The Filipino Brands to Hit Up for #Aesthetic Canvas Tote Bags

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local brands canvas tote bags
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino, Friends & Co.

( The canvas tote bag is one of those styles that anyone can pull off. Many tote-bag loyalists are those who make an effort to stay away from plastic bags and stick to reusable alternatives. There are also the practical folk who prefer fuss-free carriers that can be washed over and over.  Others like to collect famous versions of the canvas tote (such as The New Yorker’s) for their status-symbol value. But our focus for today is a specific sect of tote-bag collectors; those who are on the market for a specific aesthetic composed mostly of understated designs, retro fonts, neutral tones, printed logos, and thoughtful quotes—if you know, you know. Below, we list some Filipino brands you can check out if you want to try the look.


These are the Filipino brands worth checking out if you love #aesthetic canvas tote bags:

Charlotte Folk

charlotte folk tote bags
PHOTO BY Instagram/charlotte__folk

Price range: P620 to P690

If you love cozy streetwear brands (think Sporty & Rich or Museum of Peace & Quiet), Charlotte Folk would be right up your alley. The brand is known for a range of sweaters, tees, caps, hoodies, sweatpants, and more decked out in artful but understated designs, typically with the brand name on full display. Their stylish tote bags—including the popular 1996 Tote, which you’ve likely seen all over Instagram—make great everyday carriers thanks to their spacious build and versatile designs.

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Available online.

Hiraya Pilipina

hiraya pilipina tote bags
PHOTO BY Ashley Martelino, Hiraya Pilipina

Price range: P299 to P549

Hiraya Pilipina is all about promoting women empowerment through a range of stylish tees, masks, and totes. Their unique carriers feature inspiring quotes ranging from one-liners like "in the right time" to thoughtful words like "You will go places and everything will be worth it. Please keep going.” They also have totes sporting Filipino quotes as well as carriers inspired by pop-culture faves like Disney's Encanto and Taylor Swift’s discography—the "I wanna be defined by the things that I love" tote is one of our faves from their lineup. Swifties will get the reference right away.


Available on Hiraya's website and Shopee page.

Badass Tote Girl

Badass Tote Girl
PHOTO BY Badass Tote Girl

Price range: P475 to P850

If plain totes are more your thing, Badass Tote Girl has a great selection. Go for small sling bags if you’re carrying just the essentials or large carriers for errand days and trips to the office. Each style is available in a variety of chic colors.


Available online.

Anakainoo Club

anakainoo club tote bags
PHOTO BY Instagram/anakainooclub

Price range: P449 to P549

Go for that laid-back athleisure aesthetic with Anakainoo’s no-frills totes. Each features the brands logo on a mostly plain and spacious bag as well as the label’s signature green-and-white colors. Use their totes to add a touch of color to a plain look or to seamlessly blend into a casual outfit.


Available on Anakainoo Club's Instagram page.

ABK Studios

day off tote bag abk studios

Price: P699

Looking for a tote bag that looks as chill as you feel—or at least, as chill you’re pretending to be? ABK Studios’ Day Off Tote Bag would be right up your alley. Aside from lots of storage space, you get an inside pocket for small essentials as well as a magnetic snap closure. The brand also has stylish sweaters and phone cases.


Available online.

Friends & Co.

Friends & Co. tote bag
PHOTO BY Friends & Co.

Price: P599 each

"Friendly reminder," reads Friends & Co.’s popular canvas tote bag, finished off with the advice to "f*ck plastic and prioritize self care." Pretty straightforward, but hey, we like the sentiment. It’s the kind of statement tote bag that, while not overly attention-grabbing at first glance, will have people doing a double take when you pass by. If you prefer a something a little more low-key you can go for their more understated Classic Tote Bag, which sports the brand name up front.


Available on Shopee.

Clo Active

Clo Active tote bag
PHOTO BY Clo Active

Price: P695

When you think of #aesthetic canvas tote bags, the image that usually comes to mind is something low-key, typically with neutral tones. and minimal design elements. But sportswear brand Clo Active proves you can achieve that same "hot girl tote bag" look (as TikTok likes to call it) while still rocking color. Their limited edition tote  features the words "wake up and do the best you can" printed in a cutesy font with pastel colors and dainty illustrations.


Available on Shopee.

The Aesthete Studios

the aesthete studios tote bags
PHOTO BY Instagram/theaesthete.studios

Price range: P241 to P330

The Aesthete Studios’ most popular canvas totes sport the phrase "the good energy club" printed up front and the carriers' retro-inspired design really do exude immaculate vibes. They even offer T-shirts in matching designs if you want to try out a coordinate look. They also have a tote with the phrase "allow yourself to grow" in a similar vintage-looking style as well as a bag with the word "to grow and to bloom" along with some floral illustrations.


Available on Shopee.


Wonderwall tote bags
PHOTO BY Wonderwall

Price range: P299 to P399

Wonderwall specializes in canvas tote bags that feature custom-made embroidered text. They’ve got styles inspired by Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and BTS as well by famous vacay destinations like Malibu, Florida and Venice, Italy. Plus, they even accept custom orders, so you can request to get your fave book or song title embroidered onto a tote bag.


Available on Shopee.

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