10 Cool Drinks to Try When You Literally Have No Chill

Take your pick from tea-based cold brew, sweet slush, and more.

summer drinks
PHOTO BY Facebook/Loose Brews Craft Teas, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice, Koomi, Facebook/Cibo ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

(SPOT.ph) To paraphrase Taylor Swift, we’d go back to December any time, if only for the colder breeze. But alas, it is April—and it is during this time of the year that we find ourselves especially thirsty (no, not that kind of thirsty) for everything and everything that’s cold, icy, and totally invigorating. With that, we’ve gathered some summer-appropriate sips you can have delivered to help you stay cool until the amihan makes a return.

Check out these summer drinks you can order for delivery:

Sunny Slush from SaladStop

summer drinks
PHOTO BY Facebook/SaladStop Philippines

Salad Stop's Sunny Slush (P160) ticks a lot of boxes flavor-wise—there’s the softer, fuller sweetness of mango working with the sharper, almost biting kind, typical of good honey. Throw in some lemon and chia seeds and it’s a pool party in a cup. Hurry if you want to try this beverage, as it's available only until May 16.

For orders, find SaladStop on GrabFood or Foodpanda.

Cold Brew Tea from Loose Brews

summer drinks
PHOTO BY Facebook/Loose Brews Craft Teas
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Maybe you’re weaning yourself off of coffee. Or maybe tea is… well, your cup of tea. Whatever category you fall under, Loose Brews makes sure you’re accounted for. Some naysayers might tell you that cold brew as a process is nothing special, but what you get from room-temperature steeping is a smoother depth of flavor without that caffeine punch in the tastebuds, whether you go for the floral-tangy Lavender Lemonade (P135), floral Chocolate Rose (P130), or herby (and non-alcoholic!) Gin & Tonic (P130) variants.


For orders, send a message to Loose Brews Craft Teas on Facebook.

Pandan Lemongrass Limeade from Samyan

PHOTO BY The Grid Food Market

Good ol' limeade goes for a Southeast-Asian spin in Samyan’s Pandan Lemongrass Limeade (P120/300 ml, P280/one liter). It's a clean, invigorating mix, with an aromatic lift rom pandan and the cool kick of lemongrass—and it's just the thing to bring on the beach feels with every cool gulp!

For orders, visit The Grid Food Market’s delivery website.

Paraiso Kombucha from Cultur’d Kombucha


If you’ve been living under a rock or deliberately avoiding the hype, you’re going to have to confront kombucha at one point or another. A whole meme has come and gone and you haven’t given it a tentative sip? Then made a face? Come on. (Just kidding, it’s fine.)

In any case, kombucha on its own has stood the test of time, going from a health tonic to a casual treat over the years—and Cultur’d Kombucha’s summer special dubbed the Paraiso (P185/350 ml, P405/750 ml) combines sweet and juicy peach with Guimaras mango for a sip that lives up to its name. Whether you want to make your own #KombuchaFace or you’re really looking to up your gut health game, this fruity fermented drink is one to try. You only have until April 25 to do so, though—so get to it!

For orders, fill out this order form. You can also check out Cultur’d Kombucha’s Facebook page.

Red Grape Fresh Fruit Shake from Cibo

summer drinks

The Red Grape Fruit Shake (P199) is a must-try on Cibo’s menu, and for good reason. The generous bits of grape in the mix makes this refreshing drink stand out not just taste-wise, but texture-wise. While it pairs well with their pasta and pizza, we won't be surprised if you think about getting this beverage on its own!

For orders, call 8891-1111. You can also visit Cibo’s website.

Passion Fruit Tea Burst from Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

summer drinks
PHOTO BY Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Some people have argued that passion fruit tastes nothing like it sounds—the same way strawberries kind of don’t taste the way they look—but the tart-sweet cousin to citrus fruits finds its way in desserts and drinks everywhere regardless, like Coco Fresh Tea & Juice’s Passion Fruit Tea Burst (P90/regular, P100/large). A tall glass of this invigorating drink, both in terms of temperature and taste, might make us glad summer’s arrived.


For orders, find Coco Fresh Tea & Juice on GrabFood or Foodpanda.

Pluto from Man on the Moon

summer drinks
PHOTO BY Facebook/Man on the Moon

Online seller Man on the Moon is known for their cold-brew coffee available a couple of variations, all with space-themed monikers. But the Pluto (P150/280 ml, P450/one liter)—with its tropical-leaning mix of cold-brew coffee, coconut milk, and coconut sugar—is a summer-appropriate beverage that’ll make you daydream of hanging out by the beach, parasols optional.

For orders, send a message to Man on the Moon’s Facebook page.

Strawberry + Camias from Manam

summer drinks
PHOTO BY Moment Food

Fun fact: the English names for kamias range from elegant ones like “ginger lily” and “tree sorrel” to ones as clunky as “tree cucumber.” Who knew that this fruit, normally used as a souring agent, could be so versatile? Manam seemed to, with their ingenious Strawberry + Camias shake (P185). Shakes tend to lean quite sweet overall, but if you like a little sour surprise like that of a lassi, this could be the thing to order. That said, their Ube + Sago is pretty bomb, too.

For orders, visit Moment Food.

Ginger Ale from Stanford Shaw

summer drinks
PHOTO BY Facebook/Stanford Shaw

There’s something totally invigorating about cold, fizzy drinks with a bit of a bite—and Stanford Shaw’s Ginger Ale (P120/290 ml, P200/600 ml) is a great example of that. Brewed fresh and fermented the real-deal way, you can drink it as soon as you get it if you like it sweeter or keep it in the fridge for a couple more days if you prefer a stronger, slightly-spicier ginger note. Know that modern ginger ale tends not to contain alcohol—and with that soft spiciness-slash-fun fizziness served ice-cold? You deserve it and you know it.


For orders, send a message to Stanford Shaw’s Facebook page.

Grape Minds Think A Lychee from Koomi

summer drinks

Are we trying to make all the drinks grape again? Maybe. That, or Koomi just refuses to even lean even a little bit into the territory of disappointment. The yogurt shop is known for their yogurt drinks that hit just the right spot between sweet and tangy, and they’ve recently expanded their lineup to include a few newcomers. In Grape Minds Think A Lychee (P150), the piercing sweetness of grape is rounded out with the more malleable sugariness of lychee—and then you've got their yogurt in the backdrop to cushion their fruitiness and contribute its own tang to the mix.

For orders, find Koomi on GrabFood.

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