Here's Where You Can Find Excellent Sushi and Sashimi for Delivery

Miss going out to eat sushi? Have it right at home.

Updated: September 24, 2022, 3 p.m.

Best Sashimi and Sushi Delivery Places in Manila
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes, Hans Fausto

( Maybe you probably had plans to travel to the Land of the Rising Sun this year that had to be put on hold due to the pandemic, or you just love Japanese food and miss dining out at your favorite izakaya. While we won't be going to Japan anytime soon, not all is lost, because a number of Japanese restaurants offer their signatures for delivery. Today, we're highlighting sushi and sashimi—one of the first few things that comes to mind when you say Japanese food.

Note that while some have raised concerns about the delivery of raw fish vis-a-vis the coronavirus, food—whether cooked or raw—is considered low risk and thus safe if a restaurant follows proper practices. If you're looking to get your sushi or sashimi fix from home, you can count on these places for the high-quality stuff.


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Check out these restaurants for great sashimi and sushi delivery:


Kikufuji Sashimi Sushi Delivery

This Little Tokyo favorite offers some of the freshest fish around at reasonable prices. For sashimi you can’t go wrong with the ala-carte Shake (P350) a.k.a. salmon, Hamachi (P440) a.k.a. yellowtail, or their bestselling Spicy Maguro (P380) with cubes of raw tuna with tempura flakes and spicy mayo. But Kikufuji also serves some mighty rolls and nigiri—try the Nigiri Jo (P650), an assorted platter of local and imported nigiri, or their other bestseller, the Special California Maki (P450) with topped with cubes of spicy tuna and generous strips of mango. Give them a call to order, then book a courier to pick it up from their Makati outpost.

For orders, call 8893-6131, 0967-442-9888, or 0920-830-1888. For more information, check out Izakaya Kikufuji’s Facebook page.

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Kazunori Sashimi Sushi Delivery
PHOTO BY Facebook/Kazunori Japanese Restaurant

Located along Chino Roces Avenue in Makati, Kazunori offers a diverse range of sushi and sashimi using premium fish that’s flown in straight from Japan. They’ve got everything from Otoro (P2,900) and Salmon (P800) sashimi to Negitoro Hosomaki (P450), Unagi Kyuri Temaki (P400), Aburi Salmon Nigiri (P240), Bara Chirashi Don (P1,350), and more. They accept orders for pickup and delivery; just call to place your orders.

For orders, contact 0917-836-2695, 0968-773-3633, or 7746-1780. For more information, check out Kazunori’s Facebook page.

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Sugi Sashimi Sushi Delivery
PHOTO BY Facebook/Sugi Japanese Restaurant

This Japanese establishment in Greenbelt has been a favorite for years, thanks to their consistently great eats—among which is their fresh and succulent sushi and sashimi. For now, they've reduced their menu, but they still offer quality takes on classic and modern Japanese fare like the Tuna Sashimi (P400), Salmon Sashimi (P480), California Maki Special (P420), and Dragon Roll (P420). Give them a call to order.

For orders, contact 7757-3678, 7757-3679, or 0956-310-3148. For more information, check out Sugi Japanese Restaurant's Facebook page.

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Tsukiji Sashimi Sushi Delivery
PHOTO BY Facebook/Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - Makati

Tsukiji is the place to go for some of the freshest, most impeccable fish that’s flown in from the Land of the Rising Sun. The offerings here don’t come cheap, but you can be assured of superb quality: Go ala carte with the Maguro (P850), Uni (P3,000), or Salmon Belly (P1,800) sashimi, or go for a sushi platter like the Tokujo Nigiri (P2,800) with nine pieces of premium sushi and three maki. Give them a call to place your orders.


For orders, contact 0995-617-9209, 8843-4285, or 8812-2913. For more information, check out Tsukiji Japanese Restaurant - Makati’s Facebook page.

Hatsu Hana Tei

Hatsu Hana Tei Sashimi Sushi Delivery
PHOTO BY Facebook/Hatsu Hana Tei

Hatsu Hana Tei does just about everything well, from teppanyaki to donburi, of course, sushi and sashimi. Aside from your popular favorites like the Ebi Sushi (P215) and Futomaki (P460), this is also one of the few places in Manila you can find Battera (P425), a.k.a. box sushi. You can give them a call to get your fix; note that you'll have to book your own courier for delivery.

