Fudge Yeah: These Brownies Are Divine and You Can Get Them Delivered

These bars will definitely quell that chocolate craving.

(SPOT.ph) Brownies are one of those baked goods that appear plain at first glance, coming as an easy-to-eat bar and being made with basic ingredients (like chocolate or cocoa powder, eggs, butter, and the like).  But when done right, they can be topnotch treats that give you a satisfying dose of chocolate in a chewy, fudgy format. If you've been missing getting your brownie fix, you'll be happy to know that a number of bakeshops and purveyors deliver their stellar versions—our favorites among which we've rounded up on this list.

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You can order from these shops in Manila for when the brownie craving hits: 


PHOTO BY Wildflour Restaurant

Wildflour's Brownies (P550/box of six) are our favorite in Manila for their full-bodied chocolate flavor and chewy-fudgy body, complete with a shiny, paper-thin crust. You can order them from Wildflour's website, along with their other winning baked goods like Ensaymada (P780/box of six) and Salted Chocolate Cake (P2,000/two layers, P3,000/three layers).


For orders, check out Wildflour's website.


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Xocolat is known for their chocolatey treats, and no dessert better exemplifies this than their Original Sin Gourmet Brownies (P105). They come as thick, three-inch squares with a satisfying bittersweetness seemingly bolstered by coffee. You can order from Xocolat either through Foodpanda or by giving them a call.

For orders, find Xocolat on Foodpanda or contact 8929-4186 or 0956-384-6204.


PHOTO BY Facebook/Banhof.ph

Banhof.ph makes more than just great chocolate chip cookies; their Brownies (P300/dozen) are well worth a try, too. Each brownie satisfies chocolate hankerings full-force with their thin crinkly crust, dark chocolate base, and chunks of milk chocolate. You can try them for yourself by filling out their order form, and paying via BDO or BPI bank transfer.

For orders, check out this order form. You can also visit Banhof.ph's Facebook or Instagram pages.


PHOTO BY Bucky's

Bucky's claims that their signature pastry—the Original Bucky (P300/half-box, P500/whole box)—is not a brownie. Whatever it is, it still satisfies just like one (perhaps even more), thanks to its deep, husky, cocoa-heavy profile and dense yet ultra-chewy consistency. You can order it from their website as ready-to-eat slabs, or even as a DIY mix (P450/good for nine bars) you can bake yourself at home.

For orders, check out Bucky's website.

Blends and Batter

PHOTO BY Facebook/Blends and Batter PH

This home-based pastry shop highlights local cacao in their 65% Malagos Brownies (P230/box of eight), which are made with the Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate of the same name. Like it nutty? You can also get a version with nuts, in the form of the Walnut Pecan Malagos Brownies (P280/box of eight). And if you like your brownies truly bittersweet, they've also got the even-darker 72% Mad Bars (P380/box of eight) with a ganache filling and contrasting topping of sea salt. Send them a message on their social media accounts to place your orders; you can pay via BPI bank transfer or Paymaya.

For orders, send a message to Blends and Batter on Facebook or Instagram. 

Hello, Gourmand

Hello, Gourmand puts Filipino ingredients on the spotlight in their brownies, which have components like sea salt from Pangasinan, raw sugar from Negros, and chocolate and cocoa from Davao. Purists will love their signature 1st Base (P320/box of four, P600/box of eight) that highlights 64% bean-to-bar chocolate from Davao. If you're looking for a new way to enjoy brownies, you can also try their other variants: the PB&B Sandwich (P380/box of four, P700/box of eight) with peanut butter and banana chip shards, Mint Condition (P380/box of four, P700/box of eight) with peppermint chocolate chips and roasted cacao nibs, and Turkish Coffee (P380/box of four, P700/box of eight) with cardamom, cinnamon, and Sagada Arabica coffee beans. You can also get a box of eight with two of each flavor for P700. Just send Hello, Gourmand a message to place your orders. You can via BDO bank deposit or GCash, then book your own courier to get it delivered.


For orders, send a message to Hello, Gourmand on Facebook or Instagram.

Eric Kayser


Eric Kayser's got more than great breads; they make excellent Brownies (P110), too. Their brownies offer a robust chocolate flavor and come topped with toasted pecans to boot. Try these brownies out for yourself by ordering through GrabFood. You can also send Eric Kayser a message through text or social media (note that there's a minimum order of P500 if you go this route) and pay via bank transfer or GCash.

For orders, send Eric Kayser a message on Instagram or contact 0956-799-2481 or 0917-329-9425. You can also find Eric Kayser on GrabFood.


PHOTO BY Facebook/Crukitchen

Crukitchen's Fudge Brownie Bites (P200/container)—come as bite-sized squares that deliver a deep cocoa flavor and satisfying chewiness. They also have the Walnut Brownie Bites (P240/container) if you like your brownies with a hint of crunch. You can get your fix by sending them a message on social media or Viber, then paying via GCash or BPI or BDO bank transfer and booking your own courier for delivery. You can also order through Foodpanda.

For orders, send Crukitchen a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact 0917-811-5474 through Viber, or find Crukitchen on Foodpanda.

The Desserterie

PHOTO BY Facebook/The Desserterie

Sometimes you just want a no-frills, classic brownie just like what Mom used to make. In those instances, you'll want to hit up The Desserterie and order their Chocolate Fudge Brownies (P180/box of eight), which are properly fudgy and not too sweet. Send them a message on Facebook or Instagram with your name, contact number, delivery date, and orders; they take payments via BDO or BPI bank transfer. You'll have to book your own courier to pick it up either from Ayala Mall Vertis North, Caloocan, or Malabon.


For orders, send The Desserterie a message on Facebook or Instagram.



Workshop isn't kidding when they call their Life-Changing Brownies (P360/box of four) as such. These sleek bars have a rich, complex chocolate flavor with a touch of smokiness toward the end, and a lava-like interior especially when heated. You can place your orders through The Grid Food Market's website to get it delivered to your doorstep.

For orders, check out The Grid Food Market's website.

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