Chocolate Cake Goes Lighter and Lusher in This Dreamy New Dessert

Honeybon, swiss chocolate cake
PHOTO BY Honeybon

( Think chocolate cake and what likely comes to mind is a heavy, decidedly indulgent dessert that you know you crave, but feel almost immoral about having the hots for. It's chocolate and cake, after all—two keywords that evoke the ideas of decadence, which itself tends to be frowned upon in today's virtuousness-obsessed world. In truth, there's nothing wrong having a so-called "sinful" treat every once in a while. But as a lighter alternative, we'd like to propose the new Swiss Chocolate Cake of Honeybon—which is distinct in its delicateness, and happens to be sugar-free!

Honeybon, swiss chocolate cake top
This new cake gives you a lighter way to get your dose of chocolate. 
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes
Honeybon, swiss chocolate cake slice
PHOTO BY Honeybon

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Here's a lighter chocolate cake to swoon over:

Forget what you think you know about chocolate cake; Honeybon's Swiss Chocolate Cake stands out from other versions of the dessert with its lighter, more ethereal character. It delivers a satisfying richness alright, thanks to its smooth chocolate-ganache frosting made with creamy, dreamy Swiss chocolate (seemingly of the milk-chocolate sort). It's rich without being too sweet, and it comes into perfect harmony with the layers of plush, cocoa-tinged chiffon cake underneath. We're talking the kind of synchronous union where each part stands out in its own way while bringing out the best of the other, without taking over.

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Honeybon, swiss chocolate cake sliced with whole
Layers of plush chocolate chiffon and a Swiss chocolate ganache make for one harmonious tandem here.
PHOTO BY Patricia Baes

Should you be watching your sugar intake, you'll also be glad to know that the Swiss Chocolate Cake is sweetened with a zero-calorie sugar substitute. The cake can be had at P195 a slice or P1,480 for a whole cake at Honeybon stores; you can also order for delivery via their website.


Honeybon is a local bakeshop that sells classic and reasonably priced cakes, many presented in too-cute-to-eat forms.

See a list of Honeybon branches. For delivery orders, visit Honeybon's website. For more information, check out Honeybon's Facebook page.

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