Yes, You Can Do These Easy Twists on Milk Tea at Home

Looking to change it up from the usual?

( We’re sure you’ve been missing getting your milk tea fix. While a number of milk-tea shops have reopened for delivery, you can also make your own drink at home—and what’s great about doing so is that you can personalize it to your own taste. If you’re looking for ways to change it up from the usual, here are three easy ideas you can try in the kitchen with ingredients you probably have around the house.

Sure, you can pump up your milk tea with milk and sugar—but an even easier trick is to add condensed milk for a double-whammy of sweetness and creaminess. Adding a shot of coffee adds extra caffeine and a slightly bitter note that brings out the earthiness of the tea.

The second idea involves replacing milk with a couple of scoops of ice cream, similar to affogato. Go for whatever flavor you prefer—here, cookies and cream ice cream is used, adding a creamy vanilla undertone and bits of chocolate cookies that you can crunch on in between sips of the drink.


Ever tried UCC's Kori Kohi? The last idea takes a page from that drink by freezing sweet tea into ice cubes and pouring milk over the frozen cubes upon serving. As the cubes melt, the flavor of the tea gets infused into the milk, resulting in a creamy milk-tea beverage.

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