This Viral TikTok Recipe Gives You an Herby, Cheesy Way to Have Your Eggs

Make it your next cooking project after baked feta pasta!

pesto eggs
PHOTO BY TikTok/amywilichowski ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( More people (even non-chefs!) are cooking at home now—in part because of quarantine keeping most of us from going out, but also thanks to the popularity of TikTok. The video app has served as the breeding ground for a number of viral recipes in 2020, including dalgona coffee, pancake cereal, and baked feta pasta. Joining their roster is pesto eggs—a recently trending dish that involves eggs fried in pesto, then served with a couple other ingredients like avocado and ricotta cheese atop toast.


Here's the deal on pesto eggs:

You can thank Amy Wilichowsky—a Boston-based registered dietitian who now calls herself the "pesto egg girl"—for its creation, as she posted the original video for the egg dish on TikTok on April 27. As of writing, the short clip has around 1.5 million likes, 10,100 comments, and 158,000 shares.


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You can now find numerous videos under the #pestoeggs tag, which have collectively garnered more than 146 million views. That's not even counting the many other videos you can find on other platforms, like Instagram and Youtube. According to Daily Mail, it's also led to bigger demand for pesto and the recipe's other ingredients at U.K. supermarket Waitrose and online grocery Amazon Fresh.

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How to Make Pesto Eggs

Wilichowsky's original recipe is simple enough, even the non-cooking inclined can make it. You basically heat up pesto (Wilichowsky uses about a tablespoonful in her video) and use that in place of oil to cook your eggs sunny-side-up.

pesto eggs
Wilichowsky uses pesto in place of oil to cook her eggs. 
PHOTO BY TikTok/amywilichowski

From there, you can toast a slice of your bread of choice (she doesn't specify what kind but appears to use bread of the crusty sort), spread over ricotta cheese and mashed avocado, place the egg on top, then drizzle over honey, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Snap a photo for Instagram if you must, then dig in!

pesto eggs
The eggs are then served with ricotta, avocado, honey, and other ingredients on toast. 
PHOTO BY TikTok/amywilichowski

The appeal of the dish isn't hard to understand. Eggs have been well-loved since basically forever, and while fried eggs are nothing new, this recipe's ingenious use of pesto gives it a whole different herby and cheesy dimension. Combine that with the tang and creaminess of the ricotta, earthy richness of the avocado, natural sweetness of the honey, and mild heat from the red pepper flakes, and you get one heck of a flavor bomb. It sure doesn't hurt that it takes just about five minutes to make if you've got all the ingredients in your pantry!


The recipe also takes well to other variations—you can opt to scramble their eggs in the pesto instead going the sunny-side-up route, or replace the ricotta with other cheeses like cream cheese, burrata, or even kesong puti (broil the kesong-puttopped toast before adding on the avocado if you want it melty). You can also add other ingredients like fresh or sun-dried tomatoes, sauteed mushrooms, and so on. Finally, we don't see why you couldn't serve it on a more locally accessible bread, like pan de sal.


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