We Tried Big Al's Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream and Here's What We Think

Plus their Vanilla, Macadamia, and Espresso variants!


(SPOT.ph) Big Al's Cookie Jar is best known for their Decadent Chocolate Cake that truly lives up to the "decadent" part of its name. We adore it so much that we named it the best chocolate cake in Manila—so you can only imagine how elated we were to learn that they've come out with a new ice-cream line, with one variant being based on their winning chocolate dessert. Apart from the Decadent Chocolatethis premium ice cream also comes in Espresso, and Macadamia flavors, and we tasted them all to find out how they fare.

Pick your flavor: Vanilla, Decadent Chocolate, Macadamia, or Espresso?
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Price and availability: All flavors are priced at P330 a pint, but they are on sale for just P299 as of writing. You can get them from their newly-launched website.

Best for: What occassion isn't ice cream best for? Get it to celebrate your birthday, to keep you company while binge-watching The Haunting of Bly Manor, to maintain your sanity when it's (ahem) that time of the month.

Best with: They're satisfying by themselves, but they also take well to toppings like nuts, chocolate chips, or your favorite breakfast cereal. Heck, why not have them with Big Al's signature chocolate cake?

The Vanilla has bourbon vanilla in the mix.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Tastes like: The Vanilla variant is no plain jane; it's got real bourbon vanilla in the mix, which has a distinctive rounded, creamy flavor. This is the kind of ice cream that's great on its own, but also works great as an accompaniment to other desserts like apple pie or molten chocolate cake.

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The Decadent Chocolate is a real treat for chocolate lovers.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

The Decadent Chocolate delivers a chocolatiness that's on the smooth and dusky-tasting side, which we associate with Dutch-process cocoa powder. Intensity-wise, it's dark without being too bitter—similar to its namesake cake. It also seems thicker and denser than the other flavors, which make it a real treat.

We love that the nuts on the Macadamia variant are crunchy and slightly salty.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

The Macadamia has what seems to be the Vanilla variant as its base, but is peppered with macadamia nuts as the name implies. We're happy to report that the macadamias are crunchy and have a slightly salty, roasted flavor that contrasts with the base beautifully. There's enough of the nuts that you get a good crunch in each spoonful, though we do think it could still use just a tad more.

The Espresso has a good balance of coffee and cream.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Last but not the least is the Espresso. This variant starts out creamy before the bitterness of the coffee emerges at the end. There's a good balance of the coffee and the dairy, and its mild sweetness make it all too easy to go back for another scoop.

Manage your expectations: We wish the vanilla flavor on the Vanilla variant were stronger, and that the Macadamia had more nuts, but other than that, all flavors were executed beautifully. The Decadent Chocolate is on the right side of tasting deep and dark, and the Espresso is a simple but stellar rendition of coffee ice cream. If we had to pick one, we'd go for the Decadent Chocolate—but if you can get all four flavors, even better.


Yay or nay: Definitely a big yay!

And in case you want more treats from Big Al's, you can order their Decadent Chocolate Cake (P350/3x7-inch tray, P630/8x8-inch tray, P1,100/9x12-inch tray, and P1650/10x14-inch tray) to go along with their new ice-cream line on their brand-new site launched on October 9. You can also get their Chocolate Caramel Cake (P400/3x7-inch tray, P730/8x8-inch tray, P1,300/9x12-inch tray, and P1,950/10x14-inch tray), Butter Caramel Cake (P400/loaf), and Cookie Jars (starts at P300) from their site. Do note though that they do not have their own delivery service, so you'll need to book your courier of choice to pick up your orders.

This is good news for Big Al's fans, which comes after the opening of their BF Parañaque branch in September.

Pair your ice cream with Big Al's Decadent Chocolate Cake. You can get them both on their new site. 
PHOTO BY War Espejo

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