The Best Ice-Cream Desserts from McDonald's. Ever.

A subjective list of past and present favorites.

PHOTO BY Facebook/McDonald's ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( While they may be most famous for their burgers and chicken, no meal at McDonald's  is complete without one of their sweet, frozen desserts—by which we mean their soft-serve, of course! What's great about it is that aside from their regular lineup, they also offer seasonal variations of the ice cream that let you enjoy it in a completely new light. We've rounded up our favorites from their offerings over the years—including those that remain on their menu to this day.

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These are our all-time favorite ice-cream offerings from McDonald's:

Hot Fudge Sundae

PHOTO BY McDonald's

Let's start with the basics: the quintessential McDonald's Hot Fudge Sundae. As the name implies, it combines McDonald's classic soft-serve with a warm and sticky fudge sauce—but the result is truly more than the sum of its parts. Aside from giving you the winning combo of chocolate and vanilla, this sundae also gives you a play of temperatures with the way the hot fudge sauce and cold soft-serve come together.

Caramel Blended Sundae

PHOTO BY Facebook/McDonald's
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One of McDonald's newest creations, the Caramel Blended Sundae (P139) is essentially a blended version of McDonald's Caramel Sundae that comes in pints that are good for sharing—or hoarding, if you're having a particularly stressful day (no judgment). Because the sauce and soft-serve are blended together, you get the perfect ratio of components in every spoonful.

McFlurry with Sans Rival

PHOTO BY Facebook/McDonald's

This 2014 offering takes after the Filipino favorite dessert of meringue, buttercream, and cashews, a.k.a. sans rival. It's blitzed in with McDonalds' soft-serve, so you get the flavors and textures of sans rival but in a cooler and less-sweet form as the ice cream lightens its buttery profile. 

Ube McDip

PHOTO BY McDonald's

For the cool kids who seek to go beyond chocolate, there's the Ube McDip, or their soft-serve given, well, a dip in an ube-flavored candy shell that hardens upon contact with the ice cream. Aside from giving you the nutty flavor of our own purple yam against the vanilla-y soft-serve, there's something especially fun about taking that first bite and cracking the shell, before letting it melt in your mouth with the ice cream.

McFlurry with Oreo Matcha

PHOTO BY Facebook/McDonald's

The regular McFlurry with Oreo is great, but add matcha to the mix and you've got one heck of a treat. This special McFlurry was offered in 2016, initially under their Angry Birds-themed dessert line, though it's been re-released in the succeeding years as a standalone product. It's no surprise it was a hit, as it combined earthy green tea with bittersweet Oreo crumbs.

Choco Sundae

PHOTO BY McDonald's

The Choco Sundae from 2018 is distinct in that it not only consists of their vanilla soft-serve combined with other components; it's the soft-serve itself flavored with chocolate! You had the option of enjoying it as a Plain Cone, or with even more chocolate in the Choco Sundae with Hot Fudge.

Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls

PHOTO BY McDonald's

McDonald's also took on the brown sugar boba craze with the release of their Brown Sugar Sundae with Pearls in 2019. It had their vanilla soft-serve, a brown-sugar syrup, and pearls for extra chewiness against the creamy ice cream. The result was a sweet but addictive sundae with a flavor profile reminiscent of taho.

McCafé Coffee Float

PHOTO BY McDonald's

The McCafe Coffee Float (P59) ingeniously combines chocolate, vanilla, and coffee—three elements that pretty much always go beautifully with each other—into a winning drink-slash-dessert. Call it a cold affogato, if you will; it's always a treat when you let the soft-serve melt just enough that it forms a foamy layer on top, and the coffee's mild bitterness balances out the sweetness of the chocolate syrup.

Buko Pandan McDip

PHOTO BY Facebook/McDonald's

The Buko Pandan McDip was a special menu item in 2013 with the distinct nutty flavor of buko pandan. You had the option to add crispies to it, too, which added a welcome textural contrast to the cold and smooth soft-serve.

Hazelnut Brownie Sundae

PHOTO BY Facebook/McDonald's

The Hazelnut Brownie Sundae from 2015 might look like the regular Hot Fudge Sundae, but here's the kicker: it had a rich and lush hazelnut-brownie sauce that fulfilled the craving for Nutella. While it was on the sweet side, we found ourselves digging for more spoonfuls anyway.

Caramel McFlurry with Honey Gold Flakes


Cereal isn't just for breakfast anymore—at least not with this offering from 2014. It combined their soft-serve and caramel sauce with Nestle Honey Gold Flakes for extra nuttiness and crunch.

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