This "Giant Cat" in Tokyo Is Almost As Tall as a Three-Storey Building

You can see it for yourself on YouTube.

shinjuku city
PHOTO BY press release/cross space

( The bustling metropolis of Tokyo is known for its bright lights and flashy billboards. And while the popular Shibuya is always top of mind when it comes to high-tech LED screens, Shinjuku is hoping to make some noise through Cross Shinjuku Vision—a new dynamic ad space attached to the Cross Shinjuku building right across Shinjuku Station’s east exit. To tease passersby with what the 154.7-square meter digital billboard can do, it is currently projecting a giant 3D cat that's as high as three floors.


The calico cat looks too real that you'd think it can pounce on you any time, at least until the last few seconds of the video clip when it flashes the name of the owner of the ad space, Cross Space. The moving image was created by MicroAd Digital Signage and Yunika Vision, and is complemented by the high-tech prowess of the digital ad space: 4K image quality, 3D imagery, and curved LED screens. The billboard has a height of 8.16 meters and a width of 18.96 meters.

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A test broadcast was conducted on June 25, and initial broadcast already started on July 1. By July 12, the hyperrealistic calico cat will "wake up" on the screen at 7 a.m. and "go to sleep" at 1 a.m. the next day. All throughout the day, the cat will pace back and forth in its small space, lounge around, meow and look at the crowd (probably with disdain)—as what a cat usually does.


In case you can't fly to Tokyo anytime soon, Cross Space is livestreaming on YouTube the whole day. Just keep your eyes peeled for the giant cat in between the ads.

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