The 2022 Father's Day Gift Guide: 25 Gift Ideas for Every Budget

We found gifts for every kind of dad!

( On Valentine’s Day, we ask ourselves: how do we show that special someone in our lives how much they mean to us? On Mother’s Day, we think: What do you get the person who literally gave you life? And on Father’s Day, we must contend with the question: What the heck would Dad even want? Seriously, what is it about fathers that makes them so hard to shop for? Bouquets and jewelry aren’t typically the presents most go for come the third Sunday of June—that's June 19 this year—so we feel you if you’re scratching your head trying to come up with ideas. Luckily, we’re here to help. Below, we list 25 great gift ideas for every type of dad—and more importantly, every budget range.

Check out 25 great Father's Day gift ideas, depending on your budget:

Under P1,000

40 oz. Tumbler (P850) from AquaFlask

PHOTO BY Aquaflask

If Pops is the type who only drinks ice-cold water—lukewarm drinks are a sin in some fathers’ books—then a tumbler would be a no-fail gift that he’ll actually use. Go for this bottle from AquaFlask if your budget is below P1,000. It holds up to 40 ounces of liquid and can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours thanks to the stainless-steel double-wall insulation.

Available on Lazada and Shopee; see a list of AquaFlask stores.

LED Desk Lamp and Wireless Charger (P999) from iFuture

PHOTO BY ifuture

No one loves multifunctional gadgets more than practical dads. Level up your old man’s office desk with this nifty LED lamp from iFuture. Not only does it provide illumination for nighttime tasks, but it also works as a wireless charger for smartphones, smartwatches, wireless earbuds, and more.

Available on Shop SM.

5-Pack Pure Cotton Printed Handkerchiefs (P995) from Marks & Spencer

marks & spencer
PHOTO BY marks & spencer
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For the dad who’s always prim and proper—or possibly always really sweaty—a handkerchief is a must-have. Add these five hankies to Pops’ collection for any time he needs to pull one out at a moment's notice. The crisp geometric pattern would look stylish enough for any occasion while the smooth cotton fabric promises to be gentle against the skin.

Available on Trunc.

Portable Neck Fan (starts at P899) from Jisulife

shopee jisulife
PHOTO BY shopee / jisulife

Speaking of dads who are always dripping in sweat, this wearable neck fan from Jisulife would make a great gift for them. It’s designed to sit around the neck and blow a cool breeze towards the nape, face, and ears. It may look silly at first, but your father will want to bring it everywhere he goes. He’ll thank you for keeping him fresh and cool all day long.

Available on Shopee.


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Open Toe Waffle Room Shoes (P790) from Uniqlo

uniqlo slippers
PHOTO BY uniqlo

If you’ve yet to give your father grandchildren, here’s another way to make him feel like a grandpa: a brand-new pair of comfy bedroom slippers from Uniqlo. In all seriousness, while Dad may scoff at the idea of not using his trusty (read: ratty) old tsinelas, he’ll change his mind once he realizes just how comfy these waffle-fabric slippers are.

Available online and at Uniqlo stores nationwide.

P1,001 to P2,000

Otto rider Bag (P1,800) from Gouache

PHOTO BY gouache

Got a Dad who loves biking around the Metro with his fellow titos? This utility bag from Gouache could be his new riding companion. It can be worn as a belt bag or clipped onto the handlebar. The bag even comes with a detachable shoulder strap so it doubles as a sling bag. The 10-inch pouch is spacious enough to hold a variety of essentials (a phone, a power bank, a wallet, and so on) and more.

Available online and at Gouache’s store at Unit J-225, Katipunan Avenue Extension, Quezon City.

Mijia Electric Screwdriver (P1,650) from Xiaomi

xiaomi tools
PHOTO BY xiaomi

If you’ve got the kind of dad who loves to be your household’s personal handyman, this electric screwdriver from Xiaomi could quickly become his new toolbox essential. Designed like an electric drill, the tool is built with a magnet on one end that can be equipped with screwdrivers of different shapes and sizes, depending on what Dad would need. It does away with the task of manually securing or removing loose screws—just hit the button and the process will be finished in seconds.


Available online.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow (P1,950) from Samsonite

samsonite neck pillow
PHOTO BY samsonite

This travel pillow from Samsonite would make a great gift for two types of dads: the father who travels constantly and the dad who can fall asleep in any place or any position. If your old man falls into one (or both) categories, we’re sure he’d appreciate this neck pillow for those long plane rides or those movie marathons when he dozes off before the plot gets going. It’s made with ultra-soft memory foam that can support his neck and keep him comfortable as he snores on the couch.

Available online; see a list of Samsonite stores and retailers.

