Time to Chill: The Unconventional Ice Cream Flavors to Try Today

From banana cue to soy sauce caramel!

(SPOT.ph) There's certainly nothing wrong with a well-made scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream. But sometimes, you just need something a little more out of left field. If you're willing to step out of your comfort zone, you'll be happy to know that there are lots of less-conventional ice cream flavors in the Metro that are worth a try—and you can get them delivered, too.

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Switch up the usual chocolate or vanilla for these cool scoops:

Kurimu's Shoyu Caramel


Kurimu makes Shoyu Caramel Ice Cream (P420/16 ounces)—yup, that's shoyu as in soy sauce! Don't knock it 'til you've tried it; if you've ever had mitarashi dango in Japan, then you'll know soy sauce very well belongs in desserts, too. In this case, the Japanese condiment adds a complex umami note that complements the caramel. You can try it for yourself by ordering through their website.


For orders, check out Kurimu's website.

Lotus Biscoff


Famous speculoos brand Lotus Biscoff lets you have their signature spiced cookies in the form of ice cream. The Original (P519) lets you have a pure, unadulterated dose of cookie-butter goodness, but if you're open to a twist, you can also get it in Salted Caramel (P519) and Chocolate Brownie (P519) variants. These ice creams are available at S&R, which you can order from through the Metromart app.

For orders, find S&R on the Metromart app.

Merry Moo's Cheesy Mamon

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Cheese ice cream that actually tastes like cheese isn't exactly new in the Philippines, but Merry Moo takes the treat up a notch by adding in chunks of mamon to the mix in their Cheesy Mamon ice cream (P135/100 ml, P370/473 ml). The light and fluffy sponge cake adds a sweet, buttery profile that's wonderful against the saltiness of the cheese. You can get your fix by ordering through their website.

For orders, check out Merry Moo's website.

Hapag x The Lost Bread x Auro Chocolate's Banana Cue


Banana cue's caramel-y, fruity flavor shines in this special Banana Cue Ice Cream (P450). It's got a grilled banana ice cream that truly tastes of real banana, plus a welcome crunch from a cashew streusel and Auro cacao nibs. You can order through The Lost Bread's delivery website, which accepts payments made via bank deposit, or by sending a message to Hapag on Instagram.


For orders, visit The Lost Bread's delivery website, or send a message to Hapag on Instagram.

Kumori x Manila Creamery's Signature Cheese Tart Gelato


Granted, this is gelato and not ice cream, but we just had to include it on this list. This limited-edition gelato (P435)—a collaboration between Kumori and Manila Creamery—is essentially Kumori's Signature Cheese Tart in frozen-dessert form, consisting of a gelato base flavored with cheddar and cream cheeses, plus pieces of sweet tart shells for extra crunch. You can order the Signature Cheese Tart Gelato for delivery through Kumori's or Manila Creamery's websites; or you can opt to look for Kumori on GrabFood, LalaFood, Foodpanda, or Metromart.

For orders, check out Kumori's website or Manila Creamery's website. You can also find Kumori on GrabFood, LalaFood, Foodpanda, or Metromart.

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Sebastian’s Ice Cream's Strawberry Sans Rival


This seasonal flavor (P420/pint) from local ice cream maker Sebastian's melds a buttery sans rival ice-cream base, complete with cashews and wafer pieces, with a tart strawberry sorbet ribbon. That way, you get the best of creamy and vibrant-tasting worlds in each scoop! You can order it from Sebastian's website.

For orders, check out Sebastian's Ice Cream's website.

Ambassador's Ice Cream's Golden Milk


With a combination of a coconut-milk ice cream base and spices like cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger, this ice cream might bring to mind, well, curry—but trust us, it works. You get a wonderfully spiced ice cream with the distinctive creaminess of coconut; it's also sweetened with coco sugar, which amplifies the nuttiness of the coconut milk. It also happens to be vegan! You can order through Go! Salad's website.

For orders, check out Ambassador's Ice Cream on Go! Salad's website.

1st Colonial Creamery's Malunggay Ice Cream


Uh-huh, malunggay's not just for your tinola anymore—you can also get it as a cool, creamy scoop of ice cream! Before you shy away, know that the vegetable has an earthy, nutty flavor we'd almost compare to matcha when combined with cream and sugar. You can try it in ice cream form (P95/cup, P325/pint, P790/half-gallon) by filling out 1st Colonial Creamery's order form. They accept payments via BDO, Metrobank, and BPI bank deposit

For orders, fill out this order form. You can also check out First Colonial Creamery's Facebook and Instagram pages.

Papa Diddi's Davao Meets Bicol

PHOTO BY Instagram/papadiddis

The Davao Meets Biscol ice cream (P95/single serve, P345/pint, P995/half-gallon, P1,950/gallon) is named as such because melds Davao chocolate with the Bicolano favorite ingredient that is chili. The result is a robust and chocolatey dessert that's cold and creamy, but finishes with a surprise wave of heat that'll keep you going back for more spoonfuls. You can try it for yourself by ordering through Papa Diddi's website.


For orders, check out Papa Diddi's website.

The Lost Bread x Arce Dairy's Butterball Caramel


If you grew up enjoying Butterball candy, you're in for a treat: You can now have it in ice-cream form through The Lost Bread's Butter Ball Caramel ice cream (P750). It was created in collaboration with Arce Dairy and has the buttery-sweet flavor you know and love. You can order a tub from The Lost Bread's website.

For orders, check out The Lost Bread's website.

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