The Most Drool-Worthy Cookies in Cebu and Where to Get Them

There's (almost) nothing a good cookie can't fix.

best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Inglorious Cookies, Facebook/Milléri ILLUSTRATION Warren Espejo

( Adulting is an essential life skill, but let’s face it—sometimes you just want to go back to the carefree days of your youth. Though it’s not quite realistic to let go of your responsibilities as a grown-up, you can always turn to a good cookie to evoke a sense of nostalgia and bring you back (even for a few minutes) to your childhood. When in Cebu and looking for the sweet and lush bite only a good cookie can bring, these shops have you covered—and if you’re in the area, you can get them delivered, too.

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Check out these shops for the best cookies in Cebu:

The Chunky Cookie Cebu

best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/The Chunky Cookie Cebu

Who can resist a good, chunky cookie that’s loaded with mix-ins? Not us, for sure. When in the Queen City of the South, you can get your fix from the (aptly named) Chunky Cookie Cebu. You can’t go wrong with the Classic Chunky Chocolate Chip (P230/half-dozen, P400/dozen), but you can also try their cookies that fuse in other popular sweets—like the Oreo Chunk (P250/half-dozen, P450/dozen) and Chunky Kitkat (P250/half-dozen, P450/dozen). You can send them a message on social media for orders.

For orders, send a message to The Chunky Cookie Cebu on Facebook or Instagram.

Guache Cookie Bakery

best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Guache Cookie Bakery
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Guache Cookie Bakery’s freshly baked, handcrafted cookies (starts at P270/box of three) are a favorite among locals for their wide flavor range, with catchy names seemingly inspired by astronomy. There are classics like the Astra (chocolate chunks and walnuts) and Oscuro (double dark chocolate); more modern entries like the Rojo (spicy Mexican hot chocolate) and Sol (brown-butter toffee and milk); and even plant-based cookies like the Anar (with sunflower seeds, besan flour, and coconut sugar). With couverture chocolate in the mix, you get an ooey, gooey bite and truly topnotch flavor. You can message them on social media or mobile to get your fix.


For orders, send a message to Guache Cookie Bakery on Facebook or Instagram, or contact 0917-116-3623.

Tati’s Cookies

best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Tati's Cookies Cebu

If you’re one to live large, you’ll love Tati’s Cookies’ take on the dessert that are chunky and about the size as your palm! Their Chocolate Chip (P500/six pieces) and Double Dark Chocolate (P500/four pieces) don’t skimp on the chocolate, but you can also try their other signatures like the nutty Oatmeal Raisin Walnut (P500/four pieces) and carrot-cake inspired Carrot Cream Cheese (P500/four pieces). Go ahead and send them a message on social media to order.

For orders, send a message to Tati’s Cookies on Facebook or Instagram.

The Unicookie

best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Instagram/theunicookie

Sometimes you just need color in your life. Enter The Unicookie’s namesake dessert (P200/dozen)—unicorn-themed white-chocolate chip cookies with shades of pink, cyan, and purple swirled in, plus pearl-like nonpareils for extra sparkle! Other must-tries on their lineup are the cinnamon-rolled Snickerdoodle (P200/dozen), Reese’s-esque Peanut Butter Choco Chip (P230), and chocolate-walnut loaded Dark Horse (P140/three pieces) cookies. You can reach out to their social media pages or contact number to place an order.

For orders, send a message to The Unicookie on Facebook or Instagram. You can also contact 0917-715-5016.


best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Milléri

Milléri is best known for their Koji cheesecake—a Japanese-inspired cheesecake that’s served in loaf form—but their cookies are well worth checking out, too. They’re of the thick and crisp-on-the-outside, soft-and-doughy on the inside kind similar to what you find in New York, and their cross-sections reveal practically-molten interiors studded with their respective mix-ins. Take your pick from flavors like the timeless Chocolate Chip Walnut (P270/box of three, P540/box of six), bittersweet Triple Chocolate (P270/box of three, P540/box of six), Filipino-leaning Ube White Chocolate (P270/box of three, P540/box of six), buttery-as-can-be Bourbon Pecan (P300/box of three, P600/box of six), and more. You can place your orders by hitting up their DMs.


For orders, send a message to Milléri on Facebook or Instagram.


best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Brookies

There’s something for everyone at Brookies, which is known for its wide-ranging lineup of whimsical cookies. There are good ol’ drop cookies, like the S’Mores (starts at P225/box of three), Red Velvet (starts at P225/box of three), and Nutella (P300/box of 12 minis). Crinkle fans are in for a treat, too, as they make it in flavors like Dark Chocolate (P140/box of six, P260/box of 12) stuffed with dark chocolate, and Matcha (P260/box of six) stuffed with white chocolate and cream cheese! And if you really love cookies, you can get the good-for-sharing (or hoarding) Pizzooke, a.k.a. pizza cookie, in flavors like Chocolate Chip (P350) and Espresso (P350). Just message them on social media to get your fix.

For orders, send a message to Brookies on Facebook or Instagram.

Inglorious Cookies

best cookies in cebu
PHOTO BY Facebook/Inglorious Cookies

“It's all about chocolate and cookies and cookies and chocolate,” Inglorious Cookies writes on their Instagram bio—and they stay true to that promise as their cookie range is extensive and features chocolate in numerous ways. They make the dessert in different sizes—mini, regular, medium-sized, and palm-sized—so there’s something for every occasion, too. Some of their standouts are the regular-sized Nutella Bomb (P385/dozen) with a browned-butter oat base and gooey Nutella filing; the medium-sized Yankee (P50/piece), with large pockets of melty 65% Belgian chocolate and topping of Maldon sea salt flakes; and the palm-sized Melanie (P155/piece) that’s got a thick center packed with Belgian white, milk, and dark chocolates. You can send them a Facebook message to place an order, or find them on the Let’s Eat Bai app.

For orders, send a message to Inglorious Cookies on Facebook or find them on the Let’s Eat Bai app, available for Android.

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