obnoxiously large plastic casing with a comprehensive collection of materials including markers, colored pencils, water color paints, and more. These days, the once-ubiquitous kits  are much harder to find—we're not even sure they exist anymore—but in case you'd like to relive your childhood, The Everday's new Scribble Kit comes pretty close. Think of it as a modern and totally #aesthetic version of those '90s-era art sets. Inside, you’ll find five gel pens, a sign pen, two pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, an undated weekly diary known as the Classic Planner, and a blank notebook called the Scribbles journal.


Available online.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with Magsafe in Wisteria (P3,990) from Apple

iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Case with Magsafe in Wisteria

ICYDK, Pantone named "Very Peri" the official 2022 Color of the Year.  The company describes it as "a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet red undertone." If you’re looking to rock the soothing shade all of next year, what better way to do so than with a new phone case to match it? You’ll be carrying your smartphone with you everywhere you go, after all. Luckily, Apple’s got a leather iPhone case in a purple color known as Wisteria that comes pretty close to Pantone’s "Very Peri." It’s also MagSafe compatible, so you can keep the case on even when you’re wirelessly charging your phone!


Available online.

Go-Getter Moisture + Sun Stick (P550) from Habitude

habitude sun stick
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Habitude

Consider this your first reminder for 2022 that you should be wearing sunscreen every day even when indoors—we can't promise it'll be the last, though. If you find yourself too lazy to slather lotion-type sunscreen on your face every day, then this Habitude Sun Stick is for you. You can swipe it on your skin—in the same way you would glide lipstick on—for quick and fuss-free sun protection as well as easy touch-ups throughout the day. Best of all, the formula leaves almost no white cast and won't make you look greasy!


Available online.

Cafe Culture Luxe Beeswax Candle (starts at P580) from Meadow

Meadow cafe culture candle

If you're a certified coffee addict, then you're all too familiar with the soul-soothing smell that wafts through the air in the morning as you brew your first cup of joe. Don't you just wish you could keep that fragrance lasting all day long? Well, with Meadow's Cafe Culture candle, you can. Inspired by Parisian coffee shops, this candle emits the rich aroma of coffee mixed with the sweet scent of dark chocolate. Plus, the beeswax base promises a clean burn every time.


Available online.

Hair Loss Topical Scalp Solution  (P1,790; P5,100/bundle of three) from Medic Hair 

medic hair
PHOTO BY Nutriplus Website

So no one told you life was going to be this way? And by this way, we mean, losing your hair at an alarming rate and at a much earlier age than you expected. We don’t discriminate against those who are balding or totally hair-free up top—Dwayne Johnson still looks pretty fine, don’t you think?—but in case you’re looking for ways to bring some of those luscious locks back, say hello to Medic Hair’s Hair Loss Scalp Solution. It works by blocking the formation of dihydrotestosterone—a hormone that causes hair loss by taking away important nutrients—with saw palmetto and ginseng extracts. Now, we can’t promise you’ll go from Vin Diesel to Timothée Chalamet overnight, but if you’re willing to give it a shot, why not?


Available online.

Dumpling Bag (P2,790/extra small, P3,690/medium, P4,190/extra large) from Beyond the Vines

Beyond the Vines dumpling bag
PHOTO BY Beyond the Vines

If you're planning more outings, adventures, and hangouts this 2022 than you have in the last two years, better make sure you have a go-to bag to bring each time. Our suggestion? Beyond the Vines' oh-so chic Dumpling Bag. It's available in three sizes and several colors—choose what best suits your lifestyle and preferences—and sports a flexible build and slouchy silhouette. Its unique shape not only gives you tons of room for everyday essentials, but also exudes the perfect blend of laid-back and put-together.


Available online and at Beyond the Vines concept stores at Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Mall, and SM Mall of Asia.

One Line Journal (P999) from Hi, Passion

one line journal hi passion
PHOTO BY Hi, Passion

By now, you probably already have a 2022 planner, but we’d suggest keeping a separate notebook, too—one focused on your personal well-being rather than on organizing your life. If your goals for 2022 include practicing gratitude and keeping tabs on your best memories, the One Line Journal from Hi, Passion may be right up your alley. The journal was first released back in 2019, but the brand has since updated it with a chic new design while keeping in line with the same cool concept. The notebook gives you the space to jot down a highlight from or summary of each day—more specifically, enough space to do so for up to five years. That way, you can reflect on each day as it goes by and when you look back, you’ll be able to remember even the smallest blessings that came your way.


Available online.

Ultraboost 22 (P9,500) from Adidas

Adidas ultraboost

Got "start exercising regularly" on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Yes, you do it every year, but maybe this time you’ll succeed—some new running shoes could be just what you need to motivate you. Enter Adidas' new and improved Ultraboost 22 sneakers. With a thick, cushioned sole, an overall lightweight build, and a breathable knit upper, the shoe promises maximum comfort and support for running and jogging at any pace or distance. The updated silhouette was designed by an all-woman team to specifically cater to the anatomy of women. Plus, we’re in love with with the muted mauve tone all over the upper, which is punctuated by a white sole as well as purple and neon pink accents.


Available online; see a list of Adidas stores.

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