At First Bite: We Found Another Strong Contender in the Lechon Baka War

Lechon baka is here to stay; here's a new one to try.

Let's Get Litson
1 San Vicente Ferrer Street corner Santa Lucia Street, San Antonio Valley 1 Subdivision, Sucat, Parañaque City
Open from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (Monday to Sunday)

lechon baka
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

( It seems lechon baka isn't going anywhere—at least not for now—with more versions of the roast meat popping up left and right. One example is this Litson Baka by Parañaque-based delivery shop Let's Get Litson from cloud kitchen Kraver's Canteen, which promises to "pack a punch" with meat that's marinated for 24 hours, smoked, and slow-cooked for six hours. It definitely sounds mouth-watering on paper, but how does it actually fare?

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lechon baka
There's another new lechon baka in town.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Here's the deal on Let's Get Litson's lechon baka:

Let's Get Litson is open from 4 p.m. onwards and you can order via GrabFood if you're near their Sucat, Parañaque shop; otherwise, you can fill out their pre-order form (there's a daily 12 p.m. cut-off) and book a courier for delivery. You have three ways of having their Litson Baka: there's the Regular Rice Tray (P199/good for one to two) where it's served on top of rice with meat drippings; the Family Rice Tray (P399/good for three to four) which is a bigger version of the previous menu item; and the All-Meat Tray (P359/good for three to four) which, as the name implies, has just the meat (300 grams an order, we're told) and no rice.

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Since we're focusing on the meat itself, we got an order of the All-Meat Tray, which also comes with two small tubs of sauces—a mix of soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and chili. The "tray", in this case, is a simple foil tray with a plastic lid.

lechon baka
The All-Meat Tray comes in a simple foil tray with a plastic lid.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

You're immediately hit with a smoky fragrance as you open the package. You get roughly sixth-of-an-inch thick strips of USDA beef belly with a charred outer edge, brown-to-deep pinkish hue, and layer of fat in the middle. There's also a small amount of what seems to be a sauce of sorts (not so much that this is a stew—just enough to keep the meat moist), mostly pooled at the bottom.

As the author is located in Quezon City, the meat had understandably cooled a bit by the time it arrived at our doorstep. But it's easy enough to reheat; they recommend either putting it in a vacuum-sealed bag or zipper bag and placing that bag in a pot of simmering water for three to four minutes, or going the microwave route. (We didn't have either, but had great success using a double boiler.)

Once heated up, we took a bite and were pretty much blown away. While some parts are relatively leaner and more fibrous, as a whole, the meat is the kind that's so tender, it yields easily to the prod of the fork and almost melts in the mouth. The smoky aroma translates over to taste as well—it's rather strong, but it melds beautifully with the flavor of the beef.

lechon baka
Beef belly makes for truly tender, flavorful take on the Filipino roast beef.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

The meat is amply flavorful by itself, rendering the dipping sauce practically unnecessary; tbh, we prefer the litson on its own. But if you're looking for an extra savory punch with a subtle tinge of heat, a quick dip doesn't hurt—especially if you're eating this with rice.

lechon baka
You can also have it with the sauce, but we didn't need it.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Overall, we're huge fans of this one, granted that there's the extra step of having to book your own courier if you're not in Parañaque, and you'll have to wait until 4 p.m. onwards for them to open. While some other lechon baka versions come as uber-thin cuts, the relative thickness here gives you a more satisfying bite, and the use of the beef belly cut makes for a truly tender experience. Add in the smoky profile and fatty (but not litid-filled) serving—as well as a just-right price tag of below P400—and you've got yourself a memorable meal.


For orders, find Let's Get Litson on GrabFood or send a message to Kraver's Canteen's Facebook page for a link to their pre-order form. For more information, check out Let's Get Litson's Facebook page.

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