Inihaw, Inasal, Sizzling Bulalo + More Pinoy Eats Shine at This Open-Till-Late Makati Gem

Mama Nam's Interior + Food
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal ILLUSTRATOR: Warren Espejo

Manam's Mama Nams
832A Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo, Makati
Contact: (02)-8552-3739 
Open Monday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m.

( Have you ever found yourself in Makati after a long day of work and a night of partying, just craving the smokey, charred flavors of Filipino inihaw but somehow can't find a stall or resto open in the wee hours? Well, we just spotted your next hangout spot. Introducing Mama Nams, your friendly neighborhood ihawan and inasal joint right in the Makati CBD. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. this new spot from the folks behind Manam, a.k.a. the Moment Group, is perfect for your office lunch meets, after-office wind-downs, and late-night post-drinking sessions. 

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Check out Manam's sister inihaw and inasal joint Mama Nams in Makati:

Tucked along Arnaiz avenue corner Paseo De Roxas, Mama Nams is a small but mighty Filipino barbeque joint. Originally serving as a pick-up point for Manam's Pancit-Pancitan, Mama Nams is not your usual Manam resto with its long tables and family-style dining. Nope. Mama Nams is more like your friendly neighborhood barbeque stall.

Mama Nam's Exterior
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Entering Mama Nams, we wouldn't blame you if your first impression of the place would be that it's a tad small. With basically three tables seating only a maximum of 15 to 20, Mama Nams is still true to its roots of being mostly a takeout location. But when the sun sets, you could expect more seating to be placed outside, giving it a more friendly and homey vibe. 

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Mama Nam's Interior
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

If you want to dine in at Mama Nams, we suggest you come at off-peak hours or make a reservation, especially if you're a big group. But, TBH, there's also nothing wrong with having your grilled eats delivered to your location. 

Despite being a small establishment amidst the towering Makati buildings, Mama Nams is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to serving Filipino favorites. Not only will you find your usual grill and skewered bites here, like Isaw (P55/stick) and Isol (P85/stick), but you'll also have the chance to savor noodle-based dishes like Mama Nam's Batchoy (P345) and Squid-ink Palabok (P155).

Mama Nam's Batchoy
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Going back to your barbeque options, aside from isaw and isol, you can have grilled mains too. Nosh on Chicken Paa (P295), Chicken Petso (P295), or Pork Liempo (P295). Seafood lovers will be happy to know that there are grilled seafood mains on the menu too. Stuff yourself with a grilled Whole Bangus (P390) or grilled Whole Pusit (P445).

Mama Nam's Inihaw and Inasal
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal
Mama Nam's Inihaw na Bangus
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

If you're looking for bang-for-your-buck meal combos, Mama Nams has Super Sets, namely the Dobol Trobol (P520), which features your choice of two from either Chicken Paa, Chicken Petso, Boneless Chicken, or Liempo with rice, iced tea, and a side of atsara. Or go for the Solo Fiesta (P390) which is a choice of either  Chicken Paa, Chicken Petso, Boneless Chicken, or Liempo with rice, iced tea, and a side of atsara, pancit bihon, and chopsuey.  Oh, and if you're looking for soup to pair with your set meals, Mama Nams serves a mean, hearty, and sour Kansi soup with the combo. Do not skip this soup. It's arguably one of our favorite parts of the meal.

Mama Nam's  Combo meal
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

If you're wondering about the flavor of the grilled food and if, at some point, they all start tasting similar, you'll be glad to know that there are actually two flavor choices. For every grilled main, pulutan, or Super Set protein you order, you're given the choice between Inihaw or Inasal. Inihaw tends to be on the smokier and sweeter side, while Inasal is more fragrant and tangy, courtesy of the soy sauce, vinegar, and anatto oil marinade. But in the spirit of true Filipino dining, customers can adjust the flavor of their food by making their own dipping sauces courtesy of the sawsawan options available on each table.

Mama Nam's Sawsawan
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Aside from grilled food, you shouldn't skip the Chichirya Atbp. which includes our favorite item from the menu, the Sizzling Tendon Kansi (P245), a saucy, sour, and umami-rich rendition of the soup-based Filipino dish. Pro tip: eat this as soon as it is served to get the full flavors of the kansi and the perfect mouthfeel for the tendons. 

Mama Nam's Sizzling Tendon Kansi
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Another must-not-miss is the Roasted Bone Marrow and Pepita Pao (P395). They don't call bone marrow the butter of the Gods for nothing, and this dish best highlights that. Think savory, umami-rich, tangy bone marrow to be spread on a slightly sweet-salty fried Pao. This dish will have you coming back for more.  

Mama Nam's Sizzling Bulalo
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Wash everything down with the different shakes up on their menu, like the creamy Buko +  Pandan + Sago (P120) or the tart Mango + Pomelo + Sago (P120). Now if you're looking to unwind after a long day at work, note that they've got dranks too.  

Mama Nam's Buko Pandan Sago
PHOTO BY Leana Vibal

Excited to try Mama Nams for yourself? Check out our Mama Nams experience:

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