The Starbucks Menu Items You Probably Didn't Know About

We shine the spotlight on some of their underrated offerings.

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( You probably have your favorites at Starbucks. Maybe it’s the Caramel Macchiato or the Chocolate Cream Chip Frappuccino—these drinks are popular for a reason, and Starbucks reliably delivers a great experience every time. But beyond the crowd favorites are the lesser-known yet excellent menu items that also deserve their share of the spotlight. Here, we highlight other Starbucks offerings that you might want to try on your next visit (or have them delivered!).

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Switch up your usual order for one of these Starbucks drinks and eats:

White Chocolate Mocha

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

Sometimes you just want a decidedly creamy coffee drink—and Starbucks’ White Chocolate Mocha (P165/tall, P180/grande, P195/venti) fits the bill. Here, the bitterness of Starbucks’ signature espresso is tempered with a buttery white-chocolate sauce and steamed milk. It’s great cold or hot, but it feels especially decadent taken the latter way.

Double Chocolate Pecan Bar

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines
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While drinks are the star a this coffee shop, Starbucks’ pastries are no mere afterthought, either. Case in point: Their Double Chocolate Pecan Bar (P95), which made it to our 2019 Top 10 Brownies in Manila list. With a thick (and we mean thicc) body that’s fudgy and dark, plus the occasional pecan bits for a subtle crunch, there’s really nothing not to love.

Chai Cream Frappuccino

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

There’s something comforting about the combination of chai spices, especially during this time of year. Blended with milk and ice and topped with whipped cream, the Chai Tea Cream Frappuccino (P170/tall, P185/grande, P200/venti) is at once cold, yet has a one-of-a-kind warmth.

Cold Foam Iced Espresso

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

Sur, you could go for a latte, but if you’re looking for a new way to experience the coffee-milk combo, the Cold Foam Iced Espresso (P170/tall, P185/grande, P200/venti) is the way to go. In this drink, mildly sweetened, ice-cold espresso is poured through a layer of non-fat milk cold foam. You could drink it with a straw, but we love drinking it like you would a cappuccino so you get to taste the distinct layers before they combine on your tongue.

Spanish Chorizo, Egg, Mozzarella Cheese on Whole Wheat Pandesal

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

Whether you’re hanging out in the café or on the go, Starbucks’ sandwiches are best enjoyed alongside any of their coffee drinks. The Spanish Chorizo, Egg, and Mozzarella Cheese on Whole Wheat Pandesal (P140) is a flavorful one, combining savory chorizo and gooey mozzarella with an egg to tie everything together.

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Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

Nothing beats sipping on an iced-tea drink on a hot day, and the Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls (P140/tall, P155/grande, P170/venti) totally fits the bill. This is for those who like their iced tea fruity, as it combines Starbucks’ tart Hibiscus Teavana Tea with popping pearls made with real pomegranate juice.

Chocolate Doughnut Eclair

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

What goes better with coffee than doughnuts? The Chocolate Doughnut Eclair (P65) takes the doughnut experience to the next level with its chocolate-cream filling, which is surprisingly not too sweet, as well as milk-chocolate shavings on top. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself ordering another piece!

Dark Caramel Cold Foam Nitro

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

If you love Starbucks’ Cold Brew, wait until you try their Nitro Cold Brew, which is infused with nitrogen for a creamier, more full-bodied mouthfeel. One great way to take it is with the Dark Caramel Cold Foam Nitro (P230/tall, P245/grande), which is topped with a layer of caramel cold foam that adds a foamy texture and deep, caramel-y flavor to each sip. This drink is only available at selected stores, but we assure you it’s worth seeking out.

Starbucks Caramel Waffles

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

It’s easy to overlook the Caramel Waffles (P65) for its more over-the-top pastry counterparts, but this stroopwafel-like creation is an understated treat. With two thin waffles and a thin layer of caramel in the middle, it’s a chewy, mildly sweet snack-cum-dessert that pairs perfectly with their Cappuccino.

Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Tea

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

After a long day at work, it’s great to curl up to a warm mug of tea—like Starbucks’ Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Tea (P120/tall, P120/grande, P135/venti). It’s a soft yet earthy, slightly smoky green tea that’ll restore your inner Zen, and a soothing go-to beverage when it’s pouring outside.

Perfect Oatmeal

PHOTO BY Starbucks Philippines

We know what you’re thinking: Oatmeal? Starbucks’ Perfect Oatmeal (P95) has a special soul-soothing quality to it that we just had to include it on this list. Consisting of oatmeal served with your choice of milk (Pro tip: This goes well with either whole milk or soymilk), and dried fruits and nuts, it’s one of those eats that works in its simplicity. Its warm and comforting character makes it a great way to start your day; plus points for being relatively good for you, too!

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