Side Seamless Seersucker Pajama (P1,650) from MUJI

muji pajamas for men

Pops probably goes to sleep every night in an old basketball T-shirt and boxers, so why not improve his nightly slumber with these cozy jammies from MUJI? The striped set features a breezy button down and matching shorts, both made from comfortable organic cotton. And it doesn’t hurt that the set looks pretty stylish, too—Dad can go straight from bed to his first Zoom meeting with no fuss.

Available online; see a list of MUJI stores.

Poetry for Neanderthals (P1,500) from Exploding Kittens

exploding kittens poetry for neanderthals
PHOTO BY exploding kittens

If Dad’s not the type to be pleased by material possessions, you can give him the gift of family-friendly bonding sessions with this fun card game from the makers of Exploding Kittens. Trust us, your whole fam will be rolling on the floor after just a round or two. Poetry by Neanderthals is a game where players must guess the mystery word listed on each card. The catch is that the person who knows the mystery word is only allowed to describe it using one-syllable words, thus sounding like, well, a bit of a neanderthal. Best part? Every time a mistake is made, the opposing team gets to hit the person describing the mystery with an inflatable bat—yes, it’s as cathartic as it sounds.


Available online.

P2,001 to P3,000

PowerCore III Fusion 5000 (P2,495) from Anker


Unlock your father’s smartphone and what do you find? Brightness turned up to max, 800 different apps running, 5G perpetually switched on—no wonder his battery dies before he even has lunch. Save him (and let’s be honest, yourself) from his low-batt woes with this power bank from Anker, which has a 5,000 mAh capacity. Not only does it function as a portable battery pack, but it’s also a wall adapter that can charge your devices. That means Pops can plug his phone and its charging cord into the power bank at night, then once his device is fully charged, the power bank will begin charging itself.

Available on Switch’s website and Rustan’s website.

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Classic Forest Watch in Acacia and Green (P2,790) from Narra Wooden Watches

narra wooden watches
PHOTO BY narra wooden watches

In case you don’t quite have the net worth to spoil your old man with a timepiece from his favorite luxury brand, this watch from local brand Narra Wooden Watches would make a thoughtful gift for your watch enthusiast of a father. It’s made from acacia wood and features a forest-green copper dial and elegant gold hands. Equal parts rustic and sophisticated, the watch makes a great accessory for both casual and formal occasions.

Available online.

Ceramic Coffee Grinder Mini Slim Plus (P2,200) from Hario

hario coffee grinder
PHOTO BY hario

Got a dad who’s a big coffee connoisseur—or at least trying to be? Get him this handheld manual grinder from Hario for his daily brewing sessions. The device is built with ceramic burrs that allow you to grind beans as coarse or as fine as you like them. The canister holds up to 24 grams of coffee, which is enough to prepare one to two cups of fresh java each morning.

Available online.

X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller (P2,895) from GameSir

GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller

Cop this nifty controller for the dad who enjoys mobile games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, or Mobile Legends. The GameSir X2 uses a USB-C dock to connect directly to any smartphone’s charging port and effectively turn the device into a handheld gaming console. Once plugged in, the controller’s buttons (including a D-pad with arrow keys, R1 and L1 triggers, R2 and L2 bumpers, ABXY buttons, and two thumbsticks) will be positioned on either side of the mobile phone in the same way they would on consoles like the PlayStation Portable or the Nintendo Switch.


Available online and at DataBlitz stores.

K480 Multi-Device Keyboard (P2,295) from Logitech

PHOTO BY logitech

Level up your father’s work-from-home setup with this compact keyboard from Logitech. The K480 keyboard is designed to connect to multiple devices at once including laptops, smartphones, tablets, or one of each. Pops can seamlessly switch between devices using the knob on the upper lefthand corner. That way, he’ll have no problem typing documents, answering e-mails, or sending messages on any device throughout the work day. The keyboard even has a handy slot to prop up a smartphone or tablet, so Dad can look at the screen up close while typing.

Available on Shopee.

P3,001 to P4,000

Urban Premium Matte Black Fountain Pen (P3,600) from Parker

parker pen
PHOTO BY parker

Sometimes, the best way to find a good gift is not to look for something the receiver doesn’t already have, but instead, to give them an improved version of something they already use in their day-to-day life. Case in point: this beautiful fountain pen from Parker, which is perfect for working dads. It features an elegant bullet-shaped tip that’s designed to improve handwriting and make the writing experience more comfortable—ideal for signing papers or jotting down quick notes. Plus, you can get the pen engraved with your father’s name or initials.

Available online.