For orders, call 7759-6388, 0917-316-9250, or 0939-938-3718. For more information, check out Hatsu Hana Tei's Facebook page.

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Infinity Gourmet Foods

Infinity Gourmet Foods Sashimi Sushi Delivery
PHOTO BY Facebook/Infinity Gourmet Goods

The selection at Infinity Gourmet is bound to please both purists and those open to novelty alike. Apart from top-grade sushi and sashimi available in boats and boxes, they also whip up what they call chirashi cake, or colorful "cakes" of sushi that are perfect for sharing. Just give them a ring via Viber or Whatsapp.

For orders, contact 0905-201-0490 via Viber or Whatsapp. For more information, check out Infinity Gourmet Foods' Facebook page.


In the South and craving good sushi? Look no further than Hanakazu. From Salmon (P840) to Hotate (P500) a.k.a. scallop sashimi, to imported Otoro (P840/two pieces) nigiri to their killer Chirashi Sushi Special (P980), they’ve got you covered. You can simply give them a call to place your orders.

For orders, contact 0917-886-7276 or 8252-5142. You can also check out Hanakazu Japanese Restaurant’s Facebook page.


Sensei Sashimi Sushi Delivery

Sometimes you just want a more modern, decidedly flavor-packed bite—and if you're itching for sushi that veers from (but still respects) tradition, Sensei Sushi is the place to go. They've got playful takes on sushi, in the form of rolls like the Spicy Tuna (P300) with tenkasu, togarashi, gochujang mayo, chili oil, ebiko, negi, and sesame seeds; the Tuna & Crispy Scallop Dynamite (P360) with kyuri, cream cheese, and dynamite sauce; and the Tijuana (P390) with sawara, tuna, mango, pickled green chili, kyuri, cilantro, tare, aioli, and sesame seeds. Unconventional as their rolls may be, they retain the Japanese principles of using the freshest ingredients and being balanced in flavor. You can visit their site, look for them on GrabFood, or give them a call for orders.

For orders, visit Sensei's site, find Sensei on GrabFood, or call 7358-1387 or 0916-219-1412. For more infomation, check out Sensei's Facebook page.


Tanabe Sashimi Sushi Delivery
PHOTO BY Facebook/Tanabe Japanese Restaurant

Tanabe is another popular Japanese restaurant in the Metro and their Malate branch delivers! You can get everything from the Special Salmon Roll (P745) to the Unagi Battera Maki (P710) to the high-end Chutoro Sashimi (P1,965). Just give them a call to place your orders.

For orders, contact 8405-0288. For more information, check out Tanabe Japanese Restaurant Takeout/delivery's Facebook page or Tanabe Japanese Restaurant's Facebook page.

Polaris Fine Foods

If you're serious about your sashimi, look no further than Polaris Fine Foods—a supplier of high-quality and ethically sourced seafood flown in from Japan, New Zealand, and Norway. Their selection changes regularly, so you'll want to message them for their latest offerings, but you can generally expect top-grade sashimi along the lines of the Ootoro, Chuutoro, Hamachi, Salmon, and Hokkaido Uni in Seawater. You can end them a message on Instagram to order.

For orders, send a message to Polaris Fine Foods on Instagram.


Honorable mentions:

Ohayo Maki and Sushi Bar

Ohayo Maki Sushi Bar Sashimi Delivery

Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar is another place that executes modern-style sushi and maki well. You can't go wrong with their Spicy Salmon Maki (P310) or Ebi Black Spicy Maki (P490), both of which are as flavorful as they are fresh-tasting. Just give them a call to place your orders, and pay via cash, or find them on GrabFood or Foodpanda.

For orders, contact 0976-088-2670 or find Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar on GrabFood or Foodpanda. For more information, check out Ohayo Maki and Ramen Bar's Facebook page.

Mecha Uma (no longer available)

Mecha Uma Sashimi Sushi Delivery
PHOTO BY Sonny Thakur / Courtesy of Mecha Uma

Note: While the restaurant is still open and thriving as of this 2022 update, Mecha Uma no longer sells this item.

Looking for chirashi that's as stunning as it is, well, absolutely delicious? Mecha Uma's got you with their Premium Chirashi (P2,500). Each bowl has shiromi, toro, salmon, hikarimono, sake-steamed kani, Hokkaido scallop, ikura shoyuzuke, ebi, tamago, and shari for a happy mix of different flavors and textures.

Check out Mecha Uma's Facebook page.

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