Trending: This Mesmerizing Matcha Dessert Is a Must-Try When in Tokyo

chacha futatsume matcha mont blanc
PHOTO BY Instagram/chacha.futatsume, Screenshot/@maccha_lover on Instagram

( The nature of algorithms on social-media platforms like Instagram and TikTok mean you'll find food from all over the world occasionally trending and taking over your feeds. Today we're highlighting a swoon-worthy sweet from Japan that we've been seeing in recent weeks—which mesmerizes from the time you order to, of course, the time you dig in. Check out the Matcha Mont Blanc from Tokyo dessert shop Chacha Koubou Futatsume.

chacha futatsume matcha mont blanc in cone
This gorgeous green dessert's all over the food lovers' side of Instagram and TikTok.
PHOTO BY Instagram/chacha.futatsume

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This matcha treat by a Tokyo dessert shop is making waves online:

Chacha Koubou Futatsume (also called Chacha Futatsume)'s Matcha Mont Blanc, as the name implies, combines the idea of the French chestnut dessert mont blanc with the earthy, grassy character of Japan's matcha green tea. It begins with what looks like soft-serve ice cream in a waffle cone, but turns out to be a multilayer confection with lemon jam, matcha cake, and anko (red bean paste) among other layers, topped with mascarpone cream. And then you get the kicker: matcha-infused Japanese chestnut paste in a vivid pine-green hue, which they pipe on top of the ice cream with a special tool with multiple narrow-diameter holes.

chacha futatsume matcha mont blanc swirling cream
Within a cone are layers with the flavors of lemon, matcha, and red bean.  
PHOTO BY Screenshot/@sono.matcha on Instagram
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chacha futatsume matcha mont blanc swirling
It's then topped with noodle-like swirls of a matcha-infused chestnut mont blanc topping.  
PHOTO BY Screenshot/@maccha_lover on Instagram


The result: noodle-like swirls of the matcha-chestnut mix that cascade down similar to spaghetti. Technical description aside (this is one of those cases where the views do the talking!), it's a mesmerizing sight to watch (and snap photos of!). It's hard not to swoon over the dessert from top to bottom and every step of the way.

chacha futatsume matcha mont blanc finished
A final garnish of a gold leaf seals the deal. 
PHOTO BY Instagram/chacha.futatsume

The dessert costs 1,200 Japanese yen (roughly P494.65) a pop—not the cheapest, but this is Japan we're talking about. And hey, just look at it. We're drooling along with ya—and so have many others, especially on Instagram and TikTok. In particular, a video on the dessert by TikTok user @fashionbyally—and which highlights the Matcha Mont Blanc—has garnered more than 629,000 views and 35,800 likes as of writing.

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Chacha Futatsume—the second ("futatsume") location of its mother dessert shop Chacha Koubou—is located in Asakusa. We don't know about you, but we're definitely putting this on top of our bucketlists for the next time we visit Japan! In the meantime, fingers crossed a local spot finds a way to come up with a similar dessert.

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