Fried Chicken, Tacos + Other Things You Can Dunk According to the Internet

dunk kfc armynavy
PHOTO BY Facebook/KFC, Facebook/ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Philippines

( Scrolled through Facebook lately? It looks like a number of fast-food chains are dipping their toes into a certain topic—one that, for reasons we'll leave you to try and deduce yourselves (we intend to keep our jobs; sorry, Spotters), seem to hint at a certain act of dunking, if you get our drift. We're not complaining. Intra-brand digs on social media are always interesting to witness from the customer's side (bring on the popcorn), and all publicity—good or bad—is arguably still publicity. Here are some of the funniest we've spotted on our feeds.

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These fast food chains just want you to know they've got dunk-worthy eats too: 

Army Navy

armynavy birria dunk
PHOTO BY Facebook/ArmyNavy Burger + Burrito Philippines

"The only dunk that we should taco 'bout—it’s #birria good," the burger and burrito spot writes, along with a photo of their fan-fave birria tacos. The said category, ICYDK, is defined by its being comprised of pan-seared tacos filled with braised meat (and sometimes cheese!) and a small helping of its braising liquid that you can dip into before taking a big bite.


kfc fried chicken gravy dunk
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The fried-chicken chain prefers to emphasize their Original Gangsta status in the dunking scene—y'know, before it was cool.  "Dunking since day one," they write, with a shot of their original fried chicken being dipped in gravy—which, by the way, is one of life's greatest pleasures. The eagle-eyed will also spot the line "same pa rin." Ya hear that, Spotters? That's the sizzle of that scorching burn, fresh off the fryer.


samgyupsalamat cheese dunk
PHOTO BY Facebook/Samgyupsalamat

Samgyupsalamat technically isn't a fast-food chain—but that doesn't mean they can't dunk (heh) their lil piggy toes into the topic. And they did. The KBBQ spot highlights the gooey cheese dip that you can get with their samgyupsal—at unlimited amounts, at that.

Burger King

burger king whopper cheese
PHOTO BY Facebook/Burger King Philippines

Ever the nonconformist, Burger King decides to do away with the act of dunking entirely. "Oozing with cheese. No dunking needed," reads their post referring to their 4-Cheese Whopper. We can't disagree that this has its own appeal—less steps means less effort to get to the prize. Why make life complicated?

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