The Guide to Getting Your Money's Worth at Hong Kong Disneyland

Here's how to make the most out of your trip.

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( If there’s one destination that’s on everyone’s revenge travel list, it’s Hong Kong. The country is a hotspot for food, activities, and more, perfect for solo travelers, families, or really anyone looking to escape the Metro for a few days. At the top of the usual HK itinerary is Hong Kong Disneyland, a.k.a. the “Happiest Place on Earth.” Since it opened in 2005, the theme park has seen over 25 million guests and gone through many changes, including new themed land expansions and a train ride exclusive to the park. Whether or not you're a first-timer or a Disneyland pro, there’s always something new to discover at the park, so check out this handy guide so you can make the most of your visit.


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Everything You Need to Know About Hong Kong Disneyland

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Ticket Prices

As of writing, the official Hong Kong Disneyland lists three different tiers for tickets: Regular Day, Peak Day, and Peak Day Plus. It’s highly advisable to check the Hong Kong Disneyland website prior to purchase as you need to identify the correct ticket type for your visit.

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A one-day general admission ticket for Regular Day costs HK $639 (roughly P4,525) with children ages three to 11 at HK $475 (roughly P3,365). This ticket type is typically sold for park visits that take place on a Monday or Wednesday.

Weekend visits, holidays, and the most popular seasons will require either Peak Day or Peak Day Plus. General admission tickets for Peak Day cost HK $699 (roughly P4,950) while Peak Day Plus would cost HK $759 (roughly P5375); children ages three to 11 have an entry fee of HK $542 (roughly P3,710) and HK $569 (roughly P4,030) respectively. Seniors, regardless of the day of the visit, will only need to pay HK $100 (roughly P710).

Those who want a cheaper alternative will be glad to know that online travel agencies, such as Klook and KKDay, offer Hong Kong Disneyland tickets at discounted prices. Once you purchase your tickets regardless of source, be sure to visit the park’s official website in order to register your visit; it is currently a requirement imposed due to the pandemic.


Lands and Must-Ride Attractions, Must-Watch Shows

Main Street U.S.A.

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PHOTO BY Hong Kong Disneyland

Inspired by the original Main Street U.S.A. of the original Disneyland, Hong Kong’s version is almost identical to the one located in Anaheim. It also serves as the park's official entrance and is one of the best locations to view the Castle of Magical Dreams, the park's main castle,  from a distance. Guests can also board the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad from this location as well as shop for souvenirs.



Castle of Magical Dreams
PHOTO BY Hong Kong Disneyland

Straight ahead you’ll find Fantasyland which features some of Disney’s most popular characters like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. It is also home to the Castle of Magical Dreams (formerly Sleeping Beauty Castle), which hosts the princess meet-and-greets and is the site of the evening fireworks show called Momentous.


A trip to a Disney park would not be complete without trying to spot Filipino dolls at It’s A Small World. Located towards the back of Fantasyland, this ride highlights the different nationalities of the world. Be sure to keep your ears open as the song “It’s A Small World” is translated to correspond to each country featured.


tarzan treehouse
PHOTO BY Pia Regalado

Inspired by Walt Disney’s nature documentaries on Africa and Asia, Adventureland is a recurring themed land in almost all of the Disney parks resembling the remote jungles of Africa, Asia, South America, Oceania, and the Caribbean. Hong Kong’s version of the land is actually the biggest among all the current parks and features a large island that is home to Tarzan’s Treehouse.

Parkgoers who want to explore a bit of nature can hop on the Jungle Cruise, which includes various animatronic animals typically found on a safari. Those who want to check out the available entertainment can choose to watch either the Festival of the Lion King show, which is a simplified version of the animated film; or the more recent Moana: a Homecoming Celebration, which opened in 2018.

Grizzly Gulch

grizzly gulch
PHOTO BY Hong Kong Disneyland

A lot of people tend to mistake this part of the park as Adventureland, given that its look and overall vibe are similar to the previous themed land. What most people don’t know is that Grizzly Gulch is actually the equivalent of the Frontierland and Critter Country that you would typically find in other Disney parks.

The land has no live shows and only has one ride, which is a rollercoaster called Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars. Inspired by Grizzly Peak located at Disney California Adventure, it features a coaster track that goes around various mines and mountains where you can see animatronic animals and experience backward sections during the ride.


iron man experience
PHOTO BY Pia Regalado

A staple in any Disney park, Tomorrowland highlights what Walt Disney envisions the future to be like. Originally, this part of the park had more Star Wars influence but this has slowly been replaced with its current Marvel theme as part of the land’s redesign.

Those that love speed should give Hyperspace Mountain a try. The coaster, which is inspired by Star Wars, features a track that’s completely immersed in the dark and allows parkgoers to experience space travel throughout different galaxies. Meanwhile, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe should not miss the Iron Man Experience, which was the first-ever Disney attraction based on a Marvel property. Other rides include Ant-Man and the Wasp: Nano Battle!, which launched in 2019; and the Orbitron, which has been in operation since the park opened in 2005.

