These Cold, Sweet Singaporean Desserts Will Soon Be in Manila

Nine Fresh has got chewy balls made of real ube!

( A lot of desserts can be too heavy—think dark and decadent chocolate cakes, or rich and buttery cookies. But there, too, exists a realm of confections that are the exact opposite—like the Jiufen-inspired desserts you’ll find at Nine Fresh. Hailing from Singapore, the brand dishes out cold, refreshing desserts that offer a variety of textures—from chewy to popping to gummy and to slippery. Nine Fresh will be opening their doors at SM Manila and SM Fairview by late February to early March, but we were able to get a sneak peek at the treats you can expect.

The Nine Fresh Signature is as nutty and creamy as it is refreshing. 
PHOTO BY Nine Fresh PH
The earthiness of grass jelly shines in the Grass Jelly Special. 
PHOTO BY Nine Fresh PH

Nine Fresh’s desserts, for the most part, consist of a base of either bean curd, ai-yu jelly, or grass jelly that’s scooped and crowned with a variety of toppings—including jellies, sweetened beans, and their special Taro Balls, which come in four flavors (taro, matcha, sweet potato, and ube) and are made in-house everyday. Of its most popular creations is the Nine Fresh Signature, which has layers of bean curd and grass jelly topped with red beans, green beans, pinto beans, peanuts, and taro balls, making for a nutty, creamy mix. Meanwhile, the Grass Jelly Special features the earthy taste of grass jelly topped with aloe vera pearl jelly, black sugar jelly dice, taro balls, and a separately-served a milk cup in case you’d like yours creamier. (We highly recommend stirring it in!)

For a zingy, vibrant mix, go for the Fruity Ai-Yu Jelly. 
PHOTO BY Nine Fresh PH
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The Black Pearl Ai-Yu Special's got a toasty, brown-sugary profile reminiscent of trendy black sugar milk drinks. 
PHOTO BY Nine Fresh PH

Up for a fruitier bite? Go for the Fruity Ai-Yu Jelly, which has its namesake jelly—made with the fig seeds and sweetened subtly with black sugar—topped with the tart, vibrant mix of aloe vera pearl jelly, mango pearl jelly, konjac jelly, and taro balls, served with a milk cup. And for fans of brown-sugar milk drinks (we hear ya), the Black Pearl Ai-Yu Special is the dessert you’ll want to hit up. It’s got the former dessert’s black sugar-sweetened ai-yu jelly, topped with red beans, black pearls, taro balls, and a milk cup for a more bold-flavored treat.

In case you prefer a different combo in your bowl, Nine Fresh will also offer a Create-Your-Own-Dessert concept for lovers of personalization—they've got more than a dozen toppings to choose from, so you can have your dessert exactly as you want it. And if you’d rather sip your way to refreshment, they’ll have tea drinks in the menu too. Whichever one you choose, their desserts are the perfect match to the Philippine heat, especially as summer's just around the corner.


For more information, check out Nine Fresh PH’s Facebook page.

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