This Thicc, Zesty Veggie Burger Ain't for the Faint of Heart

veggie burger
PHOTO BY Nicco Santos

( Instagram account A Home Kewk began with owner Bea Ledesma chronicling her home-cooking adventures, as well as those of close friends from different industries even outside food. In July, Ledesma took things to the next level by holding a pop-up food shop where she sold her own sandwiches—and she's continued to sell weekly for takeout and delivery orders ever since! Now she's also bringing in chefs to the party, partnering with Metronome's Chef Miko Calo with a special (and limited) dish of Adobo Beets in August.


This time, she's teaming up with Chefs Nicco Santos and Quenee Vilar of Sambar—and trust us, you don't want to miss the dish they've whipped up. Check out the Home Kewk x Sambar Collab Veggie Burger, which will be available for pickup on September 11.

veggie burger
Make it a date with this burger this weekend. 
PHOTO BY Nicco Santos
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Here's why this Veggie Burger is a must-try, and how A Home Kewk and Sambar partnered up:

The Home Kewk x Sambar Collab Veggie Burger (P500) takes A Home Kewk's signature Very Veggie Burger—a decidedly plant-forward burger with a thick patty made of banana heart, malunggay, cashews, allium, and spices, plus malunggay ranch, pickles, and onions on a brioche bun—for a Sambar-style spin with the brand's eggplant sambal and a crispy fried egg on top. Ledesma's original veggie burger is hearty and delivers plenty of earthiness and umami, but the addition of the sambal and egg makes for even more vibrant, zesty, and rich bites that takes things into overdrive. It sure doesn't hurt that the burger is a thicc one—and there's plenty of flavor here that you won't even miss the meat.

veggie burger
A Home Kewk's signature veggie burger meets Sambar's pan-Asian flair.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

How the Collaboration Came About

Ledesma shares that she's been a huge fan of the Santos-Vilar tandem from the beginning—way back from their Your Local and Hey Handsome days. "Their take on Peranakan food always inspired me," she says in an exchange with "When they launched Sambar, their takeout concept featuring homestyle Asian food, I was a buyer!" Meanwhile, Santos shares, "We’ve been huge fans of the Bea’s [palate] both in food and writing, so we’re happy that we her cooking is now more accessible."

Ledesma sent Santos and Vilar her Very Veggie Burger as it launched, and shares that they were "incredibly supportive," with Santos describing the burger as "pure genius and too good not to be celebrated." "It was just a natural progression to end up here, collaborating on this veggie burger," Ledesma relays, and they went on to give her veggie burger a Sambar touch.


"Nicco asked me, 'What if we did an eggplant sambal?,' [and] I said, 'YES,'" says Ledesma. Santos says, "[the original veggie burger is] already perfect so we just thought of building off it by adding little bit of heat, smoke and brightness. So we used local eggplants as a base for the sambal to carry all those notes."

Where and How to Order

Curious? The collab burger will be available for pickup from the Makati area from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on September 11, and you can preorder now by filling out their order form. Once paid and confirmed, you can book a courier on the said date to get it delivered to your doorstep.

For orders, fill out A Home Kewk's order form. You can also check out the Instagram pages of A Home Kewk and Sambar.

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