Money Clip Leather Wallet (P3,450) from Kenneth Cole

kenneth cole
PHOTO BY kenneth cole

While all men are blessed with pants pockets that are large enough to store the entire contents of a small purse, don’t let Dad walk around with loose bills precariously lodged into his jeans. Help him keep his cash safe and organized with this leather wallet from Kenneth Cole. It has a built-in money clip so Pops can store his bills with no fuss as well as several slots for his various credit and debit cards. Best of all, it will fit comfortably in his pocket.


Available on Trunc.

JBL Clip 4 (P3,549) from JBL

jbl speakers

For your music-loving old man, you can’t go wrong with an audio device that he can use to blast his favorite tunes. The JBL Clip 4 would be particularly apt for fathers who like good music playing out loud everywhere they go. The speaker’s compact, clip-on construction will let Dad bring it everywhere while the 10 hours of battery life promise all-day use. The device even has an IP67 waterproof rating, so Pops can use it by the pool or by the beach—maybe even in the shower.

See a list of JBL retailers.

LEGO Superheroes 76182 Batman Cowl (P3,999.75) from LEGO


Yes, this is a LEGO set that’s meant to be assembled block by block. Yes, we are recommending you give it to your father as a gift. Hear us out: If your dad enjoys working with his hands, he’ll have a blast putting this Batman-themed LEGO model together. The set includes 410 blocks—enough to challenge him, but not too many that he’d be overly frustrated by the process. In case he’s not a fan of the caped crusader, LEGO also has similar models inspired by Marvel superheroes, Star Wars characters, and more—perfect for any geeky dad. And in case you were wondering, the set is designed for ages 18 and up. Your dad is up.

Available online.

Elliot Roll-Up Cocktail Set (P3,049) from Crate & Barrel

crate & barrel
PHOTO BY Crate & Barrel

If your old man enjoys a well-made Old Fashioned, Tom Collins, or Negroni at the end of the day, he may get a lot of use out of this cocktail set from Crate & Barrel, which comes with a handy storage case. It includes a muddler (for mashing fruits, herbs, and spices), a double-sided jigger (for measuring shots), a bar spoon, and a strainer. If you’re feeling extra generous, you can even get Dad a bottle of whiskey to go with the set.


Available online; see a list of Crate & Barrel stores.

P4,001 and up

Millberget Swivel Chair (P4,990) from IKEA


Whether your dad is working a corporate job, running a small business, or growing a passion project, he probably spends a big chunk of his day hunched over a desk. Make his work-from-home days a little more comfortable with this elegant swivel chair from IKEA, which you can buy in black or beige. Its cushioned seat and backrest promise optimal support for Dad’s back and bottom. He’ll also get comfortable armrests, a knob for height adjustment, and smooth wheels underneath.

Available online and at IKEA’s store at the SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Massage Gun 30 Speed (P4,495) from Lidak

PHOTO BY lidak

Being a parent—even to an adult—is no easy task, so show Dad you care with a gift that helps lessen the weight on his shoulders, namely this massage gun from Lidak. It sends pulses of pressure up to 18 millimeters deep into the muscle tissue, promising to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness while also promoting blood circulation. Your old man can use it on his joints, legs, spine, and more.

Available at Rustan’s.

Men's Powercourt Leather and Synthetic Sneakers (P5,250) from Lacoste

lacoste shoes
PHOTO BY lacoste

Keep Dad looking young and hip with these sharp-looking sneakers from Lacoste. The pair features a textured leather exterior that’s equal parts cool and sophisticated, a sleek all-white exterior, and of course, the brand’s signature crocodile logo. When Pops realizes these monochromatic shoes go with everything in his closet—and make all his ‘fits look way better—he’ll never stop reaching for them.


Available online; see a list of Lacoste stores.

Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker (P6,290) from FitBit

PHOTO BY fitbit

Whether your dad’s already a fitness enthusiast or just trying to incorporate exercise into his weekly routine, this fitness tracker from FitBit could be just what he needs to stay motivated. It can track step count, heart rate, sleep quality, and more. It also helps keep track of workouts and even reminds the wearer to stay consistent and work towards their goals.

Available on Lazada.

SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker (P7,999) from Sony

sony SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker

If Dad isn’t a fan of headphones, earphones, or wireless earbuds, this neckband speaker from Sony may be the kind of personal audio device he’s been waiting for. It’s made to fit comfortably around the neck and sit on the shoulders all day long, which means Pops will have no bulky bands or pads on his head. The device is built with a full-range speaker that directs the sound upwards and optimizes it for the wearer’s ears alone. That means Dad can hear his music, online meeting, or new Netflix show while walking around the house and still be aware of what’s going on around him. Best of all, the speaker promises 20 hours of battery life so he should have no problem using the speaker the entire day.

Available online; see a list of Sony retailers.

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