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( Long before the influx of other popular Taiwanese milk tea brands, there was Chatime. The milk-tea chain arrived on Manila’s shores back in 2011, during the height of the original milk-tea craze. It’s been more than eight years since then, and Chatime is still just as popular. With a menu that offers not just milk tea but also smoothies, fruit tea, and even coffee, it can be hard to decide just what to get. That’s why we got the scoop on the 10 most ordered drinks at the milk-tea chain. Who knows? You might just find a new favorite.


Note: This list is not ranked.

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Here are the 10 Chatime bestsellers in Manila:

Pearl Milk Tea

chatime pearl milk tea
PHOTO BY Chatime

If you’re hankering for something simple, then Chatime’s best-selling Pearl Milk Tea is your best bet. Chatime uses black tea they brew themselves as well as fresh milk for that distinctive earthiness tempered with a rich, creamy flavor. This drink leans more on the sweet side, but you can always adjust the sugar level to your liking. The drink also comes with a generous amount of chewy boba or pearls.

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Roasted Milk Tea

chatime roasted milk tea
PHOTO BY Chatime

Those who prefer a stronger tea taste should give Chatime's Roasted Milk Tea a try. As the name implies, this drink is made with roasted black tea, which explains the bold, earthy flavor. Pro tip: This drink, as with all items from their Classic series, does not come with pearls, but you can always add some when you order!


Red Bean Pearl Milk Tea

chatime red bean pearl milk tea
PHOTO BY Chatime

This twist on Chatime’s classic Pearl Milk Tea is a unique creation by the tea shop. Combining red bean and milk tea may sound strange, but Chatime proves it somehow works—the result is a nuttier and chunkier drink, thanks to the addition of full grains of Japanese red beans alongside pearls.


Honey Oolong Milk Tea

chatime honey oolong milk tea
PHOTO BY Chatime

Those who prefer something lighter on the palate should go for this drink. Though it only mentions oolong in its name, this drink is actually made with a blend of freshly steeped green and black tea, giving it a noticeably stronger earthy flavor. Creamy milk tempers this bold tea flavor, while honey adds a light sweetness that doesn't overwhelm your tastebuds. 


Mango Smoothie

chatime mango smoothie
PHOTO BY Chatime

Aside from milk tea, Chatime also boasts an extensive fruit tea and smoothie menu. Ordering a smoothie at a milk-tea place may seem odd, but one sip of Chatime’s Mango Smoothie and you’ll realize why it’s so popular. Made with a blend of Taiwan Mango concentrate and a special milk-and-yogurt mix, the result is a smoothie with a refreshing tartness but also a pleasing fruity sweetness. Think of it as the ideal treat on a hot summer’s day.


Passion Fruit Green Tea

chatime passion fruit green tea
PHOTO BY Chatime

Out of all Chatime's passion-fruit drinks, the Passion Fruit Green Tea is the most popular. Jasmine green tea and passion fruit may seem like an unusual combination but somehow this drink just works. Passion fruit is known for its sweet, tarty flavor, while jasmine green tea is more subtle and delicate. Mixing the two unique flavors together makes for a drink that hits you with just the right amount of sweetness. Plus, the bits of passion fruit add an enjoyable chew to this beverage.


Choco Mousse

chatime choco mousse
PHOTO BY Chatime

For non-milk tea fans out there, Chatime also offers a wide array of chocolate drinks. The bestseller on their menu is the Choco Mousse, a creamy drink made with cocoa powder. It’s topped off with a sweet cream cheese froth that helps balance out the chocolate’s richness.


Taro Milk Tea

chatime taro milk tea
PHOTO BY Chatime

Almost every milk-tea joint has their own version of a taro drink, a purple yam known for its nutty flavor. But Chatime’s version takes it to another level, as the drink is made with real taro bits, resulting in a drink that’s chunky and creamy—almost like a milkshake.


Thai Milk Tea

PHOTO BY Chatime

The Thai Milk Tea is a special flavor that Chatime only offers for limited durations, so better get this whenever you see it on the menu. Chatime uses black tea imported from Thailand, which gives this orange drink a bolder earthiness. The tea’s strong flavor is balanced out with a special mix of condensed and evaporated milk. For the complete Thai experience, order it with their sticky rice add-on—the starch helps thicken up the milk tea quite nicely. 


Marble Pearl Fresh Milk

chatime marble pearl fresh milk
PHOTO BY Chatime

Chatime has jumped on the brown-sugar trend by making not one but three versions of the popular drink. The Marble Pearl Fresh Milk is their best-selling version. It’s made with brown sugar, with a deep, toasty sweetness balanced out by creamy fresh milk. The drink’s brown sugar pearls are also cooked in syrup for longer than usual, resulting in a chewy-yet-tender texture.


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