10 Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brands You Can Get Locally

No dairy, no problem.

dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/Super Scoops Dairy-Free, Facebook/Ambassador's Ice Cream ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

Dairy Free Ice Cream

(SPOT.ph) It can be tough when you can't have dairy, whether it's due to any allergies or intolerances, or for ethical reasons. You can't just go for any ol' cakes or cookies that might have butter, boxed cereals that might have milk, or even deli meats that might have casein. You'd think that means forgoing any and all ice cream, too—but there are a growing number of dairy-free versions of the dessert that let you satisfy the hankering for something cool and creamy. Of course, you can totally have them even if you’re not vegan or allergic; it’s always fun to explore how other dairy-free alternatives can make for truly great ice cream!

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These dairy-free ice-cream options have your cravings covered:

Alt Scoops

dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/Alt Scoops

Alt Scoops churns out smooth, creamy ice cream using the famous oat-milk brand Oatly. The result? A dreamy dessert that’s a touch lighter—but no less silky and decadent—than regular ice cream, whether you go for the Dark Chocolate (P350) made with 77% Auro couverture chocolate, the nutty and Nutella-esque Choco Hazelnut (P350), the deep, toffee-like Burnt Caramel with Roasted Pecans (P375), and the fruity Strawberry (P375) made with berries from Baguio. You can head over to Hygge Beverage Co.’s website to get your fix.

For orders and more information, visit Hygge Beverage Co.'s website. You can also check out Alt Scoops' Facebook page.


dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/Delicielo

Delicielo is a favorite among local vegans for their range of desserts, which includes cakes, brownies, and even ice cream! Their take on the frozen dessert is made with coconut cream and cashew milk for a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth quality sans the dairy. Their flavor range changes up regularly, but their current lineup includes tropical-tasting Mango Sunshine (P95/mini cup, P330/pint), the custardy Durian King (P110/mini cup, P380/pint), and the nutty Buko Pandan Fiesta (P95/mini cup, P330/pint). Just place your orders through their website.

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For orders, visit Delicielo’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Super Scoops Dairy-Free

dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/Super Scoops Dairy-Free

Made with coconut milk, unrefined coconut sweeteners, and real fruit and local chocolate (where applicable), this vegan ice cream brand’s got some of the smoothest and richest non-dairy ice cream around. There’s something for everyone as they’ve got everything from the tangy-creamy Strawberries & Cream (P100/cup, P350/pint) to the nutty Hazelnut Dream (P380/pint) to the earthy Milky Matcha (P100/cup, P350/pint).

For orders, visit The Superfood Grocer’s website. You can also check out Super Scoops Dairy-Free’s Facebook page.


dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Joanna Manalastas Calasanz/SPOT.PH ARCHIVES

Magnum introduced a dairy-free version of their winning ice-cream bars in March: the Magnum Dairy-Free Almond. It’s got a dairy-free version of Magnum’s vanilla ice cream, vegan Belgian chocolate, and roasted almonds, plus it’s crafted with pea proteins and certified by the Vegan Awareness Foundation. We can assure you it’s every bit as decadent as the original! You can order for delivery through the Selecta Ice Cream Shop on GrabFood (where it’s priced at P104), or find it at Ministop branches around the Metro.

For orders, find the Selecta Ice Cream Shop on GrabFood.

Ice Cream City’s Food and Beverage House

dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Ice Cream City’s Food and Beverage House

Olive oil ice cream, anyone? Yup, you can get exactly that from this plant-based ice cream brand, in the form of their earthy, slightly-grassy (but ultimately rich and creamy) Olive Moonlight Vanilla (P295) flavor! Other must-try variants they make are the Lavender Lane (P360), Salted Caramel Sea (P399), and Choco Lot Truffle Blocks Chocolate (P399).

For orders, visit Ice Cream City’s Food and Beverage House’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Ambassador’s Ice Cream

dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/Ambassador's Ice Cream

Coming from the folks that brought us Go! Salads, Ambassador’s Ice Cream is a vegan ice-cream brand that’s made with a variety of non-dairy milks, including those made with coconut, cashew, and pili nut. They’ve got one-of-a-kind flavors, too, like the cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger-tinged Golden Milk with Vegan Cookie Dough (P110/cup, P345/pint), the deceptively naughty Pili Whiskey Ice Cream (P130/cup, P375/pint), and the dreamy Mango Biscoff (P110/cup, P345/pint). You can place your orders through Go! Salads’ website.

For orders, visit Go! Salads’ website. You can also check out Ambassador’s Ice Cream’s Facebook page.



dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Cocolatto Company - guiltless ice cream

Cocolatto has been around since 2014, and their coconut-cream based ice cream is loved by vegans, lactose-intolerant folks, those allergic to dairy, and dairy-eaters alike. Their flavor range covers all the basics—from the Vanilla Dream (P150/cup) to the Chocolatto (P150/cup, P450/pint) to the Creamy Strawberry (P450/pint).

For orders, visit Cocolatto’s website. You can also check out The Cocolatto Company’s Facebook page.

Bubu Bars

dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Bubu Bars

While there’s something deeply satisfying about digging into or scooping from a tub of ice cream, there are also times when only a popsicle will do. In times like these, Bubu Bars has got your back with their line of handcrafted, vegan popsicles—which happen to be totally IG-worthy, too! You can choose from the You Little Monkey (P220) with caramelized roasted bananas, toasted almonds, and Biscoff crumble; the Fancy Pants (P220) with roasted and freeze-dried strawberries; or the Nuts For You (P220) vanilla, caramel, and salted almond praline—all of which are dipped in single-origin dark chocolate of varying cocoa percentages. Try them for yourself by ordering through their website.

For orders, visit Bubu Bars’ website. You can also check out Bubu Bars’ Instagram page.

Big Chill

dairy free ice cream

Yup, they’ve got more than just juices—Big Chill’s also got a line of plant-based, dairy-free Coconut Ice Cream which was launched in 2020. As the name implies, it gets its creaminess from coconut milk, and you can choose from flavors like vanilla (P285), ube (P285), and coffee (P285). You can order by sending them a message on Facebook.

For orders, send a message to Big Chill PH’s Facebook page.

Afters Espresso & Desserts

dairy free ice cream
PHOTO BY Afters Espresso & Desserts

Aside from their regular dairy gelato, this dessert shop makes a premium, coconut milk-based vegan version, which they dub the Vegato. You can go for no-fail, classic flavors like Vanilla (P420), Pistachio (P450), or Chocolate Hazelnut (P450); or, try their more unusual flavors like Lavender (P450) and Brown Sugar Boba (P420). Just head over to their website to place your order!

For orders, check out Afters Espresso & Desserts’ website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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