Toy Story Land

slinky dog ride
PHOTO BY Wikimedia Commons/Deror Avi

Toy Story Land was the first themed land to be added since the park's opening in 2005. It was initially an Asia-exclusive land, but due to its popularity, has been replicated in other parks outside the continent. The land—which is located right behind Fantasyland—is themed after the Toy Story franchise and features oversized versions of crowd-favorite characters like Woody and Rex.

RC Racer, one of the most popular rides in the park, is found on this themed land. This mini rollercoaster has a semi-circular track that propels riders back and forth until it reaches the top height of about 80 feet. If you get easily nauseous, or would rather not be part of the sometimes 60-minute wait in line, this ride might not be for you.

Instead, we recommended you give Slinky Dog Spin a try. Geared towards the younger crowd, this roller coaster is considered to be the tamest attraction in the land as it only goes on a continuous, circular ride up and down a relatively low incline.


Mystic Point

mystic manor
PHOTO BY Wikimedia Commons/Deror Avi

The newest area to date, Mystic Point was exclusively created for Hong Kong Disneyland and is one of the few lands to have an actual storyline. Set in the heart of Papua New Guinea, the site is the home of Lord Henry Mystic—a member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers—as well as his traveling companion, a monkey named Albert.


The area’s main attraction is called Mystic Manor which is a Haunted Mansion-style ride that allows guests to discover the story of the land, Lord Mystic, and Albert. While other Disney parks have the afterlife-driven Haunted Mansion as a staple ride, Mystic Manor does not contain references to such in respect to Chinese culture.

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Dining and Shopping Spots

PHOTO BY Hong Kong Disneyland

Each of the current lands available at Hong Kong Disneyland has a themed shop—typically located at the highlight attraction’s exit—as well as stalls where you can get light snacks and drinks. But if you want an easier way of browsing for your next purchase, a visit to Emporium at Main Street U.S.A. is your best option. The shop spans a couple of buildings and houses most of the products available in the individual shops located on various lands. It’s also worth noting that Main Street U.S.A. closes an hour later than the rest of the park so you can do some last-minute shopping prior to departing Hong Kong Disneyland.

The park currently has 25 locations where you can get food but out of the 25, only nine are sit-down establishments with most offering both Western and Asian fare (including Chinese) as well as vegetarian options. Guests that want a quick bite in between rides can head on to Comet Cafe or the Starlight Diner at Tomorrowland or Fantasyland’s Royal Banquet Hall. Those that want to dine buffet-style at Disney have the option to book a table at Explorer’s Club Restaurant which has a semi-buffet set-up that gives guests free-flowing appetizers, salads, desserts, drinks, and one main course. The park also serves Halal-certified meals at Tahitian Terrace located in Adventureland.


Other Things to Know Before Your Visit

Operating Hours

The park currently operates on a varied schedule. Non-peak dates have the park open every day except on Tuesday and Thursday while dates closer to holidays and the peak season have the park open daily. It is highly recommended to check Hong Kong Disneyland’s official website closer to your date of visit in order to determine whether or not the park will be operational.

Strollers and Person With Disability (PWD) Access

Guests with young children may bring their own strollers inside the park but for convenience, stroller rental is available at Guest Services for HK $150 (roughly P1,070) per day for one stroller while an additional rental fee of HK $50 (roughly P360) per day is required if you wish to include a rain cover. There is also a refundable deposit fee of HK $100 (roughly P710) for one stroller and a separate HK$ 100 refundable deposit fee for the rain cover.


The park is also Person With Disability (PWD)-friendly. Audio guides, braille guide books, as well as tactical maps are available at Guest Services as well as wheelchair rentals. One-day use of one wheelchair will set you back by HK $60 (roughly P430), HK $30 (roughly P220) if the guest is a senior citizen. A refundable deposit of HK $100 is also required. The park also recommends that a PWD guest enter the park with someone who may assist them as select rides require a transfer from a wheelchair to a ride system since cast members are not allowed to physically transfer guests from wheelchairs.

The Hong Kong Disneyland App

As more and more guests now have access to mobile data or WiFi, it is highly recommended to download the Hong Kong Disneyland App when you visit the park. The app allows for real-time tracking of ride wait times, viewing the queue status of Main Street Corner Cafe or the Explorer’s Club Restaurant, and the ability to reserve a Disney Standby Pass for select rides which allows you to return at a certain time during your visit.


How to Get There

Hong Kong Disneyland is accessible by bus and train with the MTR being the more popular option. The park is a 30-minute commute from the following MTR stations: Hong Kong International Airport (transfer to Tsing Yi Station and transfer to Sunny Bay Station), Kowloon Station, and Hong Kong Station. Franchises bus routes are also operated daily by Long Win Bus, Citybus, and New Lantao Bus with the routes and schedule updated regularly on the Hong Kong Disneyland website.

Hong Kong Disneyland is on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information, visit Hong Kong Disneyland's website. Tickets are available through Klook and KKDay.

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