The Best Places for Excellent Croissants in Cebu

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( When you’re looking for a carby treat that’s got buttery pizzazz, croissants fit the bill like no other bread. It’s got Viennese origins, but it's now a distinctly French treat that we’ve come to embrace around these parts, too. Adored for the way it pairs together a light and flaky texture with the rich taste of butter, it’s the kind of bread that can shine both on its own or when given other fillings or toppings—be it chocolate, fresh fruit, cured meats and cheese, and so on. In Cebu, you can get great versions from a couple of online sellers and restaurants—and we’ve rounded them up in this list.


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Hit up these spots for swoon-worthy croissants you can get delivered:

5G Coffee House

PHOTO BY Facebook/5G Coffee House

This coffee shop makes some of the most amazing croissants we’ve seen—it elicits swoons, from their golden-brown exterior to the eye-popping honeycomb structure inside. And that’s before you dig in and get a taste of its rich, buttery flavor! You can’t go wrong with the Classic Croissant (P110), but 5G Coffee House also makes other flavors like the deep-dark Pain Au Chocolat (P120), the fruity Strawberry Croissant (P200), and the earthy Matcha Croissant (P200). Just send them a message on social media to place an order; they deliver within Metro Cebu thru Happy Move.

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For orders, send a message to 5G Coffee House on Facebook or Instagram.

Kate’s Bakery

PHOTO BY Instagram/katesbakerycebu

A go-to for all sorts of breads from around the world, Kate’s Bakery’s extensive lineup also includes the Butter Croissant (P195/four pieces). Baked fresh and sporting a flaky and puffy character, it’s a great everyday option that ticks all the right croissant boxes without breaking the bank. You can reach out to their numbers through Viber or text to order.


For orders, contact 0998-989-6549 or 0922-733-8120 through mobile or Viber. You can also check out Kate’s Bakery’s Facebook page.

Mon Dough Baking Co.

PHOTO BY Instagram/mondoughbakingco

Mon Dough documents their croissant adventures on their Instagram feed—if you compare their earlier posts to their more recent entries, you’ll see how they’ve improved immensely. They’ve pretty much achieved the ideal croissant today: The kind that’s slightly glossy on the outside, with defined honeycomb-esque layers within. Plus, you can get them in a couple of flavors—including the Classic (P90), Avocado (P150), Mango Float (P140), and Strawberry (P180). Simply message them on social media to get your fix.


For orders, send a message to Mon Dough Baking Co. on Facebook or Instagram.

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Abaca Baking Company

PHOTO BY Facebook/Abaca Baking Company

Abaca Baking Company hardly needs any introduction, being one of Cebu’s best-known local bakeshops. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of their breads and pastries, but if you’re torn on what to get, the delicate-meets-flaky Butter Croissant (P140) is one of their most popular entries. On some days, they also make it in other flavors like Chocolate (P150) and Ham & Cheese (P160)—note that these sell out fast! You can find the establishment on GrabFood and Foodpanda.


For orders, find Abaca Baking Company on GrabFood or Foodpanda. You can also check out their Facebook page.

Krumble Inc.

PHOTO BY Instagram/

Mandaue-based Krumble Inc.’s got a couple of options for croissant fans. The standard-sized, puffy Butter Croissant (P330/six pieces) is a great place to start as it features a light texture and lush, buttery taste. They also make the Butter Croissant Crescent (P330/six pieces) with a more curved, moon-like shape (hence the name); and the bigger Large Closed Croissant (P360/four pieces). And if you prefer your croissants hot and fresh out of the oven, you can also get them in frozen, ready-to-bake form. Just head to their website to try these for yourself.


For orders, visit Krumble Inc.’s website. You can also check out their Facebook page.

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