10 Underrated Pizza Places to Try Right Now

Plus, you can have them delivered!

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Pizzulu/Gianetto Pizzeria

(SPOT.ph) Almost everyone has a go-to place for pizza, whether it’s a major chain restaurant or an online-based store. But if you’re someone who’s looking to branch out of their fave spot for a slice, here are underrated places to get pizza in the Metro. The best part? They also deliver!

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Find new favorite slice when you order from these underrated pizza places in Manila:


underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Pizzulu

This family-run venture specializes in brick-oven pizzas that are lovingly made by hand. Each pizza is made-to-order, so you know you’re getting the freshest pie possible. Must-try flavors include the Four Cheese (P444), a pizza topped with a rich bechamel sauce, creamy mozzarella, smoked gouda, cheddar, and blue cheese; and the Spinach and Artichoke (P599), a spinach-dip inspired pizza that comes with goat cheese and artichokes. They also offer homemade house truffle honey that you can drizzle on top of your slice.

For orders, visit Pizzulu's website, GrabFood, or Foodpanda.

Tripod’s Pizza

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Instagram/Tripod's Pizza
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If it’s thick over thin crust for you, then Tripod’s Pizza is definitely a must try. This Maginhawa-based spot offers Detroit-style pies that come with an incredibly thicc crust that’s both crispy and chewy, which you can request to be extra toasted for an even crispier bite. It’s also slathered with a sweet homemade tomato sauce and tons and tons of cheese. You can get it in Double Cheese (P600), Pepperoni (P600), and Classic Arugula (P600). Hurry though, because these pizzas come in limited quantities.


For orders, visit their Instagram page.

Pizza Telefono

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Facebook/Pizza Telefono

Tired of your usual slice? Pizza Telefono’s more experimental menu may tickle your fancy. There’s the Pacific Clam (starts at P420/10 inches), which is pretty much clam chowder on a chewy crust. The Gambas (starts at P420/10 inches), meanwhile, may entice seafood lovers with its garlicky shrimp toppings. For those who love all things spicy, there’s the Mexican (starts at P430/10 inches), a taco-inspired pizza with a chipotle pepper kick, and the Thai Chicken (starts at P430/10 inches), which comes with Thai sauce and Sriracha chili sauce.

For orders, visit their Pizza Telefono's website, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.

Scorched Pizzas

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Facebook/Scorched Pizzas

A healthy pizza may sound like an oxymoron but that’s what Scorched Pizzas promises to deliver. Their pizzas are 100% vegan—they're made with gluten-free dough, plant-based toppings, and dairy- and nut-free cheese, but it tastes as good (or even better than) your usual pizza. Check out their take on sisig with the Vegan Sisig Crunch (P470); the classic Margherita (P450), which comes with creamy, plant-based mozzarella; or the Rosemary Roasted Potato Pate (P550), if you consider carbs to be your best friend. 

For orders, visit Scorched Pizzas' Instagram page or visit The Seven Pantry's website.

Pizza Grigliata Manila

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Pizza Grigliata Manila

“More flavor, less bread.” That’s Pizza Grigliata’s motto and it’s one that they take to heart. Their pizza crust is incredibly thin and light, and it’s grilled and torched rather than baked, giving it a unique smoky taste. Innovative techniques aside, their toppings lean more classic, with mainstays like Spinach & Pesto (P400), Bacon and Mushroom (P350), and Pepperoni (P400) being instant favorites.


For orders, visit Pizza Grigliata Manila's website, GrabFood, and Foodpanda.

Pomodoro Pizza

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Facebook/Pomodoro Pizza

Nearly everything is made from scratch at Pomodoro Pizza—from the fresh, hand-rolled crust, the sweet tomato sauce, down to the special cheese they use for topping their pies. Their version of the Hawaiian pizza, the Hawaiano (starts at P190/10 inches). If you’re looking to explore though, the Bianca (starts at P255/10 inches) is a must-try. This pizza is topped with a rich white sauce, mushrooms, leeks, and an extremely rich truffle butter.

For orders, visit Pomodoro Pizza's Facebook page and Foodpanda.

Gianetto Pizzeria

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Gianetto Pizzeria

Born during the lockdown, Gianetto has quickly expanded from a small home business to one that’s raved about on social media. Must-tries include the BHM (P450), which comes with their signature white sauce, premium mozzarella, and tons of bacon, ham, and mushrooms. There’s also Lesley’s Favorite Pizza (P420). Named after one of Gianetto’s founders, this pizza is a purely Pinoy concoction, being topped with longganisa and kesong puti. But if you're a fan of spinach, Eats Me Spinach (P500) is a must-try with Gianetto's signature white sauce, premium mozzarella, cream cheese, and generous servings of spinach.

For orders, visit their Gianetto Pizzeria's website or GrabFood.

Crosta Pizzeria

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Facebook/Crosta Pizzeria

Crosta Pizzeria veers from Italian tradition with their pizzas. Aside from the sourdough-style round pizzas, they also offer airy-yet-crunchy Detroit and crunchy Sicilian styles. The Detroit Roni Cup (P700) is deceptively simple but comes loaded with cupping pepperoni, three-cheese mix on top of pizza sauce. Their pizzas come with cheeky names too, like Basic B*tch (P200)—their take on Margherita, and Everyday We Trufflin’ (P550), which has a truffle-cream base, mozzarella, taleggio, fontina, and pecorino Romano.


For orders, visit Crosta Pizzeria's website or order via Foodpanda or through their Instagram page.

Di’ Marks’ Pizza

underrated pizza places
PHOTO BY Facebook/Di' Mark's Pizza

This family-run pizzeria has been around since 1957 and is still going strong. They offer everything from super simple pies like the Menlo Special (starts at P275/eight inches), a three-cheese pizza that comes with kesong puti, and even experimental flavors like the Taco Pizza (starts at P295/eight inches), a Italian-Mexican mashup topped with chili, onions, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and lettuce. Can’t decide on what to get? Check out their Big “22” (starts at P315/eight inches), which comes with a whopping 22 toppings.

For orders, visit Di’ Marks’ Pizza's website to see a list of branches.


underrated pizza places

Award-winning chef Josh Boutwood is the brains behind ChowCiao, so it should come as no surprise that this spot offers elevated takes on pizza. Fans of classic pies will love their Margherita (P445), topped with creamy mozzarella as well as fresh tomatoes and basil. More of a meat lover? Check out the Three-Meat (P550), a spicy-and-savory pie topped with fennel sausage, smoked bacon, and pepperoni. Need your umami kick? There’s the earthy Truffle pizza (P595), which comes with generous amounts of black truffle and mushroom.

For orders, contact 0966-854-3367 or find ChowCiao on GrabFood.

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